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This is a two year anniversary of the patriot act. I spent the week between shows travelling to Seattle and picked up Michael Moore's new book Dude Where is my Country? I have been reading "Addicted to War" and last week Scott Ritter, former UN Arms inspector spoke locally. All this came together for today's show.

This show was not perfect, I was up all night hoping to get what I could in and hook the right folk artist's song to each quote. I remember when Pete Seeger handed me his autobiography a few years ago he said something about there being mistakes, but here it is anyway. So if I waited for this show to be perfect, it wouldn't be out on the anniversary of the Patriot Act, the same day buses are headed for Washington and San Francisco.

Today's show is about "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them" A Fair and Balanced Listen to the Right (yeah, Al Franken, come and get me)

Lets backtrack....How did Bush get into office?

Micheal McNevin - Fuzzy Math
Ballads of the Ballots - Single Release

Charlie King, Karen Brandow - Little Jewish Ladies for Buchanan
Puppet Town - Vaugley Reminiscent of the 60's  - CharlieKing.Org

Rod MacDonald - For the Good of America
Recognition - Wind River

Remember these voices from February 15, world-wide protests of the Iraqi War

News clips - Italy: 1.6 million turned out to protest the war.
                    Germany:  4 million turn out 1/8th of the population of Berlin, where they gather.
                    From Paris France, "a couple hundred thousand"
                    From Madrid, Spain - Protest is 2 miles long, 3/4 million, 92% of population against the war,

Arundhati Roy - calls Democracy Now! from India to speak to the people in the streets of New York on the war to Promote Terrorism. The war is about oil and is an assult on the intelligence of the people of the world.

Hear Arundhati on Democracy Now!

Joe Jencks - You don't have the right - I hear your voice - Turtle Bear Music
Even though millions, world-wide, turned out to say "NO" loudly to war, Bush didn't listen. THis man who barely won the presidency,  didn't have the right to make choices he made.

Artisan - Fear - Our Backyard - Boing Records
After establishing his presidency Bush began creating, and then began using fear to control opinion and mold agreement for decsions for war.

Loudon Wainwright - Bad Man - Social Studies - Hannibal Records
"Why we killing good people just to get a bad man?"

Burns Sisters - I Am  A Patriot - Close to Home - Philo
Once fear is established, questions of patriotism rise.

Civil Rights versus the Patriot Act

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty or Safety" - Ben Franklin

Check out more quotes from this true patriot.

Greg Klyma - Song for the Patriot
Not A Complicated Guy - Home Made Pie
The patriot Act passes October 26, 2001

Saffire warns in the New York Times (Nov. '02) against the passing of the Homeland Security Act.

Adam Brodsky - Uncivil Rights
Hookers, Hicks and Heebs
"So we must give up our freedom to preserve our liberty"

John McCutcheon - Ashcroft's Army
From the Web -
"I wanna be in Ashcrot's Army, I wanna be a spy...kiss your rights good bye"

Ellis - Freedom
Amaze Me, Songs in the Key of Peace - Rubberneck Records
Working for peace is what will ulitmately protect us all, not the patriot act

What is the War really about, as the Lies Unfold

Joel Andreas - "If Bush is serious, we may be facing an endless war"  - "Addicted To War"
Oct 17 2001 Bush said  "as long as anyone is terrorizing established governments, there needs to be a war"       Here is a link to search the book's content.

Amy Martin - "It's about oil" From the Web
"Step up into another war, where we never really know what we're fighting for"
"Its about greed, about rich, white men getting richer"

Peter Dyer - Chicken Hawk Blues From the Web

Scott Ritter

Scott Ritter, former chief UN Arms Inspector, Sept. 1991 to August1998

Ritter speaks about the secret unit Office of Special Projects by the defence dept, bypassing normal system. The buck stops on his desk. Did he allow this? Ritter asks if Bush is a liar or incompetant.
(taped from Ritter speaking at the Goshen Inn October 16th 2003.)

Les Barker - Show Us The Arms You Do Not Have (In the words of Bush)

Michael Moore asks us to determine the worst lie a president can tell?

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman" or " he has weapons of mass destruction the worlds deadliest weapons which pose a direct threat to the U.S."  In this book Moore writes about connections between Bin Laden's family and Bushes. As does the next song.

Pat Humhpries and Sandy O - Code Pink
Amaze Me, Songs in the Key of Peace - Rubberneck Records
"Blood for oil we know theres a link"

NOFX - Franco UnAmerican - The War on Errorism -
"I read some Howard Zinn and now I'm always depressed
and now I can't sleep for all the years of apathy
All because I read a little Naom Chomsky"

Howard Zinn - From a speech addressing hollywood filmakers asking them to make films on war that don't glorify military heroism and war... the kind of films that won't make young americans feel that they should immediately embrace war.

From the CD - Stories Hollywood Never Tells, AK Press

Quote from October 27, 2003 edition of New York Teacher "Bush's House of Cards" by Bob Herbert
"was it incompetance, was it bad faith? Loud warning were ignored for so long and now finally the truth is unravelling and becoming more difficult to avoid"

Scott Ritter - taped from Ritter speaking at the Goshen Inn October 16th 2003.
Ritter refers to the now famous lie from Bushe's State of the union address last January. involving the potential purchase of Uranium, yellow cake from Niger. We need an investigation to see how this went so bad.

Ani Difranco - Self Evident
So Much Shouting, So Much Laughter - Righteous Babe

Lyndon Johnson - "The weakest link in our armour is American Public opinion." 1968

Kasey Chambers - Ignorance - Barricades and Brick Walls-

Scott Ritter -
Its the job of the Congress of the US to unravel the sources of the potential lies.
Ritter spoke about first empower yourself with knowledge and information, so you can field questions with sound answers and fact. Then find out who funds your congresswoman. (Sue Kelly was who he spoke about in Orange Country) Ask her how she can still defend her position today.
He tells a 17 year old asking a question that they may find himself subject to selective service if the US finds  that they are unable to sustain an all volunteer force. To serve your country is honorable, but a travesty if asked to fight in an unjust war. 

Phil Ochs - Is there anybody here? (fade) Phil Ochs in Concert - Elektra

Pete Seeger and friends  - If you love this land of the free...Bring 'Em Home
Seeds - Apple Seeds

Moxy Frovous - "The Gulf War Song" Barganviille - self

John McCutcheon - "Not In My Name" The Greatest Story Never Told - Red House
Michael Moore - from his lates book, "Dude, Where's My Country?"
We just can't leave this up to the Democrats

Michael Moore suggests the "10 minute oil change" We can't leave this up to the Democrats

Pat Humphries - Bound For Freedom - Hands - Apple Seed Records
"May my truth take the lead, not the preacher, not the congress, Not the millionaire but me"

Hugh Blumenfeld - American Redux - Barehanded - 1 800-PRIMECD

Our local paper the Times Herald Record Saturday October 4th :
No Evidence, No Co-oberation. No Weapons   Bush Says No Regrets

Pete Seeger - 50/50 Chance - Seeds - Appleseed

I know figure, very seriously, I think we have a 50-50 chance of having a human race here in a 100 years. This implies that any grain of sand could tip the scales in the right directions or the wrong direction and each of us is but a grain of sand.
In effect I'm encouraging people to be active in some way.


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