The Flowing Waters of Lake Jefferson

Saturday February 12,2005
Pledge Drive talk and music

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***The Best of * Car Talk - 1995 Dewey, Cheetham & Howe
Distrubuted by Soundelux Audio Publishing

Airing portions of the cd above, I was able to simulate Click and Clack being in the studio helping pitch for folk.

The dialogue went like this:

"The car talk guys have agreed to stay on for the next hour and help pitch for WJFF......we asked them to and surprised us when they said yes...we were not expecting you guys to say yes of course"

Ckick and Clack:
"(laughing) Oh Im sorry" *

"I'm a little nervous that they will do justice to the folk scene. I know they play clips sometimes of folk songs involving cars, but their back ground itsnt really in folk. Right guys?"

Click & Clack:
"What's worse is we don't even really have a plan for the next hour,  we just have this cardboard box full of our old cassettes that we just brought up form the basement and I guess we are just gonna reach in and play some of them
for you ...." *

"Oh my gosh, well....thanks guys. Could you start with something about the great assets of radio...or maybe could you cue up something that....."

Click & Clack
"Ok what do I do here, just pop it inot the machine?" "There you go." "And I push play?" " No push 'erase' numbscull"  "All right all right, here we go..." *"

    1. Northern Lights - Listen to the Radio
    North East Folk Alliance Showcase Entry

Click & Clack
"Hey how come the tape isnt moving?" "I dont know give me the hammer - (smash!@#$%^) "There it goes"*

"Oh my goodness...  I think I will take it from here - I usually try a theme, and I'm not sure really if you are prepared for that? ."

Click & Clack
"...but we have a whole box of tapes to play still... " *

People in the studio came in to help me take it from there. We  discussed how they know cars but not folk perhaps. My guest host thought that since they were involved with MIT perhaps they knew Noam Chomsky. We thought about car problems he might have. I suggested that perhaps his car would uncontrollably turn to the left, no matter how strongly he would pull otherwise.

The community members and staff who came to help me pitch, agreed to wear nonfragrant clothing, due to my chemical sensitivity disability that kept me off air for several months. The station manager launched a new huge cieling fan which moved the outdoor air around the station. This helped me greatly with being able to remove my respirator with minimal lung burning, due to others in the master control room.  At 34 degree F weather it became cold indoors but the pledges called in warmed our hearts.

Maurice Hinchey (area congressman) came in later on his way to a talk on issues regarding social security.

In honor of djs sticking to the programs we want to air, which we have the freedom to do here at WJFF:

2. Carol Elliott - Rev. Bob Lowenstein
The People I Meet -Heartstrong Records

In honor of our new sports show starting Tuesday evenings at 10:

3. Chuck Brodsky - Bonehead Merkle
The Baseball Ballads -

We talked about the Red House compilation and a couple of callers grabbed it for a  premium. Many of these artists we had contacted for possibly playing our spring concert. Two Ohio natives are now booked for the event.

Promo for our spring folk lineup for May 7th gathering: Crookston and Magpie

4. Joe Crookston - The Good Stuff
Fall Dow as the Rain -

5. Magpie (Terry Leonino and Greg Artzner) - Goodbye to Old Ohio
John Brown - Sliced Bread

6. JohnSmith - All For You
To the Four Directions -

7. Ellis Paul - She Loves a Girl
Translucent Soul- Philo

8. Chelsea Richardson - Never Heard of Hate
Shining Alone - Kira Records

9. Jody William Smith - Everybody's Best Friend
Travel -

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