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Saturday December 20, 2003 FOLK PLUS Playlist
A retrospective. Looking back on Jan - June themes for Folk Plus 2003 Playlists

What Was I playing 10 years ago? New Year, Old Songs
 Lightfoot - Sit Down Young Stranger
If You Could Read My Mind - Reprise

Songs that stick. Good songs from good cds from 2002
Eileen MacGann - Wisdom Guide Me
Beyond the Storm - Dragonwing

Live coverage: Washington Peace March. Pacifica/local hosts

Michael McNevin - Hob Thrasher
In The Rough -
New Year, New CDs to Folk Plus

Teachers, reporters, guns, violence and "Bowling for Columbine"
David Roth - Thank You Mr. Ryan
     Digging Through My Closet - Folk Era

Maureen Neville Covers.Tribute to Columbia Shuttle. I'm at Nashville's National Folk Alliance
Susan Graham White   Not Afraid to Fly
Not Afraid To Fly   Down On The Farm Music

Peace Rally Coverage from NYC cell phones and PRI
Pete Morton - Two Brothers
now a CD: Swarthmore

Censorship, our First Amendment and political songwriting
 James Keelaghan - Never Gonna Stop This Train
James Keelaghan - Recent Future

Remembering Mister Rogers
Nancy Tucker (Mankita) Why I'm Here in this World
Treasures From the Attic -

Remembering Phil Ochs and political songwriting
 Phil Ochs - When I'm Gone
Phil Ochs in Concert - Elektra

New Aquistions
James Gordon & Sandy Horne - 1 in 5
One In Five - Pipe Street Records

War Coverage / Show Pre empted

Local Performances in the next two months
Sloan Wainwright at the Towne Crier, Pawling 4/15/03
Sloan Wainwright - Word of the Day
Cool Morning - Derby Disk Music

Highlights of Spring 2003 Sing Out Issue
 Sue Pyper - Before You Learn To Fly
Before You Learn to Fly - Sue Pyper
She has a good ear for covers and will, no doubt, provide us with
further quality originals."

Juno award winners and nominees
Roots & Traditional Solo Winner 2003
Lynn Miles  - Surrender Dorothy
Unravel  - True North/Universal

That reminds me of.....    and reflecting back to 60's hootenanny
Melissa Javors - My Brief History of TIme
Crazy Wisdom -
(Someone drove to the station to look at this cd.)
Vicky Harris - Goodbye Old Friend
Touch - Locust Street Music

Meet 10 artists up closer than one cut each.
Terry Allard - Never Ceases to Amaze Me
Terry Allard -

Looking back, Nostalgia
Kat Eggleston - Home
Second Nature - Waterbug
"the kitchen table was level with your chin"

Songs about mothering from mothers. Songs for  mothers.
Tina DeVaron - Stop the Mail
     If Mama Ain't Happy - IMAH Records
     "I am the arms they run to, the place they lay their and warm"

NY City declares Dave Van Ronk Day Songs written in trubute:  "I wrote this for..."

Dave Van Ronk - Mack the Knife
1-27-67 St. Geoge Williams Univ, Montreal

Is it traditional or does it just sound traditional?
Lui Collins - Rarest Rose
Leaving Fort Know -Molly Gamblin Music
POBox 4005 Ashfiled, MA 01330

FCC & what part of free speech don't you understand?
FCC Commissioner Jonathan S. Adelstein  addressed The Media Institute on May 20.
"Ben Bagdikian, former dean of the School of Journalism at UC Berkeley, spoke before a packed audience at San Francisco’s City Hall. In 1983, when the first edition of his book The Media Monopoly was released, he wrote that, “50 corporations dominated most of every mass medium.” The number then dropped with each new edition – to 29 firms in 1987, 23 in 1990, 14 in 1992 down to 10 in 1997. The 2000 edition found that just six conglomerates were supplying most of America’s media. "
David Rovics - Who Will Tell the People Living in These Times -
"free speach is a ruse, corporations run the country, and then they make the news.
Is it media or mind control?"

Highlights of Summer 2003 Sing Out Issue
 Rod MacDonald - 137 Executions

Father's Day tomorrow and Clearwater Festival next week
Magpie - Give Light
Giver Light - Sliced Bread

John picks the show
Small Potatoes - Waltz of the Wallflowers
Waltz of the Wallflowers - Wind River Records
"All of you self-assured people get out of the way

Ron Olesko's 3 hour audio documentary on Stan Rogers
This three hour documentary took many long nights of editing
over the past month and a half.  I found it very rewarding.
WFDU-FM's TRADITIONS from June 1, 2003 HOST: Ron Olesko
Stan Rogers - Northwest Passage with intro from Paul Mills
Ron said "We broadcast it on the eve of the 20th
anniversary of his tragic death.  We also heard from Stan himself, from a two part interview" that he did at WFDU-FM's Teaneck studios in 1982 with former
WFDU program host Shirley Keller.

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