The Flowing Waters of Lake Jefferson
Saturday January 15, 2005
Folk Plus airs Saturdays from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm on WJFF, Jeffersonville, NY
Realizing that this week you might expect the honoring of Martin Luther King, I urge you to check out  or
and order some of the CDs listed on that setlist. Pursing the murders of James Chaney, Andrew Goodman & Michael Schwerner is worth celebrating this MLK day and the subject of the second playlist mentioned.

Songs of anti-violance are not relegated to any particular weekend of the year on Folk Plus.

This week, however, I sure could use some laughter and levity. Many I have spoken to this week could use this too. So today's show is decdicated to laughter. Be warned...that during the two hours you will songs that make fun of teens, aging, yuppies, drugs, reading problems, egotism, kids, parents, americans, asians, parenting, being overwhelmed, musical thievery, forgetfulness....and uh....what else?

Christine Lavin -  The Voice on the Relaxation Tape
One Wild Night -

Cheryl Wheeler - Christine Lavin Could Do It
Big League Babe - Shanachie

Unworthy - Cheryl Wheeler
Sylvia’s Hotel - Philo

Les Barker - Amnesia
The War on Terrier -

Berrymans - Acme Forgetting service
House Concert - Cornbelt Records

Patty Larkin - Me
In the Square - Philo

Modern man - Channel Surfin'
Modern Immaturity - Inverted Turtle Music

Nancy White - I copied It
Stickers on Fruit -

Nancy White - My God My Mom
Stickers on Fruit -

Cathy Fink/Marcy Marxer - Everybody's Doing It
A Parents’ Home Companion - Rounder

Chenille Sisters - Help Im turning into my Parents
Ture to Life - Red House

John Forster - Helium
Helium - Philo

Dierdre Flint - Cheerleader
Shuffleboard Queens -

Carla Ulbrich - What If Your Girlfriend Were Gone
Her Fabulous Debut -

James Gordon - I'se the Politically Correect B'ye
Songs From Basic Black -

Adolescent Rant - Don White
Brown Eyes Shine -
Who had a teen? Look how tired these people are.

Vance Gilbert - Country Western Blues
Laugh Tracks Volume 1 -Shanachie

Camille West - I'm Dyslexic
Divas Day Off -

Da Vinci's Notebook - Secret Asian man
Life and Times of Mik Fanning -

Capital Steps - God Bless My SUV
Between Iraq and a hard Place

Cosy Sheridan - Urban Assault Vehicle
Anthymn - Wind River

Trout Fishing in America - Nobody
Big Trouble - troutmusic
Appearing Friday, January 21st Walton, NY
Music on the Delaware -  Gardner Place (607)865-6829

Nancy Tucker - Everything Reminds Me of my Therapist
Treasures from the Attic -

Andy Breckman - Railroad Bill
Dont Get Killed - Gadfly

Mike Agranoff - (Mcnaughton) Hamlet
The Modern Folk Musician -

Talk to My Lawyer - Chuck Brodsky
Letters in the Dirt - Red House

Tom Paxton & Co. - Yuppies
Laugh Tracks vol 2 - Shanachie

Hot Soup - Dont Know What was the Last thing on my mind
Soup Happens -

The Bobs - When We Start to Sing
Plugged - Rounder

David Roth - Don't Should  on Me
Rising In Live - Folk Era

Carla Ulbrich - What If Your Girlfriend Were Gone
Her Fabulous Debut -

a listener faxed a poem:
Sing with magic strings will an interval of silence
cylce mirror twins of celebration / solitude
turnabout between the everday and specially
All pans in balance, except never too much laughing.

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