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Saturday April 17, 2004

Songs that touch your heart, in both celebration of the human spirit and in sorrow. Two hours of tear jerkers.
Grab the tissues!

1. David Roth - Fateful intersection
Think Twice - Wind River
The famous tragic incident in Brooklyn is remembered a decade later when hands of the  brother of the slain Jew and the dead boy's father join hands.

2. Luke Liddy - The night his Reputation lost it's shine
Imperfection -
A bad car accident makes a man realize its time to stop drinking.

3. Bob Franke - For Real
Long Roads, Short Visits - Daring Records
A drunk driver takes a woman's husband

4. Garnet Rogers - Frankie and Johnny
All that Is - Red House
"It's too late by the grave" show love that is.

5. Beth Ferguson - Remember Me
Inside Talking -
Fighting cancer, Beth wrote this for her friends. Great that we can all still hear her voice.

6. Aengus Finnan- Ruins
NorthWind - Borealis
An aging farmer loses his wife, and then his farm. He torches his property before the bank gets it.

7. James Keelaghan - Captain Torres
Road - HIghtone
Dying men are given a few moments to call home and say goodbye.

8. Iris DeMent - No Time to Cry
My Life - Warner Bros.
Her dad has died, but she is too busy to cry
John Bachmann of WJFF says "a tear jerking gut-wrenching bite-down and swallow hard kind of song if ever there was one...

Mentioned Sonny Ochs fuzzy warm tale of mentioning that her oil cap was missing and her car awaited her smoking and smelling, only to find a surprise replacement on her hood.

Also mentioned the friends of Tracy Grammer who are helping to pool money for a new violin since repair folks say she must retire her 220 year old one.

9. Laura Burns & Roger Rosen - Killkelly Ireland
Fast Folk -
A father begs for a son to return to Ireland for decades, and dies before it happens.

Noon break

10. Eric Anderson - For What Was Gained
Avalanche - Warner Bros '69
Special thanks to John Bachman (who retrieved this song, ) and Rich Warren who sent it to be included on today's show, thanks Rich. Little brother said "when I grow up, Im gonna be like him"

11. James Gordon - Randal Dooley
Endomusia - Borealis
Now this is a tear jerker.

What a sad story. The kind you may not want to hear...or as Christine Lavin may say... "Avert your eyes from the radio"
Nov. 17, 1997: Randal Dooley, 6, and his brother Tego, 7, arrive in Toronto from their native Jamaica to live with their father and stepmother January, 1998: Randal's Grade 1 teacher, Gloria Robson, notices a mark on his face and reports it to the principal, who tells her to keep an eye on him. Jan. 31, 1998: Randal taken to hospital with a broken left arm. April, 14, 1998: Robson discovers fresh whip marks criss-crossing Randal's left arm. Police are called and an investigation begins but no charges are laid. Late summer, 1998: The Dooleys move to a McCowan Road townhouse complex. Sept. 25, 1998: Randal is found dead in his brother's bed. covered with welts, bruises and scratches. He also has four brain injuries, 14 fractured ribs, and a lacerated liver. His stepmother, Marcia Dooley, is charged with second-degree murder soon thereafter Oct. 10, 1998: Randal is laid to rest. Police have to protect his father, Tony Dooley, from enraged mourners.

12. Catie Curtis - The Wolf
Truth From Lies - Guardian
A child secretly dreams of the day when there will be strength enough to fight an abusive step-parent

13. Anne Hills/David Roth - That Kind of Grace
Rising in Love - Folk Era
The mother of slain son, Beulah Mae, stands in court :"I owuld do to others what I'd have them do to me..."

14. Jennifer Noxen  - Devil's Breath
Watch as you Walk -
A church is burned and the congregation still sing and rebuild.

15. Kevin Briody - Walnuts and Rice
Familiar -
A warm fuzzy family love song

16. Joe Jencks- On Belay
I hear Your Voice - Turle Bear Music

17. Terri Hendrix - The Ring
The Ring - Wilory Records
A man spends hours fashioning a ring for his wife

18. Darryl Purpose - Mr. Schwin
Traveler's Code - Tangible
A dying man leaves a pair of bikes for a young couple, never able to give the second to a wife of his own.

19. Sammy Walker - Edgar Dooley
Blue Ridge Mountain Skyline - Warner Bros

20. Chuck Brodsky - Radio
Radio - Red House
Based on the now famous story about the love surrounding an aging high school student

21. Kitty Donohoe - There are No Words
Single - Roheen Records

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