The Flowing Waters of Lake Jefferson
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Saturday January 22, 2005

Inaguration week : Pushing Freedom around the world.
Daniel Shorr  pointed out this morning that Bushes speach featured overseas policies rather than home issues.
My comment meant to imply that you have a better chance of having our government pay attention to your cries of liberty and justice for all, if you are not American.

1. Smothers Brothers - Spread of Democracy
Comedy Hour - Mercury
A look back to the Johnson era

2. Jackson Browne -  Lives in the Balance
Lives in the Balance - Asylm
"a government lies to it's people and a country is drifting to war"

3. Kate McDonnell - Mercy
Where the Mangoes Are - Appleseed
"so we hav to kill them all to make their city free"

4. Les Barker - The Civilised World
War on Terrier -
"we're going to liberate these poeple if we have to kill every last one"

5. Arlon Bennett - I am the war
Watch Man -
"It is good that war is so terrible 'lest we grow ond of it" - Robert E. Lee

6. Vance Gilbert - Front Porch Song
Unfamiliar Moon -  Disismye Music
A mother hears of her son's passing from soldiers on her front porch

7. Full Frontal Folk - General Taylor
Sweet Mystery of Life -

8. Eddie From Ohio- This is Me
This Is Me - Virginia Soul Records

9. Lui Collins - Awaiting The Snow
Baptism of Fire - Green Linnet
"the radio keeps me alive"

10. Melissa Javors - You're Like a Lighthouse
Crazy Wisdom -

11. Shelley Posen - Old Songs' Home
Old Songs' Home - Well Done Music

12. Naomi Sommers - Now Hes Gone
Hypnotized - American Melody

13. Sons of the Never Wrong - Girl shanty
Sons of the Never wrong - Waterbug
A look at what I consider really  helping people in another country.
Adopting Chinese baby girls.

14. James Gordon - Friendly Fire
Endomusia - Borealis

15. El McMeen - Tears of a Clown
Celtic to Contemporary -

16. David Wilcox - Eye of the Hurricane
How Did You Find Me Here -

17. Lynn Miles - You Dont' Love Me Anymore
Slightly Haunted - Philo

18. Roches - Troubled Love
Dove -

19. Christine Kane - The Way Clouds Do
Rain and Mud and Wild and Green -

20. Kristina Olsen - I Want That Back
All Over Down Under - take a Break Productions

21. Garnet Rogers - All That Is
All That Is - Red House

22. Debra Cowan - Long Grey Line
Long Grey Line -

23. Clannad - Neansai Mhile Gra
Clannad In Concert - Shanachie

24. Aengus Finnan - Swing Boys Swing
North Wind - Borealis

25. Christine Lavin -Trade Up
I was in Love - Redwing

26. Steve Quelet - Underdog
House of Wax -

27. Robin Greenstien - Know You Rider
Image of Women

28. Will Hoppey - (Kabak) Friends You Love the Most
E Koos Tik - Bag o cats Music

29. Phil Ochs - Cops of the World
Phil Ochs in Concert - Elektra

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