The Flowing Waters of Lake Jefferson

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Last week I aried cuts from the 25 cds (20 cuts each) that were prepared for the NERFA  showcase judging board. So that was roughly listening to 500 cuts from which to chose 30 performers to be highlighted. One Folk Plus show barely gets in 30 cuts.

In a large exhibition room, I collected other cds. Some of these newly aquired CDs make up today's show.

Tret Fure - Noel Evans 420
My Shoes -

Joe Crookston - Don't Bring Me Flowers 214
Down The Rain -

Raison D'Etre -  Batten Down the Hatches 413
Queen Anne's Lace -

We're About Nine - Love Songs 237
Live Wherever You Are -

Andy & Denise - (Carter) Tanglewood Tree336
Covers -

Work o' the Weavers - Intro . 58 /Buttermilk Hill  235
Live in Concert -
The weavers were blacklisted in the 50's.

Intro to Reuinon / Darling Corey2.00

Work of the Weavers will appear on Dec. 19th 2004, 4pm: Orangetown Jewish Center, 8 Independence Avenue, Orangeburg, NY   call (845) 352-6385 or (845) 365-1920). Advance -$18 ; at the door, $20. Refreshments. Accessible to the handicapped.

Scott Ainslie - Don't Obey 543
The Feral Crow - Cattail

"Behold the dreamer com,eth, lets us slay hm and see what becomes of his drams.." Genesis 37:19
"The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed" - Steven Biko
"More hideous crimes have been committed in the name of obecience than hoave ever been committed in the name of rebellion." - CP Snow

Michael Bowers - Reluctant Believer 300
Reluctant Believer - Tatoo Angel

Carol Ponder & John Knowles - I'll Be Seeing You (Fain/Kahal) 1:49
Going Acrross the Mountain: Songs of War and separation -

Carol Ponder & John Knowles - Medly: 506
Going Acrross the Mountain: Songs of War and separation -

Pat Wictor - Don't Dig My Grave Too Deep 500
Waiting for the Water - Risky Disc Records

Pat will be part of the TRIBES HILL SLEEPY HOLLOW SOLSTICE, Saturday, December 11,  7:30 PM at Walkabout Clearwater Coffeehouse  at the Harvey School Auditorium, 260 Jay Street (Rt.22) in Katonah, New Yorkan interfaith holiday celebration in song by regional artists James Durst / David Goldman / Pat Wictor / Matt Turk/Cadence Carroll / Todd Giudice / Mark Murphy / Susan Kane / Iris Cohen/Lara Herscovitch / Steve Kirkman / Katherine Pritchard   hosted by Historic Hudson Valley's Legend of Sleepy Hollow storyteller, Jonathan Kruk

Nancy Walker - Bury Me Beneath The Willow 340
Femal Songwriters You Wanna Hear

The promo for Folk Plus that plays during the week, is David Francey's Border Line and the opening guitar licks are by this man, Dave Clarke. Now for his own release:
Dave Clarke - Flow Like A River 349
Guitar Songs -

Matapat - La Turlette Du Mal Cornue/ Evil's Horn Mouth-Reel 343
matapat 21/2 Nysuqye tradutuibbekke dy qyebec

Eric Schwartz (shit watch) - Corontation of President Schwartz  226
Pleading the First: Songs my Mother Hates - Claritone Music

David LaMotte - Just Like Me 400
Spin -

Patricia Shih - Mother-In-Law-Lament 309
Leap of Faith - Flyish Fish

Joe Jencks - The Wonder dep Within 401
Wonder Deep Within - Turtle Bear Music

Jim Bizer - Too Much of a Good Thing 358
Connected - Brozone Records

Amy Carol Webb - I Come From Women 5:30
Songweaver -

Hunter Moore - If I Didn't Love You 238
Sout of St. Louis - Wind River (dedicated to John)

Jay Mankita - Shadow 426
Morning Face -

Hot Soup - What Happened to Fred?317
To Go -

Bill Isles - Take it As It Comes  308
The Calling -

Rob Ritchie - Walkin' The Neighbour's Dog 509
Five o'Clock Shadow - Mind's Eye Music

Lowen & Navarro - If I Was (sic) the Rain 334
All The Time In the World -

Robert Bobby - Xmas Puppies 210

Martha Gallagher - Il est ne 251
Music for the Christmas Season - Singing Strings

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