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Saturday September 4, 2004
Sing Out Compilation Fall Folk 2004

Due to high levels of mold growing in the library where I work I am unable to be indoors without  filter running. or outdoors without a filtering mask.   The hepa filters removie any particles up to .03 of a micron. When I leave this area I have to wear a hepa mask, and since you can't do radio in a mask this show was necessary to pre-tape.

After I began fainting at work administrators at my school  ordering air quality tests. Either they never read the results or failed to understand what they read and orderied me back into the library  to put away 13,000 books after "revovations" were done to remove wet carpeting. I was exposed to very high levels of aspergillus versicolor, a cancer causing mycotoxin. Along with random numbness, difficulty breathing and speaking troubles I've developed reactions to all chemicals now so prevalent in or "advancing" society. If you are interested in this illness, look up Enviromental Intollerance or Multiple Chemical Sensitivites.   Perhaps you know someone with this.
This link will show the kinds of everyday items (poisons) which your body can filter, mine can no longer tolerate.

WJFF has run some archive shows for most of August, and I had guest djs for July while I'm taking medicine to pull the neurotoxins from my body and  heal.

So from my off site studios..(my safe room) I taped today's show for the first weekend of September. Last week, listeners heard an archive show of what was new in the fall of 2003, today features the Fall 2004 compilation cd included in the Sing Out issue with my added comentary.

Sing Out Fall 2004 Compilation v.48#3

01 One Voice by Ruth Moody (© 2004 Ruth Moody / SOCAN) 3:22
from The Wailin’ Jennys’ album 40 Days (Jericho Beach #0403 or Red House #177) available in Canada
from Jericho Beach, 1351 Grant St., Vancouver, BC V5L 2X7, Canada, Ph: 800-633-8282; Web:
<> or in the U.S. from Red House, P.O. Box 4044, 501 West Lynnhurst Avenue, St.
Paul, MN 55104, Ph: 800-695-4687; Web: <>. See page 66.

02 Le Bien et Le Mal by Souad Massi (© 2003 Souad Massi / Island Records France) 2:56
from Souad Massi’s album Deb (Heart Broken) (Wrasse #096) available from The Drive, Tyrrells Wood,
Leatherhead KT22 8QW, U.K., Ph: +44-(0)1372-376-266; Web: <>. See page 52.

03 My Sweet America by Dick Siegel (© 2003 Dick Siegel / Brother Al Music / BMI) 3:50
from Dick Siegel’s album Fighting for King George (Arden) available from him via the Web at
<>. See page 86.

04 Friendship Words: Bidwell; Melody: British Muse, trad arr. Tim Eriksen 2:28
from Tim Eriksen’s album Every Sound Below (Appleseed #1080) available from P.O. Box 2593, West
Chester, PA 19380, Ph: 610-701-5755; Web: <>. See page 98.

05 Going Home Shoes by Sarah Hawker (© Sarah Hawker / ASCAP) 3:10
from The Lonesome Sisters’ album Going Home Shoes (Tin Halo #0404) available from P.O. Box 88,
Pittsford, NY 14534; Web: <>. See page 81.

06 Soul of a Man Traditional, arr. Ollabelle (© 2004 Moaner Jones Music / BMI) 3:59
from Ollabelle’s eponymous debut album (DMZ / Columbia #90572) available from Sony Music, 550
Madison Ave. / LEG17, New York, NY 10022, Ph: 212-833-8000; Web: <>.
See page 39.

07 O Brother, Where Art Thou? by Chris Thomas King
(© 2001Young Blues Rebel Music / BMI) 2:54
from Chris Thomas King’s album The Roots: The Soul of Chris Thomas King (21st Century Blues #2107)
available from P.O. Box 51286, New Orleans, LA 70151, Ph: 504-269-0328;
Web: <>. See page 68.

08 Break the Bread by Stephan Smith (© Stephan Smith) 3:36
from Stephan Smith’s album Slash and Burn (Universal Hobo / Artemis #222) available from 130 Fifth
Ave., New York, NY 10011; Web: <> or <>. See page 78.

09 Saints and Sinners by David Francey (© 1999 Laker Music / SOCAN) 2:47
from David Francey’s album Torn Screen Door (Laker #1001) available from Box 539, Ayer’s Cliff, PQ J0B
1C0, Canada, Ph: 613-278-0774; Web: <>. See page 74.

