The Flowing Waters of Lake Jefferson

Saturday February 26, 2005
Canadians eh?

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Currently much of the folk world is in Montreal for the annual winter Folk Alliance.

 This morning as Ballads and Banjos ended at 8am. the temperature outside my window was -7
Celcius that is. That would be 19.4 F.  (

F to C Multiply by 9, Divide by 5, Add 32
C to F first deduct 32, Multiply by 5 then Divide by 9

As of yesterday: Canadian Dollars    1.0000    US 1.2408
10 US bucks will get you $12.41 Canadian
So go and visit! Exchange is in our favor. How far would it be?
In Miles? 480 to Toronto - 320 to Montreal

But they use Kilometers
kilometres  to miles multiply miles by 0.6214
20 miles Liberty to Jeff, or 12.4 kilos

1. Finest Kind - Maple Leaf Forever
Silks and Spices -

2. Travellers - This Land Is Your land
This Land Is Your Land -
"From the arctic circle to the great lake waters...."

3. Tamarack - White Man's World
On the Grand - Folk Era

4. James Keelaghan - Canadian Railroad Trilogy
Beautiful: Tribute to Lightfoot - Borealis
First multi-artist trubut to this amazing Canadian writer with 5 grammy nominations, 17 Juno Awards and inducted into the Canadian Music hall of Fame in 1986.

5. Gordon Lightfoot - Sit Down Young Stranger
If you Could Read My Mind - Reprise

6. Sue Pyper - I Can't Go Back Anymore
Before You Learn To Fly -

7. Ian Tamblyn - Tiger Lily Road
Voice in the Wilderness -
Baie-St-Paul, on the fleuve st laurant (and my brother Ian, is there right now)

8. Stephen Fearing - The Longest Road
Assassin's Apprentice -  True North
"I awoke wrapped in my mother's arms on the docks of Montreal"

9.. Tim Harrison -The Canada Gander's Lament
Grey County -
Achildhood memory about how geese mate for life.

10. Lucie Blue Tremblay - Montreal
Tendresse -
Quand la route me fait aml, je pense a Montreal

11. Ron Hynes - Get Back Change
Get Back Change -
Leaving home in the ooutports bound for Toronto

12. Lynn MIles - Venus Motel
Chalk This One Up -
On Gerogian Bay

13 . Le Vent Du Nord - Cher Amis Buvons
Maudite Maoisson! - borealis

14. James Gordon - Humline Song
Tune Cooties -
James admits that some of these lyrics have been stolen from other songs. (Duh!)

15. Haines & Leighton - Kesh Jig
Optomists Jig -

At the last North East Folk Alliance, held here in Monticello's Kutsher's Resort, the folk community took up a collection to help to ease the pain of coping with the returning cancer of Rachel Bissex; to ease the pain and to show we were thinking of her. She lost that fight last week. Here are her words in a letter she wrote around that time: " I have raised two incredible humans, who are now both adults. No matter how many days I have left on the earth, I will be working on being kind, and being grateful, for all the wonderful years and memories Steve and I and the kids, and you and I have made together.

Look at your own life, and know that your days are  numbered too, you just haven't gotten told about it  so treat each day  and each person as if it's the last time you'll see them, as if they were  the most precious thing.  Please email someone else you know, someone who  needs a friend, someone who may need to hear that you love them. That  will be a gift to me.  Love,  Rachel

16. Don Ross - We Don't Die
Waiting to Arrive -

17. Stan Rogers - Lies
Northwest Passage -

18. Garnet Rogers - The Beauty Game
Summer Lightning - Snow Goose

19. Laura Smith - Four Letter Word
B'tween the Earth and My Soul - http:/
For Will Shorts fans.

20.Eileen McGann - Island Home
Eileen McGann- Dragonwing Music
On Vancouver Island

21. Ennis Sisters - Rocking Chair Jig
Ennis Siters - Juno winners 2002 best new country act

22. Nightsun -  I'll Hold On
One Moment of Grace -
For Stanley Faulder, a Canadian executed in Texas

23. The Laws - I Hear Texas Calling
NERFA submission -
Dreaming of leaving the cold Canadian winter

24. Penny Lang - In the Pines
Gather Honey -
Recorded in 1963 at Budge Hall, downtown YMCA in Montreal

25. Aengus Finnan - (Caddick/Bond) One Hand on the Radio
North Wind - Borealis
With David Rogers and Trevor Mills

26. Nancy White - Shabbas Goy C'est Moi
Stickers on Fruit - Borealis

27. David Francey - Morning Train
Waking Hour - Red House

28. Tanglefoot - Loup Garou
The Music in the wood -

Canadians cover Americans:

29. Eve Goldberg -(McCutcheon) Know When To Move
Ever Brightening Day - Patootie Music

30. Scott Cameron Smith - (Kaplansky) One Good Reason
Easy Street - Skydiver/ Fogarty's Cove Music

Mary Travers of Peter Paul and Mary has been battling Leukemia and was admitted to a New York-based hospital. Mary's spirits are strong,her humor intact, and her determination to beat the cancer undiminished.
Her doctors are investigating the possibility of a bone marrow transplant. If you might be generous enough to consider registering as a potential bone marrow donor, your bone marrow might be a fit for Mary and if not you might be able do a great service for others who similarly need a transplant.

The National Marrow Donor Program offers   the test to determine your blood and bone marrow specifics for free and can be contacted through tel  800-627-7692; an   online form at;

31. Connie Kaldor -  Canoe Song
Wood River -

32. Beth  Furguson - Remember Me
Dance of the Earth -
Written by a Canadian who battled cancer, and wrote this song about walking in Ottawa's streets and keeping her memory alive.

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should look around and see what other course is open to us." -     Rachel Carson

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