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Part one: Winter and December Celebrations

Our community lost three people : Gladys, Charlie and Shawn recently. Many gathered to celebrate the energy and memories of these special people. The first song on todays theme of winter and December Holidays is dedicated to those who have suffered loss and find the grace to go on.

Herdman, Hills and Mangsen - (Gala) Witch Hazel 245
Voices of Winter -  Gadfly

Eileen McGann - Turn it Around 609
Turn It Around - DragonWing Music

Magpie - (Leonino/Artzner) - Chanukah Chase 213
Last Month of the Year: Celebrationoft the Solstice -

Shelley Posen - My Mother's Latkes 209
Manna -

Hugh Blumenfeld - This Mountain 344
Mozart's Money - 1 800 Prime CD

Chuck Brodsky - For Christmas I got Nothing 300
Radio - Red House

Trail Band - Nutcracker Medley 429
Making Spirits Bright -

John D. Huston reading Charles Dickens - 216
A Christmas Entertainment - Fallen Angle Music
The Two Children - Ignorance and want ..."Spirit are they yours? They are mans, and they cling to me...this boy is ignorance, this girl is want, beware them both, but most of all beware of this boy"

Finest Kind - The Holly and the Ivy 300
A Christmas Entertainment - Fallen Angle Music

Lynn Miles - Last Night 321
Winter Love Songs - Rounder

(This CD is Christine Lavin's compilation " On A Winter's Night" with 7 remastered songs plus new artists: Judy Collins, Lynn Miles, Annie Bauerlein & Chip Mergott, Cliff Eberhardt, Kenny White w/ Shawn Colvin, and Dave Van Ronk, to whom this album is dedicated.)

Quartette  - Song For A Winter's Night 406
Beautiful, tribute to Gordon Lightfoot - Borealis

David Francey - Skating Rink 242
Skating Rink -

Christine Lavin w/David Lutken, Gregory Clark, Emily Bindiger   - Snow 208
Runaway Christmas Tree: Favorite holiday songs and bedtime stories - Appleseed

Nancy White - Stroller Ladies 225
Momnipotent:Songs for weary parents -

Lui Collins - Awaiting the Snow 353
Baptism of Fire - molly gamblin

James Keelaghan - Get To You 400
Recent Future - Green Linnet

James Gordon - Frozen in Frobisher Bay 334
Mining For Gold:Twenty years of Song Writing - Borealis

Marie-Lynn Hannomd - Canadian Love 354
Impromptu - Vignettes Media

All She Wrote - Early Morning Fire 406
All She Wrote -

Michael McNevin - I'll make Do 445
Sketch -

Rod MacDonald - I Have no Problem with This 301
Into the Blue - Gadfly

Double Biphone - Sleigh Ride  112
Christmas Bells - For Braodcast only, not for sale
national Museum Van Speelklok Tot Pierement

Kathy Johnson - Let's Keep Christmas in December 321
Home for the Holidays -

Laurie Lewis Tom Rozum - If We Make it Through December  425
Winter's Grace - Signature Sounds

Mae Robertson - Every December Sky 348
December sky - Lyric Partners

Diane Zeigler - December in Vermont 239
December in Vermont-

Juggernut Band - 12 Days of Christmas 448
(5 cow bells....One Rubber chicken hanging)
Demo -

Trout Fishing in America - My First Christmas 219
Merry Fishes - Trout Music

Ed McKeown - Angels We Have Heard on High 244
The Sould of a Christmas Guitar - Piney Ridge Music

David Rovics - Who Would Jesus Bomb? 401
Behind the Barricades: Best of David Rovics - AK Press
David will appear the next day, Saturday December 11 at 9 p.m.,
at New Paltz Community Cultural Center, 60 Main Street in New Paltz.

Steve Schuch & Night Heron Consort - Here we come a Wassaling 212
Putamayo Christmas -

Albert and Gage - Mr and Mrs. Santa Claus 213
One More Christmas - Moon House

Pamela & James Lee Stanley - Flowers for the Living 315
Beahwood Christmas -

Should this music leaves you wanting more, try attending tonight's TRIBES HILL SLEEPY HOLLOW SOLSTICE, an interfaith holiday celebration in song by regional artists James Durst / David Goldman / Pat Wictor / Matt Turk/Cadence Carroll / Todd Giudice / Mark Murphy / Susan Kane / Iris Cohen/Lara Herscovitch / Steve Kirkman / Katherine Pritchard   hosted by Historic Hudson Valley's Legend of Sleepy Hollow storyteller, Jonathan Kruk

Saturday, December 11,  7:30 PM at Walkabout Clearwater Coffeehouse
The Harvey School Auditorium, 260 Jay Street (Rt.22) in Katonah, New York

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