Folk Plus Playlist for Saturday September 13, 2003

This show was recorded a week early, so that I could travel to Charlottsville, Va. for the service of a very special 11 year old girl, Melissa. This time of year suggests September 11th losses, but there are many one at a time losses, many here and overseas.

This show addressed seeking hope, joy and faith after loss.

Theme:   Jay Ansill- The Two Horizons  -  Origami - Flying Fish

1. Sons of the Never Wrong - With or With
3 Good Reasons - Waterbug
"Cry...take your time, you have every right"

2. Red Grammar - I Have Seen Sorrow
Free Falling - Red Note Records

3. Kitty Donohoe -There are no Words     MP3 download

4. Beth Ferguson - What Is Mine
Dance On the Earth -
"What I need right now, you can't give me, I'll cry out this anger"
"Grief upon grief"

5. Burns Sisters - Dance Upon This Earth
In This World - Philo Records

6. Johnsmith - I will Fly
Travellor - Blue Pine Productions

7. Kate Wolfe - Give Yourself To Love
The Wind Blows Wild - Kaledoscope Records

8. Tom Payne - (Chuck Brodsky) We Are Each Other's Angels
Ten Lucky Pennies - Waterbug
"We keep each other going and we show each other signs"

8. Night Sun - One Moment Of Grace
One Moment Of Grace - Borealis Records

9. Cindy Kallet - Working on Wings to Fly
Working on Wings to Fly - Folk Legacy Records

10. Bob Franke - A Healing In This Night
In This Night - Flying Fish
"There is a pain here that slowly slips away"

11. Pricilla Herdman - Water Lilly
The Water Lily - Philo Records

12. Don Conoscenti - The Other Side
EP - Cogtone Records
"tell them all I did not die, I'm just over on the other side"

13. Tracy Sands - (Rod MacDonald) I'll Walk in the Highlands
Voice on the Line - Voice Works Recording
"Whenever we measure lifes greatest treasures"

14. Jude Vadala - Come Home
Angel Songs -

15.  Poozies (P. Morton) - Another Train
Raise Your Head (A Retrospective) - Compass

16. Beth Ferguson - Joy Will Be There
Inside Talking - North Track Records
"Faith believes in the Journey"

I read from Emily Perl Kingley on raising a child with a disability.
She compares it to preparing for a trip to Italy, and finding out that you have landed in Holland.

17. David Roth - Holland
Irreconcilable Similarities - Wind River

18. Rebel Voices (D. Roth) - Nine Gold Medals
There is a Wall - Reveille Music

19. Mae Robertson/ Don Jackson - (Bok)  Isle au Haut Lullaby
All Through the Night - Lyric Partners

20. Stan Rogers - Mary Ellen Carter
Home in Halifax - Fogarty's Cove Music
"And you to whom adversity has dealt the final blow...rise again"

21.  Eileen McGann- Wisdom Guide Me
Beyond the Storm - Dragonwing Music

22. Lui Collins (julie Snow) - Baptism of Fire
Baptism of Fire - Green Linnet
"the only way out is through"

23. David Wilcox - It's almost Time
How Did You Find Me Here - A & M
"I know that my sun will shine" "Its almost time for that sun to come round again"

24. Vicky Harris - Goodbye old Friend
Touch - Locust St. Music

25. Eric Bogle - Soaring Free
Colour of Dreams - Rouseabout

26. Jody Kessler - Goodnight Sweet Friend
Another  Day of Loving - In the Moment Productions
"when I close my eyes I see your light"

27.  Kevin Briody - Make the Most of It
Familiar -

28.Cosy Sheridan - My Good Companion
Saturn Return - Waterbug
"I'll ask a little of my hope to sneak up on you somewhere"

29. Cosy Sheridan - Walk Into Heaven
Saturn Return - Waterbug
"I'm going a little numb"

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