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January 1 2005

Theres been on and off talk on the folk dj list regarding folk music appeal and the young.
I polled a few college students during this vacation to find out what of what they listen to that would fall into a potential Folk Plus show and here are the results. College students polled represented Columbia, Magill, Northeastern, Brooklyn College, Vasser, Duke, NYU,...

1. Jonathan Byrd - Young Slaver 352
Sea and the Sky -

2. Dar Williams - When I was a Boy
Honesty Room - Razor and Tie

3. We're About Nine - Albany
Engine -

4. Lucy Kaplansky - Land of the Living
Red Thread - Red House

5. Jody William Smith - The Grays
Travel - Smithtowne Music

6. Antje Duvekot - Long Way
Little Peppermints -

7. Moxy Fruvous - Michigan Militia
Live Noise - Bottom Line

8. David Francey - Torn Screen Door
Torn Screen Door - Laker Music

9. Billy Joel - Shes got  way
Best of Billy Joel -

10. Nora Jones - Come Away With Me
Come Away With Me -

11. Bob Dylan - Hey Mr. Tamborine Man
Biography -

12. Loreena McKennitt - Dante's Prayer 525
Live in Paris and Toronto - Quinlan Road

13. Sarah McLauchlan - Surfacing

14. Jeremy Kittel - Summer's End / Elly's Autumn
Roaming -
A college student himself, at Michagan State

15. Cosy Sheridan - Too Much Time
Quietly Led -

16. Michael McNevin - Busy Liffe
Postscrypt - complitation from Columbia Univ. coffee house

17. Freddy Bradburn & Chelsea Richardson -Cartoonland
Shning Alone - Kira Records
Chelsea is 13 singing here, about how cartoons don't portray the reality of violence.

18. Warren Brothers - Between the River and Me
Well Deserved Obscurity -
Another story where a kid deals with violence

19. Irina Rivkin - Ya Eyo Lublu (I Love Her)
Upwelling - Rose Street

20. Indigo Girls - Airplane
Airplane -
(harmonies by the Roches)

21. Wailn Jenny's - Saucy sailor
40 Days - Red House
(makes me think of early Roches....)

22. Roches - Factory Girl
Nurds - Warner Brothers

23. DaVinci's Notebook (not together currently) -  The Gates 149
Brontosaurus - Uncle Buford Records

24. DaVinci's Notebook (not together currently) - Fish Sticks 217
Bendy's Law -

25. Buffalo Springfield - For What Its Worth
Best of Buffalo Springfield - Atco

26. Beatles - Ticket to Ride
Help - Columbia

27. Anais Mitchell - Mockingbird
Hymns For the Exiled -

28. Tom Petty - Free Falling
Full Moon Fever -MCA

Simon and Garfunkel  - - Mrs Robinson
Now covered by young band: weezer
I cued this several times and it just was a really worn out LP!!

Also not played but mentioned by college kids:
Janis Ian - Society's Child, Carol king -  So far Away, Gavin DeGraw (Local Kid who got famous)
Tori Amos , Dido - No Angel, Rufus Wainright - Alleluia,  John Mayer, Tegan and Sara,
Jack Johnson , Alanis Marsette , Cheryl Crowe

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