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Folk Plus Setlist for Saturday January 31, 2004
Political comments from this week insurted between musical comentary from contemporary folk music.

1. John Edwards:
"This president thinks that his presidency is only about the war on terrorism, only about national security. Those things are critical for a commander in chief but as we are going to talk about more, going forward, thereís a lot the president
not doing, about jobs lost about a health care crisis in this country. The president of the United States has to be able to walk and chew chewing gum at the same time, has to be able to do two things at the same time.

2. Rod MacDonald - Fear
Into the Blue - Gadfly
About the fears beyond those outside the borders

3. Anne Feeney - War on the Workers
Have you Gone to Jail For Justice -
War that wages inside our borders

4. Magpie - Guardians of a Higher Ground
Seed on the Prarie - Long Tail Records
Terry and Greg suggest  a higher calling.

5. Wesley Clarke:
Before we had our allies on board, he took us to war. Before we had a plan as to what we would do when we got to Baghdad and he took us to war without the adequate forces to deal with the aftermath thatís not patriotic, thatís bad

6. Si Kahn - When the War is Done
3 song CD sample

7. Shel Silverstien - Generals
Where the Sidewalk Ends - Columbia

8. Moxy Fruvous - Gulf War Song
Bargainville - Atlantic Records

9. Wesley Clarke
"We've got to change this government. We've got a president who is playing politics with national security and we need
to hold him accountable and thatís what I want to do"

10. Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald - I've Got To Know
Fool's Paradise - Freewheel Records

11. Kate Power & Steve Einhorn - Travis John
Pearls -

12. Howard Zinn - Quoting Emma Goldman
Heroes and Martyrs:Goldman, Sacco & Vanzetti and revolutionary struggle - AK Press
When she was  on trial for protesting the draft during WWi, something she'd always done and was now labelled as conspiring...."You charge us with conspiring as if it were a secret plot - to do what we have been doing openly for most of our lives, campaigning against war, militarism, conscription. We say that if America entered the war to make the world safe for democracy she must first make democracy safe in America"

"As poor as we are in democracy how can we give it to the world?"

13. Leonard Cohen - Democracy
The Future - Columbia
"Democracy is coming to the U.S.A"

14. Bruce Cockburn - Democracy
World of Wonders - MCA Records

15. Lieberman
"I said I'd give the same answer everywhere, you can't create jobs by building a wall around America. In South Carolina 160,000 jobs are dependant on exports, so we have to figure out how to keep the jobs that are here, stop the bleeding and work together with business and workers to create a whole new generation of jobs"

16. Dennis Kucinich
"Some of these trade laws, you can't even buy America the way they are set up! My position? Buy America or bye-bye America"

17. King - S & L So Long
Inside Out - Vaguly Reminiscent
"so long its been good to know you, don't have to pay what we owe ya"

18. Joe Jencks - You Dont Have The Right
I Hear Your Voice  Trutle Bear Music

19. Kerry:
"We have a president who is selling jobs out to large corporations whether its the drug countries or the oil industry who is not fighting for real people and the lives they lead on a daily basis."

20. Holland - We Sure Got Hard Times Now
Panic is On - Gadfly

21. Silhouettes - Get a Job
1958 - TIme Life

22. Bob Hrichak - Man of Steel
Days of Steel: SOngs from an Empty Steel Mill - Bummer Tent Records

23. Bush
"Its working, its working The economy is growing. People are finding work, there is an excitement in our economy "

24. John McCutcheon - Hail to the Chief
Hail to the Chief! - Appalseed

25. Dean
We have a strong organization everywhere, right through the 19th of March in Illinois. So we've got good people. What we've done is to reach out to the 50% of the people who don't vote in this country because they can't tell the difference between the democarats and the republicans particularly at election time and give them a reason to vote and that is the only thing that is going to beat George Bush.

26. Pat Humphries - Bound for Freedom
Hands - Appleseed
"Not the congress, not the millionaires but me"

27. David Massengill - Great American Dream
Return - Plump Records

28. Edwards:
"What has happened is, that the Republicans take the south for granted and too many times the democrats ignore the south. We can't do that, because historically we have never elected a democrat president without winning at least five southern states"

29. Mary Gauthier - Sugar Cane
Filth & Fire - Signature Sounds

30. Rodney Crowell - Telephone Road
Houston Kid - Sugar Hill

31. Kate Campbell - Visions of Plenty
Visions of Plenty -Compass Records

32. Full Frontal Folk (J. Ritchie) L & N
Storming the Castle -

33. Sharpton
"We act like we are at a race track betting on horses rather than dealing with the fact that 75,000 people lost their jobs in South Carolina. There are people that I can bring in to the process that wont come in if someone like me is not in the
process. They ought to want all of us stay in and bring our constituency to the table rather than try to eliminate"

34. James Keelaghan - Never Gonna Stop this Train
Recent Future - Green Linnet

A few songs to represent the idea that there are two Americas.

25. Joan Baez - Ochs There But For Fortune
First 10 Years - Vanguard
"There but for fortune go you or I"

36. Readney Foster/B.Lloyd - In the Ghetto
Freedom Sings -

37. Murray McLaughlan (Lightfoot) Home from the Forest
A Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot - Northern Blues/Borealis
Support the vets?

38. Tom Intondi - America
Test Pressing
"America, she don't dance anymore, she stumbles through her act"

39. Heidi Muller - Real Change
Gypsy Wind -

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