1. From July 5,2003 : Variety:
David Francey - Broken Glass
Skating Rink - Laker Music

2.  From July 12, 2003 : Car Talk Meets Folk Plus 1
All About Buford - Supercar
Supercar - www.allaboutbuford.com
"2 door hatchback red honda"

3.  From July 19, 2003 :Car Talk Meets Folk Plus 2
Capital Steps - God Bless My SUV
"What would Gandhi drive?"

4. Victoria Parks Live: Victoria Parks - Brandy From the Cherry
WIld English Rose - Wild Mane Music

5.  From July 25,2003 : The Clearchannel list. Songs you can't play on the radio.
"A Sign of the Times," Petula Clark
"The List" John McCutcheon

6 & 7.  From August 2 03
Sonja Hedlund usually hosts Ballads and Banjoes from 6 am to 8 am on
Saturdays. Today we swapped time slots so that I could attend services for
Liberty resident Joseph Bray, born in Limberick in 1915.
He taught Gaelic and history at Orange and Sullivan County community Colleges.
He appeared on WJFF several times giving historical significance to last names
of callers, speaking of Irish History or singing with Malachy Mccourt on air
Played a banjo tune in honor of the show, and Clannad to honor Joe.
6. Jennifer Noxon - Nothing More
Sweet - jenoxon@magna.ca

7. Clannad - Duhlaman - Dulaman - Shanachie

8.  From Aug 9, 2003:
Today's show focuses on young voices in folk. I thought of this while on the air last week, featuring
teen singers from the movie "Camp". Stars from the movie are coming next friday afternoon to Liberty,
where the film will be shown to the current campers since the theatre camp is located about 5 minutes
from Liberty. This got me thinking about young talent. Today's Folk Plus features those born on or after 1970.
(My daughter’s 17th birthday. )
Kris Delmhorst 72- Bobby Lee
Songs for a Hurricane - www.krisdelmhorst.com1

9.  From August 16, 2003 : Bill Jumper aired his favorite cuts of new cds to folk plus.
(Thanks Bill for sitting in while I visit in Canada.)
Lou and Peter Berryman - Bird, Bird, Bird
The Pink One/Cornbelt Records - www.louandpeter.com

10.  From August 23, 2003 : Songs my mom likes or would like
Artisan - Do You Remember
Our Back yard - www.artifact.demon.co.uk/groupbio.htm

11.  From Aug 30th : Fall Highlights Sing Out 2003
Vicki Harris -  Touch
Touch - Locust Tree

12.  From September 6, 2003 : Variety
Kate and CJ - Wish You Were Here
Get Home early - Sweet Little Moon www.kateandcj.com

13.  From September 13, 2003: Life after loss
This show was recorded a week early, so that I could travel to
Charlottsville, Va. for the service of a very special 11 year old girl,
Melissa. This time of year suggests September 11th losses, but there are
many one at a time losses, many here and overseas.
Sons of the Never Wrong - With or With
3 Good Reasons- Waterbug
"Cry...take your time, you have every right"

14.  Sept 20 03 : Consider going out to see live music during the next two months.
Tom Chapin - (Bethel Field) 12 String Ramble
Common Ground - Gadfly records

September 27, 2003 : Shoebox Shoe 1
This show was programmed by the audience of my show.
At the beginning of the summer, I asked on air if listeners would like to
take two shoeboxes of new cds and programme a Folk Plus show. A newspaper
editor, Ruth, and a teacher, Mike pooled their listening time and brought
us the following selections.
15. Vienna Tang        - The Tower
Working Hour - Soltruna Records/VirtRecords

Oct 4th : Shoebox Shoe 2
Songs chosen from the shoebox of new arrivals back in June of 2003,
listened to by audience members who took the box home for the summer.
 16. Open Book - Out of TIme / Out of Time - North River
"drawn by haromies"

October 11 2003 : That reminds me of
17. Dave Potts - Martin
One Night in The South - Looking Up Records
18. Kat Eggleston - Meeting Stucky at the Gas Station
Outside Eden - Waterbug

October 18 2003 : Promo for folk alliance at kutshers
19. Full Frontal Folk - Katey Cruel - Storming the Castle

October 25 2003 :"Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them
A Fair and Balanced Listen to the Right (yeah, Al Franken, come and get me) This is a
two year anniversary of the patriot act. I spent the week between shows
travelling to Seattle and picked up Michael Moore's new book Dude Where is
my Country? I have been reading "Addicted to War" and last week Scott
Ritter, former UN Arms inspector spoke locally. All this came together for
today's show.
20. John MCCutcheon - Not In My Name
Not In My Name - Appalseed

November 1, 2003 Folk Alliance Promo show
21. Steve Quelet  - Foxhole
House of Wax - www.stevequilet.com

Nov 8 : Fund drive
22. Dave Gunning - Here She Comes A Running -
Caught Between Shadows

November 15, 2003
Featured musicians attending the NORTHEAST REGIONAL FOLK ALLIANCE
conference  at Kutshers.  Most of the music was LIVE unless a CD is
indicated. Reminder Full Frontal will be playing our February 22nd 2004.
23. Full Frontal Folk - Colcannon - Storming the Castle

Nov 22 Variety, emph on soldiers/war:
24. Kate Power & Steve Einhorn - Travis John
Pearls A Collection of Songs - Artichoke Music
"I was a boy full of promise, full of freedom,
now the joy is dead and done, I am gone"
for Cpl Travis John Bradach-Nall (1982- July 2, 2003 Iraq)
They  include his laughing face on the cd. Such a waste of
life. So pointless, I dont think Ill listen to this and not cry, no matter
how many times I play it.

Nov 29 Hightlights from the WInter 2004 Sing Out!
25. We're About 9 - Reading YOu
Engine - We're About 9
Perfect damn harmonies.

Covering both
Dec 6th during major storm ft and ½ Snow and holidays
Saturday December 13, 2003 : Folk Musician's Talking a lot:

26. Christine Lavin -Runaway Christmas Tree
Runaway Christmas Tree... – Appleseed