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Saturday July 3, 2004

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

To honor Canada Day this week:
1. Finest Kind - Maple Leaf Forever
Silks and Spices -

To honor the U.S. independance day:
2. Trout Fishing in America - Star Spangled Banner
Single CD - Trout Music

3. Ray Charles - AMerica the Beautiful
16 Greatest Hits MCR Prod.

4.  America - West Side Story

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

5. Kate and CJ - Wish You Were Here
Get Home Early - self
"This is life, this is now"

6. Rod MacDoanld - It's A tough Life
Into the Blue - Gadfly

7. Nanci Griffith - Its a Hard Life Wherever You Go
Best of Nanci Griffith - MCA NAshville

8. Michael Jerling - In Another Life
In Another Life -Waterbug

9. Mike Breen - Past Lives
Past Lives Basilbone Records

10 . Iris DeMent - My Life
My Life -Warner Bros.

11. Lion King - (John) Circle of Life
Very Best of Broadway - Fletcher Records

Before we leave the "life" portion, I want to honor Sis Cunningham, who passed away this week, and whose life influenced folk music greatly. She and her husband began the broadside flyers of printed songs on sheets in February 1962 with such unknows and Phil Ochs and Bob Dylan.

Liberty ( & Freedom)

12.Hear the People Sing - Les Miserables
Hey the French started this liberty thing.

13. James Keelaghan - Never Gonna Stop this Train
Recent Future - Green Linnet

14. Pat Humphries - BOund for Freedom
Hands - Appleseed

15. Irina Rivkin - Taking our Freedom
Upwelling - Rose street Music

16. Dave Lippman - They Hate Our Feedom
Singing CIA Agent - Urgent Records

17. Sonia - I am the Enemy
No Bomb is Smart - Disappear Records

18. Chuck Brodsky - Dangerous Times
Color Came One Day - Waterbug

19. Burns Sisters - I am A Patriot
Close to Home - Philo

20. Joe Crookston - If I Say Yes
Fall Down As The Rain - Milagrito Records
"beat out the rhythm of a freedom song"

Pursuit of Happiness  (everyone in their own way, bringing it to themselves, or to others)

21. You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown - Happiness
The only Other Broadway CD You'll Ever Need - RCA Victor

22. John Smith - I Like the Way it Feels
To The Four Directions -

23. My Favorite Things - Sound of Music
The only Other Broadway CD You'll Ever Need - RCA Victor

24. James Gordon - Stuart and Lillian
Mining for Gold - Borealis

25. Lui Collins - Things to Do
Leaving Fort Know - Molly Gamblin Music

26. Cosy Sheridan - The Little Train
Grand Design - BWE Music

27. David Roth - Little Something More
Irreconcilable Similarities - Wind River

28. Dick Gaughan - Different Kind of Love Song
A Different Kind of Love Song - Appleseed

29. Steve Tilston & Maggie Boyle - Here's to Tom Paine
All Under the Sun - Flying Fish
Paine wrote in the Age of Reason "I hope for happiness beyond this life. I believe in the equality of man, and I believe that religious duties consist in doing justice, living mercy, and endeavoring to make our fellow creatures happy."

30. Ossie Davis (Frederick Douglass) - What to the Slave is the 4th of July
Every Tone A Testimony - Smithsonian
Frederick Douglass' words from "The meaning of July 4th to the Negro" 1853, Rochester N.Y.

31. Magpie - Give Light
Give Light - SLiced Bread
"People will find a way"

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