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 Folk Plus for Saturday October 4, 2003 Shoebox Shoe Part Two

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Format:  Artist - Track Title   Album - Label / Contacts
(Theme:   Jay Ansill- The Two Horizons  -  Origami - Flying Fish)

Songs chosen from the shoebox of new arrivals back in June of 2003, listened
 to by audience members who took the box home for the summer. Their comments
 are included.
 Sweet Honey In the Rock - Run
 Respond II - Siganture Sounds
Respond is a 2 cd collection that support victims of domestic violence. See ""
 Jason Spooner - People Like You
 Lost Houses -
"Non specific generalization...piqued my interst"
 Open Book - Out of TIme
 Out of Time - North River
"drawn by haromies"
 Ian Tamblyn  - One Horse Town
 When Will I See You Again -
 "A re-release of Tamblyn's 1980 - 88 releases!"
 Ashley Gang - I am American
 East Bound Train -
 "I like this song because it lets the world know in a way that all Americans
 are not Geroge W. Bush!
 Paddy Keenan & Tommy O'Sullivan - Maids of Culmore
 Long Grazing Acre - Compass
"a hauntingly beautiful song with Tommy O'Sullivan's solft and clear vocals."
 Undertakin' Daddies - Running Boy
 Devil in the Rearview - Caribou Records
 "Can't help but tap your feet to this cd"
 Laura Wetzler - Children of Abraham
 Songwriter's Notebook - 1 800 Prime Cd
 "A chorus asking for understanding, based on an Iraqui-Jewish Hamaudil
 Anne Feeney - Fannie Sellins
 Union Maid - self
 "This cd has many union related songs (Guthrie etc), but Fannie Sellins is
an  Anne Feeney compostion about a Pennsylvanian widow who fought for worker's
 Mark Weigle - When I Go
 Different and the Same -
 Cedric Smith and Terry Jones - Pour the Gold
 Ten Lost Years - Rumor Six
 "Recorded in '76, now on CD. Theis song is about the wheat harvest. Th\en
 lost uyears regers to 29-39 the dustbowl years"
 Tim Readman - On the Brink
 Into the Red -
 "I think this song is very relevant give our current situation in the world
 Jacob Moon - (Scanlon/Nelson) I know you by heart
 Landing -
"This acoustic live recording brings out the beauty of the words and melody. I could listen to this song many times in a row, in fact I have. "
 Scott Sheldon - Ba Ba Lu
 "Scott dreams of a trip to cuba, while in New Jersey. Lots of humor on this
 Kimmie Rhodes and WIllie Nelson - I Just Drove By
 Picture in a Frame - Sunbird Records
 "When I was growing up, our house was filled with country music. Even
thought   this song is new, it reminds me of those days, written by Kimmie, but sung
 with Willie. Reminiscent of hearing Emmylous Harris."
 Hank Cramer - (Tyson) Short Grass
 The Road Rolls On -
 "Hank does a great cover here. ITs easy to picutre the great plains and wide
 open grasslands as Hank sings"
 Jay Mankita - Cliche Song
 Official Bookleg Demo
 Funny live songs that make a reality of cliches. Shades of Arlo Guthrie. So
 did you...laughg your socks off?
 Joan Armatrading - Prove Yourself
 Lovers Speak - Denon
 "Ive been a Joan Armatrading fan for many years. Her latest again shows her
 talent for heart-felt lyrics and medlodies. I chose Pove Yourself for its
 positive message!"
 David Wilcox _ Apple A  day
 Into the Mystery- What Are Records? Records
 "OUr apple tree has blessed us in abundance this year! In its honor I chose
 this Wilcox song!"
 Hilary Spencer - Here's That Rainy Day
 Plenty - Strawberry Music
Hilary spencer/Grant Baynham  - (Berryman's) Double Yodel
Plenty - Strawberry Music

 Ani DeFranco - Here For Now
 Evolve - Righteous Babe Records
 "Hip hop folk? Folk Funk? A unique talent"

Appearing locally tonight at the Goshen Inn
Rod MacDonald - American Jerusalem
call 294 3991

Appearing locally tomorrow afternoon at Orange County Com. College
Joyce Anderson - Thomas
Call 342 0878

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