The Flowing Waters of Lake Jefferson

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Today's folk plus Saturday November 15, 2003 featured musicians attending the NORTHEAST REGIONAL FOLK ALLIANCE conference  at Kutshers.  Most of the music was LIVE unless a CD is indicated.

Full Frontal Folk - Seven Bridges Road
Storming the Castle -

Full Frontal Folk - (Dave Carter) Cat Eye Willy

Full Frontal Folk - Bad Beer Song

Full Frontal Folk - Blood and Gold

Full Frontal Folk - (Cleaves) This morning I am born again

Mad Agnes - Manic Depressive Maddrigal
Magic Hour -

Kate McDonnell - Hey Jo (single)

Hickory Project - (Griffin) Trouble in the Fields - Big Darby

Haines and Leighton - (Dylan) HOur that the ship comes in

Haines and Leighton - Does this mean its over?

Haines and Leighton - Welcome to Elmsdale

Haines and Leighton -- Point a Cheen Girl

Haines and Leighton - Hand to Hand

John Flynn - Two Letters
John Flynn - Sliced Bread

Juliet Wyers - Metal Detector Man

Juliet Wyers - Life love me

Juliet Wyers - (T.S.Elliot-words) Journey of the Magi

David Olney - Paris Incident - Omar's Blues

David Olney - Titanic

David Olney - Birds

David Olney  - The Wheel

David Olney -  Big Cadallac

Buddy Mondlock - Leaving

Buddy Mondlock - (New song) Swimming from the shore?

Buddy Mondlock - No Choice
Poetic Justice -

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