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Saturday June 12, 2004

Good morning, and welcome to folk plus. I'm Morgan Hardy, and Angela Page is my mother. She is here running the board and has planned todays show, but has no voice today, so I will be hosting today vocally.

Today's Folk Plus focuses on the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater Festival Next Weekend: June 19 & 20, 2004 - Call 800-67-SLOOP  I will be giving you some facts about the festival, playing some of the musicians who will be appearing next weekend, and giving away some tickets.

More immediately, however, tonight you can hear the following artists:
Christine Lavine will be appearing at the Unison Arts Center in New Paltz 255 1559
and Harvey Reid and Joyce Andersen are in Middletown at the Mansion House 845 343-3047

1. Christine Lavin - Sensitive New Age Guys
Attainable Love - Compass

2. Harvey Ried - (Francey) Torn Screen Door
Great Sad RIver -
appearing at the Friends of Music Concert at the Mansion House tonight at 8pm.

The Clearwater Music and Environmental Festival is a celebration of the environment and the Hudson River contemporary, traditional and American roots music, dancing, storytelling and theater. Its the nation’s oldest and largest annual festival of its kind. It has hosted over 15,000 people on a weekend in June for more than three decades.

WJFF has a booth in the alternative energy walkway of the grounds of the Clearwater festival, along with veggie and electric powered cars, hay bale homes, wind and solar panel displays. The Festival, including all stages, is 100% powered by solar energy, soy-diesel generators and wind-powered energy credits.

People gather for a cleaner, safer world for ourselves and future generations.

3. Holly Near - Power
And Still We Sing - Calico Tracks
"Give me the steady flow of a waterfall"

4. Patty Larkin - Pundits and Poets
Angels Running - Windham Hill
"We're waiting to hear the sound of hope, winds of change"

5. Ellis Paul Vance Gilbert - What Do I Want, What Do I Need
Side of the Road - Philo

6. Vance Gilbert   - I Met Ellis Paul
Somerville Live -

7. Vance Gilbert - Taking it all to Tennessee
Somerville Live -

8. Ellis Paul - Take Me Down
Live - Philo

Today we are airing musicians that will be appearing at next weekends Clearwater Festival on the Hudson RIver. The Festival makes possible innovative educational initiatives such as the Hudson River School, which has helped more than 400,000 children and over 250,000 adults experience the wonders of the majestic.

Hudson River from aboard the sloop Clearwater. The organization itself has gained worldwide recognition for its leadership in helping to pass landmark environmental laws, both state and federal, including the Clean Water Act. These truths bring to light the thoughts expressed by Pat Humphries about how regular people have made differences.

9. Pat Humphries - (Grant) We Were There
Hands - Appleseed

10. Pat Humphries - Bound For Freedom
Hands - Appleseed

11. Catie Curtis - The World Don't Owe Me Nothing
Crash Course in Roses - Ryko

12. Catie Curtis - Deliver Me
Romance Languages - Vanguard

13. Sonia -  The Other Man
No Bomb is Smart –

14. Sonia -  Gangsters of Love
No Bomb is Smart –

Our ticket winners had to name five performers that were playing at the festival. A listener in Youngsville, N.Y. could name four and then said she had a Hybrid Prias, so we gave her an extra point for that. Another winner was from North East Pa.

15. Ani DiFranco - To The Teeth
So Much Shouting - Righteous Babe

During the festival there will be kid’s areas and educational displays on the enviroment. The Sloops sail on the river by the festival. Workshop stages are grouped by themes, much like a Folk Plus set.
For example on Sunday 1 pm. Songs of Peace and Justice will be sung with
SONiA, Toshi Reagan , Dar Williams

Here are some selections from these woman.
16. Sweet Honey in the Rock (Toshi Reagan) - (St. Marie) Now That The Buffalo Are Gone
In This Land - Earthbeat

17. Dar Williams - I saw A Bird Fly Away
Beauty of the Rain -
Dar gave birth just last April 24, 2004 to her first child Stephen Gray Robinson

Sunday's 3 pm workshop will be  "Something about the Women"
Patty Larkin, Kris Delmhorst, Catie Curtis, Dar Williams , Holly Near

Now to show the funny side of Patty Larkin from the stage at the Bottom Line in NYC. The Bottom Line by the way has been closed and taken over by NYU University, its owner.

18 Patty Larkin - channels Marlene Dietrich
Laugh Tracks Vol 1 - Shanachie

19 Patty Larkin - La Vie En Rose
Laugh Tracks Vol 1 - Shanachie

20 Patty Larkin - To The Mall
Laugh Tracks Vol 1 - Shanachie

This tune by the duo Wishing Char is an exploration into the meaning of progress
21.Wishing Chair - Ghost of Will Harbut
Ghost of Will Harbut 1 - Terrakin Records

Exploring passion and power of a woman’s determination to secretly pay for her own pilot instructions
22.Kristina Olsen - Yellow Piper
Truth of a Woman - Take a Break Records

23. Katryna and Nerissa Nields - The Day I Let Glory Steer
This Town is Wrong - Zoe Records

Kris is a young singer who has come strongly out with several terrific CDs.
24.Kris Delmhorst - Juice and June
Songs for a Hurricane - - Signature Sounds

Area musicians Jay and Molly are great supporters of WJFF and have a show of their own on WAMC.
25. Jay Unger & Molly Mason - There's Honey on the Moon
Lovers' Waltz - Angel

Back in the mid-sixties, after centuries of accumulated sewage pollution and industrial dumping of toxic  chemicals, the Hudson River was deemed “dead”. Pete Seeger, decided “to build a boat to save the  river”. Holding small, fund-raising picnics throughout the Hudson River Valley, he literally passed his  banjo among the crowd, collecting contributions to build the elegant tall ship that would become a symbol
of environmental advocacy and the festival’s most popular icon, the sloop Clearwater.

26. Pete Seeger - 50 50 Chance
Seeds - Appleseed

Recently, Clearwater played a key role in the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) decision to  compel one of the Hudson River’s biggest polluters to begin removing toxic PCBs from the water and  restoring one of the most polluted portions of the river. In 2002, Pete Seeger was named a “Clean Water  Hero” for his prominent efforts in the passage of the Clean Water Act. His tireless devotion to working  through Clearwater and promoting its message to effectively use the law in prosecuting polluters of
America’s waterways has made the Clean Water Act one of the most successful environmental laws in
the country.

27. Pat Humphries - Old Devil TIme
Seeds - Appleseed

Today, seeing the success of the Clearwater organization, one cannot imagine these achievements being possible without the Clearwater Festival. The Great Hudson Reiver Revival has helped raise funds and served as a beacon bringing awareness in support of America's First River. And it all started more than 30 years ago, when it was but the dream of a single man, Pete Seeger.

Clearwater conducts environmental education, advocacy programs and celebrations. The nucleus of the activities is to protect the Hudson River, its tributaries and related water bodies, and to create public awareness of the estuary’s complex relationship with the coastal zone. A magnificent natural design blending the freshwater streams of the Adirondacks with the salt tides of the Atlantic, the Hudson is a prime example of an estuary’s ecosystem that, as a type, ranks second only to rain forests in biological productivity. See for more information

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