The Flowing Waters of Lake Jefferson

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Saturday July 31 2004
Chuck Brodsky - Seven Miles Upwind
Color Came One Day - Waterbug

Artisan - Hold on to Your Dreams
Our Back yard -

Night Sun - This Lake
Home -

JohnSmith - What Is
To The Four Directions -

Lynn Miles - A Little Rain
Chalk This One Up to the Moon -

Dave Carter &  Tracy Grammer -  Annie's Lover
When I Go -

James Gordon - Weapons of Mass Instruction
Endomusia - Borealis

Lui Collins - (Snow) Baptism of Fire
Baptism of Fire -

Rod MacDonald - Good of America
Recognition - Wind River

Susan Werner - Barbed Wire Boys
New NonFiction

James Keelaghan - Turn of the Wheel
A Recent Future - Green Linnet

Winstons - Up in The Air
Coming Through -

Full moons are separated by 29 days, while most months are 30 or 31 days long; so it is possible to fit two full moons in a single month. This happens every two and a half years, on average.

Debi Smith - Hang the Moon
More Than Once -

Michael Troy - Romancing the Moon
Romancing the Moon -

Lou and Peter Berryamn - An Hour Away
House Concert -

Eileen McGann - Wisdon Guide me
Beyond the Storm -

Darryl Purpose - Ring on My Hand
Travelers' Code - Tangible records

Pierce Pettis -  You Move Me
Making Light of it -

Garth Brooks -  You Move Me
Sevens - Capital

Terry Tufts - Marylou in Burgundy
Live @ rasputin's -

Heidi Muller - Arrowhead
Giving back -

Hugh Blumenfeld - Brothers
Strong in Spirit -

Chenille Sisters - Help I'm turning into my parents
True to Life - Red House Records

Burns Sisters - Something Real
Out of the Blue - Philo

Jennifer Warnes - Somewhere, Somebody
The Hunter -

Smal Potatoes - Waltz of the Wallflowers
Waltz of the Wallflowers - Wind River

Laura Smith - My Bonny
B'tween the earth and My Soul-

Megon McDonough - Painless Love
Buy Me Bring Me... - Rounder

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