The Flowing Waters of Lake Jefferson

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Hey everybody. Angela Page has asked me to fill in while she recovers from
being sick this week and next week at wjff in Jeffersonville New York. I
produce thee shows from my living room studio. Thanks Angela and get well
soon! Oh, you can listen live Saturday 11AM--1PM

Jay Ungar & Molly Mason
Bound For Another Harvest Home
Harvest Home    Angel

Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen
When The First Leaves Fall
A Sense Of Place    Compass Rose

Mustards Retreat
Down To the River
A Resolution of Something    Mustards Retreat
Talk Break

James Keelaghan
Jenny Bryce
Timelines   TMCD

James Keelaghan
My Skies
My Skies   Green Linnet

James Keelaghan
Cold Missouri Waters
A Recent Future   Green Linnet

Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer
The Mountain
Tanglewood Tree   Signature Sounds

The Flatlanders
Now Is Now Again
Now Again   New West

Chris Smither
Let It Go
Train Home   Hightone

Laurie McClain
My Heaven
The Child Behind My Eyes    Kindered Voices

Lou & Peter Berryman
After Life Goes By
The Pink One   Cornbelt

Buddy Green
Working On A Building
Rufus   Rufus Music

The Bill Hilly Band
Andre de Sapato Novo
All Day Every Day   Borealis


Jonathyn Byrd
The Ballad Of Larry
The Waitress

Natalie Merchant
Down On Penny?s Farm
The House Carpenter?s Daughter  Myth America

Greg Brown
Who Woulda Thunk It
If I Had Known    Red House

James Keelaghan
Kiri?s Piano
My Skies   Green Linnet

James Keelaghan
Follow Me Up To Carlow/Morrison?s Jig
Timelines   TMCD

James Keelaghan
Love, What A Road
Road   Hightone

Anne Hills & Cindy Mangsen
Oh My Little Darlin?
Never Grow Old    Flying Fish

Jack Williams
Outlaw?s Dream
Live & In Good Company    Wind River

Mary McCaslin
The Bramble and the Rose
Things We Said Today    Philo

Small Potatoes
1000 Candles, 1000 Cranes
Waltz Of the Wallflowers   Wind River

Pete Seeger
My Rainbow Race
Pete    Living Music

Tom Dundee
A Delicate Balance
Lyfe Tyme A Rhyme   Flyer

Peter Ostroushko
Topanga Canyon Strut
Coming Down From Red Lodge   Red House

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