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Saturday November 20 2004: Winter 2005 Sing Out! Highlights

Still suffering from chemical sensitivites, I brought my air filter and fan and returned to the airwaves today. It helped to have no one in the station; no fragrance, no dryer sheets, which burn my lungs unceasinly. In public and poor indoor air I need a respirator still.  This week the courts ruled that the fungi growing from continued leaking in the school caused my illnesses. The library is still leaking and believe it or not - the 13000 books are all still there, as is the particle board shelving, bolted back into place after the leaking.

Great calls of support and welcoming me back. Thanks to Ron Olesko, Rich Warren and Matt Watroba for taping replacement shows as I healed.

El McMeen - Bring a Torch 233
Soul of Christmas Guitar - Piney Ridge
Sing Out says: "songerful guitar playing"

Anais Mitchell - Before The Eyes of Storytelling Girls 307
Hymns for the Exiled -
Sing Out says not another ani imitator, she "breaks free of her genre"

Pierce Pettis - Black Boy Sheep 337
Great Big World - Compass
Sing Out says" "Black Sheep Boy' tells about Pierce's attention deficit son. It's written with sincerest love coupled with intimate knowledge of ADD from Pirece's own bout with it"

Maggie and Suzzy Roche- Who Cares 217
Why the Long Face - Red House
Sing Out Says "Who cares, by suzzy hits like a hammer. It speaks of the chaos and pain in the world with ambivalence and the last three lines are a little masterpiece"

Bill Staines - (McCaslin) Prairie In the Sky 406
Journey Home - Red House records
Bill says "..looking back it seems that I have had many homes. With Journey Home, my 25th recording I wanted to put together a collection of songs that would, in a way, take me back to some of those homes."
Sing Out says: "Bill has always been a new Englander fascinated with the West"

Emma's Revolution - We are One 453
One - Big W Productions
Pat and Sandy say: "Nuclear weapons are a threat to everyone, but disarmament begins at home"
Sing Out says, Pat: "is one of the few, who not only raises her voice in protest, but does it poetically with passion"  "..a baker's dozen of topical songs"

Matt Watrobna - (Guthrie) Oklahoma Hills 346
Jukebox Folk- Ledgewood Records
Sing Out says: "..pays tribute to the old country songs that played from car radios and bars during his youth"

Eric Anderson - The Street was Always There 323
 The Street was Always There - Appleseed
Sing Out says: "If anyone qualifies to do a classy retrospective of songs from the great Greenwhich Village songwriters of the 1960s and 1970, Eridc Andersen must be at the top of the list."
Eric Says: "There were all kinds that didn't fit into the suburban master plan and they were coming out of the woodwork"

Donovan - Beat Cafe 413
Beat cafe - Appleseed
Sing Out says "How much you dig it depends on how fuly you buy into the beatnik bag. Me, I dig it to pieces."
Donovan says" "Bohemians and beats challenge hypocrisy and greed. they represent an attitude of dissent, focusing a bright light on the absurdities of society."

Kiernan Kane & Kevin Welch (with Fats Kaplan )312
Title cut off You Can't Save Everybody - Compass
Sing Out says: "an allegorical look at the despair of people, or towns that have just given up"
..and saying of both men, on the "left side of nashville"....."as good an album as either has ever made"

Richard Shindell - Hazel's House 319
Vuelta - Koch
Sing Out says "Mostly recorded in Buenas aires"

Jones family - Wild Goose 328
from earth to Heaven - Shambling gate
Sing Out says: "great harmonies abound"

Ray Bonneville - Tip Toe Spider 330
Roll It Down - Red House
Sing Out says: "weathered voice, percussive guitar playing, amplified fooboard and hook-rich songs"

Greg Brown - I Want My Country Back 3:20
In the Hills of California - Red House

Trout Fishing In America - My Birthday Comes on Christmas 213
Merry Fishes to All - Trout Records
"funny ...enjoyable

Now to selections from the compelation in each magazine

 Steve Earle  Rich Man's War
The Revolution Starts ... Now   E-Squared       3:26

 Kate McDonnell       Mercy
Where the Mangoes Are  - Appleseed      4:14

 Niamh Parsons        Lakes of Coolfin
In My Prime   -  Green Linnet    3:56

 David Llewellyn      Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn
David Llewellyn  - DabHand 2:34
"reworked and added English lyrics to the traditional Wesh song...a tragic tale of lost love"

 John Langstaff       The Brisk
Young Widow  - Nottamun Town   Revels 1:34

 Pegleg Ferret        Just One Spark
Not Fooling Anyone -     Harbourtown     1:44

 Bob Bennett My Heart Across the Ocean
Previously unreleased Bob Bennett, Bright Avenue Songs,
P.O. Box 1578, Cypress, CA 90630-6578.        3:39

 Rounds Galore & More Singers        Amazing Grace: The Round
Previously unreleased   Weber, Sol      3:24

 Eliza Gilkyson      Ballad of Yvonne Johnson
Land of Milk and Honey -  Red House       6:42

 Terri Hendrix       Judgement Day
The Art of Removing Wallpaper  - Wilory  2:49

 Alvin Youngblood Hart       Nelly Was a Lady
Beautiful Dreamer:The Songs of Stephen Foster - American Roots  3:15

 Dave Van Ronk       You've Been a Good Old Wagon
... And the Tin Pan Bended and the Story Ended ...    Smithsonian/Folkways    2:04

 Kieran Kane - Better When You Take it Slow
Shadows on the Ground  - Dead Reckoning  3:30

 Richard Goldman     The Good Years
Girls N' Cows   Gadfly  2:17

 Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion - There'll Be No Church
Tonight  - Entirely Live   Rte. 8  4:55

The Mammals - Father William
Rock That Babe  - Signature Sounds 3:19

Tim Flannery - Road into Town
Kentucky Towns - PSB
Sing Out says: light bluegrass  "for the spiritual and enviromnenatlsts soul"