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Saturday May 8, 2004

Last night Jonathon Mernit honored the Kingston Trio from 1 am to 8 am. Two weeks from today the same all nighter plan will focus on Bob Dylan due to his upcoming birthday. We are now between Pete Seeger (May 3, '19) turning 85 last week, and Bob Dylan (May 24, '41) turning 63, I thought I'd focus on music of the 60's, give or take a decade.

1. The Limeliters - Folk Rap
Until We Get It Right! - GNP
This musical talent with a zany sense of humor had 3 recording companies offered them contracts two days after their professional debut. In early 1959 they released their first album on Elektra. Soon after they signed with RCA and a string of best selling albums followed making the Limeliters a household name for over 40 years,

2. Peter Paul and Mary - (Dylan) Blowi' in the Wind
In the Wind - Warner Bros.

3. Smothers Brothers - Morons
Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour - Rubicon River Records
First professional appearance was at The Purple Onion in San Francisco in 1959. First national television appearance was on the Jack Paar show on January 28, 1961. On their own Comedy hour running they had (Jan and Feb of 67) Jim Neighbors, Gette Davis, Ed 4/69, they had Donovan, Nancy Sinatra Harry Belafonte, Victor Borge,  Andy WIlliams.

4. Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode
1958 - Time Life Music

5. Richie Havens - Handsome Johnny 356
Best of Richie Havens Resume - Rhino
Give to Richie by Lou Gossett "You might be able to use this, its a song about ward". Havens added verses to bring it up to date from Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Persian Gult and then adds, "hopefully no other versus will need to be added."

6. Paul Siebel - Honest Sam
Woodsmoke and Oranges - Elektra

7. The Beatles - Here Comes the Sun
Abbey Road - EMI Records

8. Ian and Sylvia - (Lightfoot) For Lovin' Me
Best of the Vanguard Years - Vanguard

9. The Brothers Four - Greenfields
 A group made up of four University of Washington fraternity brothers back in the late 1950'.  Since 1960 they've played thousands of college concerts, and sung for four different U.S. Presidents at the White House.

10. Angels - Boyfriend's Back
The Fabulous 60s - Dominion

11. Ben E. King - Stand by Me
The Fabulous 60s - Dominion.

12. Leslie Gore - Its My Party
The Fabulous 60s - Dominion

13. Simon and Garfunkel - Bookends
Bookends - Columbia

14. Gordon Lightfoot - The Minstrel of the Dawn
If You Could Read My Mind - Reprise

15. Rosalie Sorrels - Baby Rocking Medly
(Happy Mothers Day)
Always A Lady - Philo Records

16. Utah Phillips - Moose Turd Pie
Good Though - Philo Recording

17. Chieftains - Boil the Breakfast Early
Best of the Chieftains - Columbia/Legacy
The Chieftains played sessions from the 1950s and early 1960s and today there are Irish traditional music sessions on every continent and in every major city

18. Jesse Winchester - Brand New Tennessee Waltz
Live From MountainStage - Blue Plate

Hour Two:

Bill Mandel, author and DJ at  Pacifica says:
"Pete and I have been friends for over half a century, although mostly at a distance since I moved to Berkeley
in 1957. I keep posted on my study wall a message from him in 1999 when I asked him to write a cover blurb for
my autobiography, Saying No To Power. He had bought my books published 1946-1985, sometimes several copies,
but invariably urging me to keep the next one simpler and shorter. This time I sent him either the manuscript
or the publisher's bound proof. He wrote in reply:"Bill - I feel we have several jobs to do
1) stayalive and kicking
2) reach out ever more widely to people we only partly agree with
3 keep a sensayuma
4) work hard on local, national & international battles THAT CAN BE WON NOW "
5) keep in mind long term imperatives, but not concentrate on 'em right now. "Meanwhile use this if you want: 'Bill
Mandel gives a good example to us all. Stay involved. Don't give up. Will we make mistakes? Of course. Grin
and learn.'"

19. The Weavers - Lonesome Traveler
Weavers at Carnegie Hall - Vanguard Records

20. Pete Seeger -  Here's to Cheshire, Here's to Cheese
Philadelphia Folk Festival: 40th Anniversary by Various Artists

All below from: Philadelphia Folk Festival: 40th Anniversary by Various Artists
21.  Steve Goodman - City of New Orleans
22.  John Prine - Hello in There - John Prine
23. Odetta - Hit or Miss
24. Tom Paxton - Did You Hear John Hurt?
25. Mississippi John Hurt - Ain't No Tellin'
26. Bonnie Dobson -  The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
27. Green, Green, Rocky Road - Dave Van Ronk

28. Joan Baez Bob Dylan - It Aint Me Babe
Live at Newport - Vanguard

29. Ed McCurdy Poem

30. Chad Mitchell Trio  - (McCurdy) Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream
At the Bitter End - Folk Era

31. Phil Ochs - Cops of the World
Elektra - Elektra Entertainment

32. Woody Guthrie - Worreid man Blues
Worried Man Blues - Special Music Co.

33. Simon and Garfunkel - Bookends
Bookends -  Columbia

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