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Saturday February 5th, 2005
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Today the WJFF film series is showing The Battle of Algeirs , involving the Algerians' fought for independance from 1954 - 1962. The movie wiill be shown at the Hippodrome in Loch Sheldrake.

In General Massus' book of 1971 he stated "the  french military was obliged to use torture to vanquish terrorism"
In 2001 the retired torturer revealed the crimes and some of the best kept secrets of France.  He said " we could have gotten along with it (torture) very well" adding that many died before revealing anything useful. France banned this film. But you can see it toight at the Hippodrome.

On with other years...

Mike Breen- Past Lives 407
Past Lives - Basilbone Records
A Man believes that perhaps they met in another lifetime, similar likes
"You were the girl from Avignon....france invaded Mexico"

1860 - 1892
Laura Burns & Roger Rosen - (P. Jones) Killkelly Ireland 419
Fast Folk Musical Magazine September '83
Full letters by Patrick mcNamara to John Hunt can be found at:

Tamarack - (James Gordon) Huntsville Fire
Leaving Invararden - Folk Era
April 1894 "e watched from the banks of the muskoka"

Karan Casey - (Rosselson) World Turned Upside Down
Songlines - Shanachie
the diggers, "no man has any right to buy and sell the earth for private gain
...thro' theft and murder you took our land"

Rabbi Arthur Wasco - Democratic National Convention 1964
Let My People Go! - Appleseed 6:10
Remembering Fanny Lou Hamer singing

Darryl Purpose - California
Crooked Line - Tangible
a preseident who saw a new canal, new telephone

While we are on the subject of dates, I want to remember Sean Sochinski, who didnt make it to this his 18th birthday tomorrow, February 6, 2005, but touched many in his 17 years. And cheers to my mom, 81 tomorrow.

Magpie - Old John Brown
John Brown: Sword of the Spirit - Sliced Bread
October 16, 1859 "you can't keep freedom from someone else"

Debbie Diedrich - Auf Wiedersehen/Hamburg
Ninety Miles Out -
a story of three generations

Eric Bogle - And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
By Request - Greentax Recording
" we were butcvhered like lambs at the slaughter"

Terry Gonda - Jean
Love Lose Repeat - What Key Music
A man proposes to Jean and we follow their life until death did they part

1967 - 1997
Casey Neill - Angola
Memory Against Forgetting
Hayes Williams served 35 years for a crime he didnt commit

1941 & 1985
Small Potatoes - 1000 candle, 1000 cranes
Waltz of the Wallflowers - Wind River
"Nakamura..was six when she saw the flash"
a great song for a change of heart and prejudice

Richard Shindell - (Seeger) Waist Deep In The Big Muddy
Vuelta - Koch   "the big fool said to push on"

James Keelaghan - Cold Missouri Waters
Then Again - Jerico Beach Music
"August 'Forty-Nine, west Montana"
inspired by Norman MacLean's book 'Young Men and Fire' about the Mann Gulch fire

Rosalie Sorrels - The Place You Snuck Into
My Last Go Round - Red House
Rosalie talks about her senior year sneaking into places she was not old enough to enter.

Ron Hynes - 1962
Get Back Change -Borealis
"put a quarter in the jukebox...its all gone it won't come back again"

1893 & 1937
Si Kahn - Lady of the Harbor
In My Heat - Philo
"His grandfather fled from Lithuania, with knowledge his companion"

Woody Guthrie - 1913 Massacre
Hard Travellin' - Folkways
80 children die at a miner's christmas ball. Anti- union violence song.

1945 and on
Peggy Seeger - Cavemen
Songs for October
A list of USA bombings since '42 compiled by historian William Blum
and Peggy adds "not one of those cases was democracy established"

1939 and now
Deborah Holland - Kids With Guns
Book of Survival - Gadfly
"Its getting so its hard to tell the good guys from the bad....bombs went down while singing this song"

Michael Jerling - Sweet Soul Music
Little Movies - Appearing: 03/03/05 Gaffney's Starting Gate
04/02/05 Caffe Lena, Saratoga Springs NY
The Lorrain Motel 1965, dancing and music in Chicago, Detroit ...
Then Lorrain Motel in 1968, the skies on fire, as is the country.

Cedric Smith & Terry Jones - Grasshoppers/Back in the 30's
Ten Lost Years -

Rebel Voices - (Sandra Kerr) Dunne's department store
Warning Women at Work -
Cashier Mary Manning won't check out "produce of The Cape" as white addresses black in South Africa

Victoria Parks - Conquistador
Sure Feels Like Home -
Conquering of America

I had just enough time to air the introduction to this song, which is the portion with the date references.
"The average American woman is 5'4 and weighs 144, the average American model was 5' 11 and weighs 117. In 1954 the percentage difference between the average American woman and the average American model was just 4%  .  In 1995 it was 25%"
Cosy Sheridan - Losing Game
One Sure Thing - Waterbug

Loudon Wainwright - Y2K
Social Studies - Rykodisc
"If you wanna blame someone, blame Bill Gates"

Thanks to all well wishers with my curret battle withneurotoxic poisoning and chemical sensitivities
and welcome to new listeners on the web.

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