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Saturday January 17, 2004
The "I'm playing this because" seltlist including:

Playing songs against hate, for Dr. King day.
Playing songs cherishing people for the loss of Mary Cawley and Ralph Gallo this week.
Playing songs of cold since we've had two days off school due to the 30 below wind chill.
Playing songs about Mars, because we are getting graphic photos from spirit this week
Playing songs suggesting Ireland because all my children are there today.

First we begin with Bushes announcement regarding spending money for space exploration, and Dr. King countering with his ideas for where to invest.

Martin Luther King and money spent on mars:

1. George Walker Bush
"In the past 30 years no human being has set foot on another world or ventured farther into space than 386 miles roughly the distance from Washington DC to Boston Mass. America has not developed a new vehicle to
advance human exploration in space in nearly a quarter century. It is time for America to take the next steps. Today I announce a new plan to explore space and extend a human presence across our solar system.

2. Martin Luther King
"I say to you today, that if our Nation can spend 35 billion dollars a year to fight an unjust evil war in Vietnam, and 20 billion dollars to put a man on the moon it can spend billions of dollars to put god's children on their own two feet right here on earth"

3. Phil Ochs - Spaceman
Broadside Tape 1 - Smithsonian Folkways

Today Dan Schorr admitting to possible skepticism, possible right on target - suggested that Bushes Mars announcement would certanly greatly benefit two states - Texas and Florida.

4. Pete Seeger - Dr. King on violence
Songs of Pete Seeger - Appleseed
Violence  begets violence. Pete Seeger, quoting Dr. King,  says that you can murder the hater, but you just increase hate.

5. Kate McDonnell - Enola Gay
Next - Waterbug
"She used to hit me after school somedays...she hit my cousin and called her names"

6.  Words from a Hiroshima Maiden off this mornings Weekend Morning Edition when she had the chance to meet  Robert Lewis, the pilot that dropped the bomb that disfigured her, when her arrived at the hospital. Later she realized  that Lewis was only following orders, and that  war was to blame not the people who faught it.

7. Red Grammer - Listen
Teaching Peace - Red Note
Tears, laughter, heartbeats...are the same around the world

8. Ellis Paul & Vance Gilbert - Citizen of the World
Side of the World - Philo
"I am a man of a 100 faces, many nations creeds and races"
"seeds of violence, seeds of peace... M.L.K. we need your advice"

9. Debra Holland - Hard to be a Human in the Universe
Book of Survival - Gadfly

10. King/ Brandow - Homeland Uber Alles
Sparks and Tears - Vaguely reminiscent Sounds
"we shall overcome" taken from a violent perspective

11. Joe Jencks - What Kind of Brother
What Kind of Brother - Turtle Bear
Speaking up when you see hate

12. Pat Humphries - I'll Be There
Hands - Appleseed
Providing a safe place when hate invades our kid's lives

13. Michael McNevin - Bully
In the Rough - self
McNevin explores a bully perspective

14. Debra Holland - Kids with Guns
Book of Survival - Gadfly
How can we not see kid violence reflecting countries violences?

15. Don Henry - Beautiful Fool
Wild in the backyard - Sony Music

16.  Pete Seeger - Dr. King on violence
Songs of Pete Seeger - Appleseed

17. Magpie - Give Light
Give Light - Sliced Bread Records

18. Pete Seeger - Take it from Dr. King
Songs of Pete Seeger - Appleseed

19. David Roth - Rosa and the three K's
Think Twice - Wind River

Garnet Rogers - " Hi this is Garnet Rogers and its exactly noon here on WJFF..."

Im playing these because of Ralph and Mary, both great individuals lost to our county this week.

20. Paul Edward Sanchez - As it is on Earth
Long Story Short - Wynema Music

21. Dave Carter - When I go
When I go - Signature SOunds

22. Greg Trafidlo - What Will You Leave
Old Dog New Tracks - Kirasongs

23. Garnet Rogers - Frankie and Johnny
Summer Lightning - Snow Goose

24. Susan Graham White - Just like You
Sounding Land - Big Bay Records

Songs to address the cold:

25. Tamarack - (James Gordon) Frobisher Bay
Frobisher Bay - Folk Era
Its hard to time one more whale with not getting caught in the frozen ice.

26. Trout Fishing in America - Alberta Postcard
Closer to the Truth - Trout Music
30 below is foreign to southern boys

27. Marie-Lynn Hammond - Canadian Love
Impromptu -Vignettes Media
How many layers do you need to take off t

From humour on the cold to humor on landing on mars

28. Garry Novikoff - Dog On the Moon
MP3 download as per C. Lavin's recommendation and information.

Playing at Godfrey Daniel's tonight:

29. Tanglefoot - Laura Secord
Captured Live - Borealis

Because my kids are all near the Blasket Islands today:

30. Danu - Beannacht o ri na haoine
Road Less Traveled - Shanachie

Because John, from Australia, has joined our sat. morning staff

31. Kasey Chambers - Cry Like A Baby
The Captain  - Asylum

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