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Saturday May 15, 2004
Johnny and John Songs

I had the listeners guess the theme, offering a free cd for the first three to call correctly with today's theme.
By the third song the first two called, and by the Andrew sisters, I had three winners. John from Liberty, Nick R from ?, another John from Liberty. Several Johns and Jonathons called in.

1. Debra Cowan - Johnny be Fair
Long Grey Line -

2. Peter Paul and Mary  - The Cruel War
Peter Paul and Mary - Warner Bros.

3. David Wilcox - Johnny's Camaro
East Ashville Hardware- Koch

4. Andrew Sisters - Oh Johnny Oh Johnny
Best of the Andrew Sisters - MCA

5. Joan Baez - Johnny Cuckoo
Live at Newport - Vangard

6. Kallet, Epstein, Cicone - My Johnny Was a Shoemaker
Only Human - Overall Music

7. Vance Gilbert - Johnny
Fugitives - Philo

8. Tom Makum  - Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya
Folk Songs and Minstrelsy - Vanguard

9.Clannad - Two Sisters
Dulaman - Shanachie

10. Dervish - Molly and Johnny
Live in Palma - Kells

11. American Songs of the Civil War Era
When Johnny COmes Marching Home

12. Tom Paxton - Johnny Got a Gun
Wearing the TIme - Wearing the TIme

13. Moxy Fruvous - Johnny Saucepan
B- Warner Music Canada

14.Jack Hardy - Wheelbarrow Johnny
Landmark - Prime CD

15. Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode
1958 - Time Life Music

Noon ID - Jion Gomeshi

16. Gilette & Mangsen - Johnny Appleseed
Light of the Day - Compass Rose Music

17.James Keelaghan - Glory Bound
My Skies - Green Linnet

18. Finest Kind (Rob, Posen, Downey) - John Barleycorn
Silks and Spices -  GFallen Angle Music

19. Kingston Trio- Sloop John B
Absolutley the Best of - Fuel 2000 Records

20. Priscilla Herdman - Matthew, Mark, Luke & John
Star Dreamer- Alcazam
Playing tonight at the Rosendale

21.Anne Burns - John of Dreams
Days in Italy - Art foro Art's Sake Records

22.Tiller's Folley - John Tod
Ripple in Time - Raincoast Records

23. Magpie - Old John Brown
John Brown: Sword of the Spirit - Sliced Bread

24. Annie Gallup - John Llewellyn
Backbone - Prime CD

25.Berryman - John Ed Hammet
What, Again? - Cornbelt Recording

26. Chad Mitchell Trio - John Birch Society
At the Bitter End - Folk Era

27. Eddy Reader -John Anderson My Jo
Sings the Songs of Robert Burns - Compass

28. The Slickers - Johnny Too Bad
Someone at the station walked this in on MD near the end of the show.

29. Peggy Seeger - John Gilbert is athe Boat
Heading for HOme - Appleseed
Limetlighters -

30. The Limeliters - Hey Jimmy Joe John Jim Jack
Through Children's Eyes, Little Folk Songs for Adults - Folk Era

30. Ewan MacColl - Johnnie O'Breadisley
English and Scottish Popular Ballads
Washington Albums

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