10 Just to See You Stand That Way by Eric von Schmidt (© Minglewood Music) 3:03
from Eric von Schmidt’s album Baby, Let Me Lay it on You (Gazell #2013) available from P.O. Box 382,
Storrs, CT 06250, Ph: 860-429-1062. See page 60.

11 Noe’s Dove by Joel Mabus (© 2004 Joel Mabus / Fingerboard Music / BMI) 3:02
from Joel Mabus’s album Golden Willow Tree (Fossil #1504) available from P.O. Box 306, Portage, MI
49081, Ph: 269-321-6160; Web: <>. See page 19.

12 Ó Gente Da Minha Terra by Amalia Rodriguez / Tiago Machado
(© World Connection BV; admin. by SBMC, Inc.) 4:00
from Mariza’s album Fado Em Mim (Times Square #9026) available from 555 8th Ave., Suite 1803, New
York, NY 10018, Ph: 212-757-1616; Web: <>. See page 30.

13 The Sea and the Sky by Jonathan Byrd (© 2003 Jonathan Byrd / BMI) 5:12
from Jonathan Byrd and Dromedary’s album The Sea and the Sky available from Waterbug, 2028 SE 44th
Ave., Portland, OR 97215, Ph: 800 466 0234; Web: <>. See page 24.

14 Sadie’s Song by Adrienne Young and Mark D. Sanders
(© 2002 AddieBelle Music / Blue Clear Songs / ASCAP & BMI) 3:59
from Adrienne Young and Little Sadie’s album Plow to the End of the Row available from AddieBelle,
P.O. Box 121426, Nashville, TN 37212; Web: <>. See page 104.

15 Dangerous Times by Chuck Brodsky (© Chuck Brodsky / BMI) 4:46
from Chuck Brodsky’s album Color Came One Day ( #030) available from Chuck at
P.O. Box 16009, Asheville, NC 28816, Ph: 828-683-9431; Web: <>. See page 88.

16 Make a Change Traditional, arranged by Sparky and Rhonda Rucker 4:53
from Sparky and Rhonda Rucker’s album Midnight Memories (Tremont #006) available from P.O. Box 5543,
Maryville, TX 37802, Ph: 865-977-1994; Web: <>. See page 73.

17 Dick Justice by Rick Fielding (© Rick Fielding) 1:53
from Rick Fielding’s album Acoustic Workshop (Borealis #158) available from 225 Sterling Road, Unit 19,
Toronto, ON M6R 2B2, Canada, Ph: 877-530-4288; Web: <>. See page 93.

18 Siesta Set arr. Dervish (© 2003 Dervish / Whirling Discs) 4:35
from Dervish’s album Spirit (Compass #4376) available from 916 19th Ave. South, Nashville, TN 37212, Ph:
800-757-2277; Web: <>. See page 46.

19 A Pilgrim’s Way Lyrics: Rudyard Kipling; Melody: Peter Bellamy (© FellSongs) 5:36
from John Roberts and Tony Barrand’s album Twiddlum Twaddlum (Golden Hind #107) available from P.O.
Box 1792, Schenectady, NY 12301, Ph: 518-370-4166; Web: <>. See page 100.

20 Here’s a Health to All True Lovers Traditional arr. Lisa Moscatiello and Rosie Shipley
(© Lisa Moscatiello and Rosie Shipley) 3:56
from Lisa Moscatiello and Rosie Shipley’s album Well Kept Secrets (Shipwhistle #1002) available from 117
East 25th Street, Baltimore, MD 21218, Ph: 410-235-7490; Web: <>. See page 94.

21 Nancy Traditional 3:05
recorded by Joe MacLean on the compilation album The Art of Traditional Fiddle (Rounder #11592) available
from One Camp St., Cambridge, MA 02140, Ph: 800-768-6337; Web: <>. See page

The final half hour of Folk Plus was run in the studio live by Jonathon Mernit. He highlithed performers from today's DAY TO BE GAY festival in Callicoon, and honored John Stewarts 63rd birthday.

22. Nedra Johnson - Testify(Funky Acoustic) from Testify on Goldenrod Records

23. K.J.Denhert - How Many Ways from Girl Like Me...UrbanFolk &amp; Jazz on Mother
Cyclone Records 2003

24. Vicki Genfan - Don't Give Up from Outside The Box 2000

25. Colleen Geraghty from Deep Ravines 2004
Hymn for Mathew Beyond The Moon">

26. John Stewart from California Bloodlines 1969
California Bloodlines">