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Saturday July 24, 2004

Carla Ulbrich's new release Sick Humor gave me the idea for today's theme.
She spent years fighting strokes and kidney failure while only in her young 30's and her new release all about being ill is from personal experience.

Todays show is a two hour medical setlist, with humor and commentary on being sick and other health issues. I dedicate this show to those coping with ill health, espcially librarian Annie in Seattle and Joellen in Fairfield CT coping with mycotoxin poisoning from molds in their schools.  to read their stories.

Special thanks to Sue, Vicki and Dr. S. who continue to help me and many others avoid the levels of illness reported at the above site.

Cala Ulbrich - Prednisone
Sick Humor: The lighter Side of Illness -

Modern Man  Side Effects
Modern Immaturity - Inverted Turtle

Beth Ferguson -What is Mine (cancer)
Dance on the Earth -

David Roth - Manuel Garcia (cancer)
Rising in Love - Folk Era

Mark Weigle - If It Wasnt Love (lover claimed by aids)
The Truth Is -

Joel Mabus - Druggest
Rhyme Schemes -Fossil Records

Christine Lavin - You Think You've Got Problems
Compass - Philo

Bitchin Babes - (West) Toe To Toe with the HMO
Beyond Four Bitchin' Babes - Shanachie

Cheryl Wheeler - Is It Peace or is it Prozac
Mrs. Pinocci's guitar - Philo

John Forster -Codependent With You
Entering Marion - Philo

Nancy Tucker - Everything Reminds Me of My Therapist
Parody of Jane Siberry's "everything Reminds me of my Dog"
Treasure From The Attic - Collie Flower Records

Cosy Sheridan - PMS
Late Bloomer - sself

Cali Rose - It's a PMS Kind of day
Gets Goofy - Soup to Nuts Music

DaVincis Notebook -Liposuction
Bendy's Lad -

Cosy Sheridan - Iphigenia (bulemia/anorexia)
Pomegranate Seed - Wind River

Cosy Sheridan - Losing Game(bulemia/anorexia)
Pomegranate Seed - Wind River

Beth Furguson - Inside Talking
Inside Talking -

James Gordon & Sandy Horne - 1 in 5
1 in 5 (suffer from mental illness) - Pipe Street Records

Nancy Lee Baxter - Terrarium (nursing homes)
Touch and Go - Harvest Moon Recrods

Sirens - Em's Song (Alzheimerís)
Smilin' - Borealis

Shel Silverstein -Sick (kids faking illness)
Where the Sidewalk Ends - Columbia

Trout Fishing in America - Need a Bandaid
Big Trouble - Trout Music

Dan Hart - Ritalin
Life of Dan - Stone Baot Music

Penny Lang - Menopausal Jig
Carry on Children - Silverwolf

Matt Watroba (Krug) - Geritol Gypsy
The Best is Yet to Be - Ledgewood records

David Roth - Magic Pill (viagra)
Irreconcilable Similarieites - Wind River

Chenille Sisters & James Dapogny's Chicago Jazz  Band
Button Up Your Overcoat- Whatcha Gonna Swing Tonight- Red House

David Roth - Holland
Irreconcilable Similarieites - Wind River

Beth Ferguson -Learning to Fall
Dance on the Earth -

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