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Hightlights from the WInter 2004 Sing Out!


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(Theme:   Jay Ansill- The Two Horizons  -  Origami - Flying Fish)

For anyone who's ever been moved by the song Killkelly documenting by letter entries a father in Ireland separated from his son in America in the late 1800's, the letters that spawned the song are available at

Letter 07... Orluar Kilkelly.... Co Mayo Ireland ... July 6th 1872
"Though some time has elapsed (I suppose about 17 years) since you and I had the
                pleasure of being together, notwithstanding being so many years I often remember those
                days with feelings of pleasure, and many a recollection of good fellowship and scene of
                innocent which pass across my mind and often make me wish that we might meet again."
Other letters warn of taking on dangerous work, warnings against drinking and disapointment that he didn't come home to say good-bye before imigrating. All letters were translated by Pat McNamara for Bryan Hunt to his son John. Moving. Historic.
1.  Peter Jones - Killkelly Ireland -Fast Folk - Smithsonian
(A somewhat accurate documentation of the late 70's and early 80's of the Greenwich Village Folk Scene)

2. Le Vent du Nord - Cher Amis Buvons
Maudite Moisson - Borealix
"they say that music can trasport people over the mounatins but , in french, we have a saying thatt music can transport the mountain itself. When people write to me of these things I realize how lucky I am" Benoit Bourque

3.   Janis Ian - This Train
Shout Sister Shout: A Tribut to Sister Rosetta Tharpe - M.C.
Struggles between the boxes of either playing for the Lord or singing for the world. She broke through Gospel or  nothing trap and deleoped into a guitarist far surpasing many of her male contemporaries.

4. Mose Scarlett. Jackie Washington, Ken Whiteley - Singing in the Rain
Sitting on a Rainbow - Borealis
Standards from three hot canadaians make this a "one good time cd"

5.  Garland Jeffreys - I Walk the Line
Johnny's Blues - A Tuibute to Johnny Cash
a Zydeco interpreatiation of the hit.

6. Jack Williams - Mickey's Song
Walkin' Dreams - Wind River
When Jack Williams plays, he plays all out...Thats just one guy and a guitar!

7. Kate Campbell - Harper Valley PTA
Twang on a Wire - Large RIver Music
"mainstream coutnry hits during the 1970's...and now...pretty darn familiar"

8. Kris Delmhorst - East of the Mountains
Songs for a Hurricane - Signature Sounds
"one of the better voices among singer-songwriters"

9. EastmountainSouth - Show me the River
Eastmountainsouth - Dreamworks
they have the "strength  not to rush, to take their songs as slowly  as the songs demand"

10. Ron Hynes - (w/McLaughchlan) No Change in Me
Get Back Change - Borealis
"a Newfoundler who resigns himself to leaving"

11. Josh Ritter - You Dont make is Easy Babe
Hellow Starling - Signature Sounds
 " a pleasing expressive tenor voice that reveals the nuances of his songs..

12. Magpie - Saccos Letter to his Son
Seeds: THe songs of Pete Seeger Vol 3- Appleseed
Two disc set Pete singing and speakingalong (with grandson Toa Rodriguez-Seeger and Arlo, Bragg, Ani, Steve Earl, Anne Hills) and then disc two is a  whos who in folk sing Seeger. (Paxton, Gaughan, Hester, McCutcheon,

13. Laurie Lewis - Peat Bog Soldiers
Spain in My Heart: Songs of the Spanish Civil War
About 40,000 young men from 52 countries went to Spain to fight fascism.

14. John McCutcheon - I'm Packin'
Hail to the Chief - Appalseed
Political satire at its best. Virgina becomes the latest state to introduce the consealed weapon permit program.

15. John McCutcheon - Hail to the Chief
Hail to the Chief - Appalseed

16. Bill Garrett and Sue Lothrop - (Tufts) Never No More
Red Shoes - Borealis
"a fine blend of country, cajun, and folk-oriented material that includes some excellent orginals and some fine songs drawn from a number or other writers." (Here, one of those writers, Terry Tufts.)

17. Deidre McCalla- If God Only Knew
Playing for Keeps- MaidenRock Records
"solid music, great singing, evergy and conviction"

18. Peter Mayer- Elijah Jones
Earth Town Square - BLue Boat
"...comes to us from the dead to remind us to value life while we have it"

19. We're About 9 - Weight of the Ocean (Perfect Damn Day)
Engine - We're About 9
Perfect damn harmonies.

20. Greg Klyman- Missing the Point
Not a Complicated Guy - HOmemade Pie
Greg urges us to "voite your hopes, not your fears"

21. Tom May - Hands Up
Winterfolk - A Benfit for Sisters of the Road Cafe - Sisters of the Road Waterbug

22. Brown, Heitzman, Rogers, Savoca - Belulah Land
Live at the Black Sheep - Alcove
"captures the best of ... two night with fine performances including a lot of spontaneity"

23. Bill Jones - Hey Away
Two Year Writer - Compass
She's a singer, producer, multiinstrumentalist (accordian, piano, whistle, flute). Bill is short of Belinda.

24. Enoch Kent - The Lichtobob's Lassie
Songs of Love Lust & Loathing - Second Ave
appealing to those who are "a connaseur of single malt scotch" says Sing Out!
the story of women folliwing itinerant ploughmen, sailors, soldiers..finding the men at home boring.

25. Zoe Speaks - Family Reunion
Birds Fly South - Redbird
"features Kentucky natives Mitch Barrett and Carla Gover. ..a lovely recoding reflecting their musical roots"

26. John Lilly - (Stewart) Gasoline Alley
Last Chance to Dance - John Lilly
"Hank-like vocal and masterly mandolin, it may well deserve a place on that short list of " better than the original"

27  John Coster - The World Has Changed
World Has Changed - Sakkara
good music, skilled players,...

28. Finbar Furey - Roisin Dubh
Chasing Moonlight - ROugh Diamond
12 well known love songs by an Irish tenor.
Played to the memory of Joe Bray who died this summer.

29. Voxology - Ode to Ome
Someday Soon - Folk Generation
"charming sure-footed insturmentals

30. James Lee Stanley - Daughters Devine
Traces of the Old Road - Beachwood
"heartfelt delivery"

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