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Saturday June 26, 2004

Last week  Rich Warren of WFMT Radio - 98.7 FM  in Chicago, taped a special show and priority mailed it to WJFF studios for today's airing. I sit home happily recovering and doing what I love - listening to quality folk music. But this time I didn't haveto generate it. This was like having an amazing meal, and not having to cook. Thanks Rich!

Today I'm going to play for you what other folk hosts around the word played this week on their shows.
Beginning with Susan Forbes Hanson who does two folk shows for the western New England area.

Susan Forbes Hanson WFCR 88.5 fm
1.The Song Project - Vacation
The Song Project in Rome - Folkstudio

Jim Rigby - Promoting Old Songs Festival this weekend
Elmwood CT
2 .Anne Hills & Cindy Mangsen - Wolves a Howlin
Never Grow Old - Flying Fish

Larry Hoyt WAER "Common Threads" Syracuse NY
3. Smith Sisters - My Father Was A Quiet Man
A Canary's Song - Flying Fish

Laurie-Ann Copple CKCU 93.1 FM  Ottawa
4. Trevor Mills, "Military Governmental Contract"
Karaoke Cowboy - self

CJTR 91.3 FM,     Regina, Sask., Canada,
5. NIGHT SUN - Home
Home - Borealis

Dick Hermans - WKZE - 98.1 FM in Sharon, CT
6. Kieran Kane & Kevin Welch - Everybody’s Working for the Man Again
You Can’t Save Everybody - Compass

Jim Marino - 93.3 CFMU Hamilton Ontario
7. Bill Jones -The Two Brothers -  Two Year Winter - Compass

Paul A. Hefti 88.7 fm Sacramento, CA
8. Jerree Small – ’57 Chevy - Mobius ( - 2004

Lloyd Brady Fiddlestix, 88.3 Southern FM, Melbourne Australia
9.Terry Kitchen - Mr Ginder's coal
That's How it Used to Be - [independent]

John McLaughlan  88.1 Univ. of Maryland WMUC
10. Cosy Sheridan, Dorothy & Eve, The Pomegranate Seed, CMS/Wind River

Harlon Joye WRFG   Atlanta, GA 30307
11. Emma's Revolution  - Kilamanjaro - One - Big W

Mike Regenstreif CKUT (90.3 FM) in Montreal
A recorded station ID from Mike
In a show which honored Dave Van Ronk (part of Sheridan Square in Greenwich Village renamed in his honor), also Estelle Klein's passing - artistic director of the Mariposa Folk Festival in the 60s and ‘70s.
12. Christine Lavin - Sometimes Mother Really Does Know Best
Sometimes Mother Really Does Know Best (Appleseed)

Arthur Elliott - 99.7 Brisbane Australia
13. Martha Trachtenburg- Some Things
Its about time- Mom & Pop

JIm Sigler - KUMRSouthcentral Missouri 88.5fm
14.Jim Played  Christine Kane's "Right Outta Nowhere"...didn't have that, so:
Christine Kane -  The Way Clouds Do
Rain Mud and Wild and Green -

Lee  Larcheveque 91.1 FM WMUA
15.Jonathan Byrd & Dromedary - The Young Slaver
The Sea and the Sky - Waterbug

Univ of Missouri KUMR 88.5
16. Terri Hendrix - Enjoy the Ride (Many aired Terri this week)
Art of Removing Wallpaper - Wilory Records

BIll Hahn - WFDU 89.1  Farleigh Dickenson University
A recorded welcome from Bill
17.Joan Baez - Night They Drove Old Dixie

Ron Olesko  WFDU 89.1 Farleigh Dickenson University
18. Full Frontal Folk - Cat Eyed WIllie
Sweet Mystery of Life -

Troy Tyree WICN 90.5 Worchester Mass (played Hendrix...Breakdown)
19. Zoe Speaks - Shady Grove
Birds Fly South -

Bill Wagman KDVS 90.3 Univ. of California at Davis
20.Eliza Gilkyson - Dark Side of Town
Land of Mild and Honey - Red House

Maggie Ferguson - WXOU Oakland University Missouri
21. Stan Rogers - With of the Westmoreland
Between the Breaks - Fogarty's Cove

Diane Karl - Early Morning Bumbo KBOO Salmon, Wa. & 100.7 and Protland Or 90.7
Two station call letters, two selections:
22. Johnsmith - (Brown) Early - Kickin The Stone - Blue Pine Production

Lisa Moscatiello & Rose Shipley - Girl From the North Country
23. Well Kept Secrets - Shipwhistel

Allan Nelson - University Radio York, England 1350kh
Played Jack Williams Playing on the runway...did'nt have that one, but:
24. Jack Williams - Why You Been Gone So Long
Live and In Food Company - Wind River

Arthur Berman CITR in Vancouver, B.C.
25. Joel Mabus - Ride Away Easy
Bolden Willow Tree -Fossil Records

Congradulations to all graduates today. I left my own playlist for another WJFF host, Jonathan Mernit, to run while I left for the last half hour of the show. My own daughter's graduation was at 2pm and I was expecting a lawn full of guests. Thanks Jonathan. I had planned on ending with Otto Bost's Studio Sessions Volume 2 CD to represent WDIY and his show, but Jonathan talks more than I do..and there wasnt time. :-) Maybe I will do this idea again. There were way more left off, than included. Since I eyeballed the list early in the week, those were the shows I used.

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