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Saturday June 6, 2004

Our community celebrated the short life of Stephen Sochinski this week. Stephen was a heavy equipment operator in the US Army. He was 25 and died on duty in Osage Beach, Mo. He was honored three years ago by Bonocic for his  fire fighting as a member of Liberty Hose and Turck Co #2. This first song is in celebration of his life as we continue to remember his character.

1. Joe  Crookston - Fall Down as the Rain
Fall Down as the Rain - Milagrito Records

2. Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - When I Go
When I Go - self

Perhaps Dave and Stephen will meet each other

D Day thoughts

3. David Francey - Flowers of Saskatchewan
Far End of Summer - Laker Music

4. Dick Gaughan - The 51st Highland's Farewell to Sicily
Sail On - Appleseed

5. Ian Robb - D Day Dodgers
From Different Angels - Fallen Angle

6. Jez Lowe - Military Road
Live at the Bavy Lamp - Tantobie

7. Enoch Kent - Widows o' War
Workin' Chap -Second Ave

8.Anne Feeney - I Married A Hero
Look to the Left - Super 88 Records

9. Si Kahn - When the War is Done
We're Still Here - Stricly Country Music

10.Mammals - Profit
Evolver - Humble Abode Music

11. Spirit of the West - Profiteers
Labour Day - Stoeny Plain

12. Martyn Joseph - Just Like the Man Said
Wheever It Was that brought me here will have to take me home - Appleseed

13.Joe  Crookston - The Good Stuff
Fall Down as the Rain- Milagrito Records

14. Chuck Brodsky -Ballad of Stan Rogers & Leo Kennedy
Color came One Day - Waterbug

15. Stan Rogers - Forty Five Years
Fogarty's Cove - Fogarty's Cove

16. Michael Stanley - One Good Day in a Row
The Ground - Line Level

17. Andy Breckman - I Had  A Good Day
Don't Get Killed - Gadfly

18. Louden Wainwright - Pretty Good Day
Social Studies - Hanibal

19 .Jody Kessler - Another Day of Loving
ANother Day of Loving - In the Moment Prod.

20. Zoe Lewis -  Write me a letter
Fishbone WIshbone Funnybone

21. We're About 9 - Writing Again
Engine -

22. MacVItties - Love Letter
Love Letters -

23. Joe Jencks - What Kind of Brother
What Kind of Brother - Turtle Bear Music

24. Ralston - What Kind of Friend
Carwreck Converstations-

25. Lynn Miles - Wrong
Night in a Strange Town - Philo

26. Lynn Miles - All I Ever Wanted
Chalk THis One Up to the Moon -

Tomorrow at 2 pm at the Mansion HOuse  845.343-3049

27. Roberts & Barrand - All Through the Ale
Twiddlum Twaddlum - Golden hind
June 25 - 27  Old Songs Festival

28. Jubulant Bridge - British Invasion Medley
Happenstance -

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