The Flowing Waters of Lake Jefferson

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Maybe it is because I had a birthday yesterday, maybe the state of the nation but today's show focuses on Making A Difference. Some ideas were sent regarding heroes. Then I began thinking about the average person's actions that make a difference. So here are some songs of heroes and some about ordinary people.

Hugh Blumenfeld - Mozart's Money
Mozart's Money - 1 800 Prime CD
"most of my heroes never made a lot of money"

Pat Humphries - Bound For Freedom
Hands - Appleseed
"Not the millionaire but me"

David Roth - A Little Something More
Irreconcilable Similarities - Wind River
A grocery bagger makes a difference to shoppers' days

Chelsea Richardson/ Freddy Bradburn - Almost Followed the Crowd
Shinging Alone - Kira Records
A middle school kid who stands her ground against peer pressure

David Wilcox - East Ashville Hardware
East Ashville Hardware
Consider the differences supporting local family businesses

Darn I left this home, and didnt play it
(Terry Gonda - Not This One
Love Lose Repeat - What Key Music
throwing dying starfish back into the water... singing  "Not this one"

John Flynn - Only One
Dragon -
"you can change  your world with only one"

Tamarack - Till the Stopwatch is Gone
Leaving Invararden - Folk Era
do you work for speed or quality of work
"I curse the code that makes me do poor work and pass it on"

Chuck Brodsky - Miracle in the Hills
Color Came One Day - Waterbug
doctors in an Appalachian town improving the quality of lives

Red Grammer - Teaching Peace
Teaching Peace - Red Note Records
"teaching peace in our work and in our play"

Michaael McNevin - Etch a Sketch
Sketch -
Consider the  difference throwing out your tv would make

Magpie - Goodbye to Old Ohio
John Brown: Sword of Spirit - Sliced Bread
"down to the plantations to liberate the slaves"

Utah Phillips - The Most Dangerous Woman
Fellow Workers - Righteous Babe
Mother Jones

David Rovics - Judi Bari
We Only Want the World -

A bomb had been placed under the driver's seat of Judi's car and went off when she hit the brakes in the middle of an Oakland traffic jam. the FBI and Oakland police charged her with transporting a bomb. A jury clearly found that FBI and OPD defendants framed Judi and Darryl in an effort to crush their activism with Earth First and the Redwood summer Project. "They blew up the wrong end of me," meaning her pelvis and not her mouth.

Anne Feeney -  Have You Been to Jail for Justice?
Have You Been to Jail for Justice? -
let me shake your hand

"The Redwood Summer Justice Project is struggling for justice for all of us who have been targeted for our work in defense of our people and the land.  I urge everyone to support Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney's historic lawsuit and public education campaign that will finally put the FBI on trial."
--  Leonard Peltier, Leavenworth Prison

Rebel Voices - (Lippman) If You Can See Me
Piece of the Wall -
"my soul is not for sale"three imprisoned dissenters
Sundiata Acoli, Leonard Peltier, Geonimo Jipaga

Chuck Pyle - Here Comes the Water
Step By Step - 800 311 1839 Bee 'n Flower Music
 July '76, Trooper Kenneth Purdy rides down a canyon saving many lives
before beign unable to outride the flood waters.

Kate Cambell - Crazy in Alabama
Visions of Plenty - Compass
"the train of change was coming fast"

Pete Seeger on MLK and non-violence
Volume 3 - Appleseed...
violence only destroys the hater, not the hate

Don Henry - Beautiful Fool (for MLK)
Wild in the Backyard - Sony Music
"dreams were never meant to come true you beautiful fool"

Kim and Reggie Harris/ Magpie- (Seeger) Those three are on my mind
Spoken in Love - Long Tail
James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner.

Dick Gaughan - Thomas Muir of Huntershill
Redwood Cathedral - Appleseed
"when you vote in an election..freely voice your thought
don't take these things for granted for dearly were they fought"
fought in the revolutions of America & France and the Scottish weaver revolt

Phil Ochs - Lou Marsh
All the News That's Fit to Sing - (Elektra, reissued on Hannibal)
"One man is no army when the city turns its back"

Ani DiFranco (Seeger) My Name is Lisa Kalveledge
Where Have All The Flowers Gone - Appleseed
about her action to block a napalm loading dock during the Vietnam war.
Seeger's lyrics come from her statement made in court after at her trial.

Melissa Javors - My Briedf History of Time
Crazy Wisdom - Chromerecords
For Stephen Hawking
making a difference despite physical challenges

John Gorka - Soldier After all
Old Futures Gone - Red House
"Maybe I wont make much of a difference"l

Rod MacDonald - Every Living Thing
No Commercial Traffic -
thinking "there ought to be a way"

Kate Wolf - Give Yourself To Love
Wind Blows Wild- Kaleioscope
There is no underestimating the difference love can make

Greg Trafidlo - Whatcha Gonna Leave? (When You Leave)
Old Dog New Tracks - Kira Records
"What you gonna give to others?"

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