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Saturday March 5, 2005

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Newly reviewed contemporary folk from reviews in Sing Out!'s Spring 2005 Issue
Minimal commentary from each review included following contact information.

The cover of Sing Out!'s Spring 2005 issue features what they call "The Return of Generation F"

Crooked Still is a bluegrass and traditiaonl and old-time band mix in high gear.  Reviews of Crooked Still use words like richochet and overdrive for their arrangements of traditional tunes.They play with a songs rhythm and create a comtemporary feel.  They've straddled booking more gigs, and wanting out since 2001, but now have hit an agreement to move on "with music all ages can dig." This is a traditional Appalachian tune learned by Dirk Posell, that the band kicks into overdirve accenting the refrain.

Crooked Still - Lulu Gal
Hop High - Footprint

Let's Play, Musicians! is a tradititional Polish Song from the country's Suwalski region. Usually sung a cappella this song is played while a young bride is leaving her family home. In this version the Lipsk women's choir accompanies the Warsaw Village Band. They were fromed in '97 and won the 2004 best newcomer award in the BBC radio 3 world music awards.

Warsaw Village Band - Lets Play, Musicians!
Uprooting - world Village

Here the Duhks cover a good friend's work. They slide into band members song in Gm, suiting lead singer Jessica's voice. Favoring low tunings Leonard says the bano has a "more plunky, funky sound, and there are also a whole set of tonal and chord possibilities"
The Duhks - (Frechette) Mists of Down Below / Podolak Meghan Hayden's
The Duhk's - Sugar Hill

From the same generational pool came Full Frontal Folk, This energetic foursome grew up as kids running round the summer folk festival scene in tow with their folk-fan-parents.  Sing out says, "From musical families with early exposure to a wide variety of tradiationl music their live performances burst with youthful vigor and more than a hint of sexual energy. The result is a refreshing blend of old music that sounds new and new music that sounds old"

Full Frontal Folk - (Guthrie/Cleaves) This Morning I was Born Again
Sweet Mystery of Life -
"The love of harmony is infectious"

Naomi also had performing parents, Beth Sommers of Old Dog, and Phil Rosenthal of Seldom Scene. A regular at Passims in Boston, she is in her mid twenties.  Many of the cuts on this release have great melody's which stick. Im particularly fond of her delivery, as Sing Out says, "dense descriptive lyrics delivered in a conversational style".  The result though is a feeling that she isn't exuding the - "hey listen Im really good" kinda attitude. So it works, though I'd have prefered a hotter vocal mix for her relaxed layed-back vocal style.

Naomi Sommers - Top of the Hill
Hypnotized -
"dense descriptive lyrics delivered in a conversational style".

Lead singer for Nightsun, Ellen Hamilton, though she could be the mom of most of the preceeding band members, and has three of her own children, has an ever youthful appearance. Many comment "she has kids in college?"

NightSun - Canadian Song
Drive -
"One of the most delightfully versatile folk and roots music bands around

Peter Siegel's - Foolish Questions
The Show -
"I welcome an artist who takes a few chances, Peter does that"
"Space Age Vaudeville"

Michael Troy - Roller Coaster
Romancing the Moon -
"very clever topical political song with Biblical references:

Tracy Grammer - Verdant Mile
The Verdant Mile -
"an outstanding singer, fiddler and mandolin player"

Andrew Calhoun - These are short, I'm playing two:
Sammy (1:40)  and for fun Hoosier in Paris (2:00)
Shadow of a Wing  - Waterbug
"raw emotional experience of the right words"

Jack Hardy- Cain and Abel
Coin of the Realm -
Cain and Abel tackles subjects no less weighty than religion, martyrdom and betrayal. "..double and triple entendres" "If James Joyce returned with an interst in singer-songwriters,Hardy would be his man"

Billy Jonas - This we Know
Get Real - Bang A Bucket
"Engages the audience wtih a wild assortment of rhythm and word play"

Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Intro (.50) & (J.Hurt) Candy Man (1:27)
The Lost Topic Tape: Isle of Wight 1957 - Hightone
"a major influence on the young Bob Dylan"
May 1957

Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Intro (.49)  & Hard Travelin'
The Lost Topic Tape: Cowes Harbour 1957 - Hightone
Elliott was a travellin' buddy of Woody Guthrie

Zoe Lewis - Snow White
Small Is Termendous - Dog Called Dog
"Merges vaudeville, or perhpas more apporpriately, English music hall with singer-songwriter"

Jody William Smith - Just Plain Jane
Travel -
"Smith ventures past waht is already a good song making his stories angagin and unforgettable"

David LaMotte - Water
Spin -
"a smooth voice and interesting guitar style

Lou and Peter Berryman- Why Am I Painting the Living Room
Love is the Weirdest of All -
"an excellent introduction to their antic art"

Kate Campbell (sung with Rodney Crowell) - A Perfect World
Portable Kate Campbell - Compadre
A Rerecording of songs from the 90's with Nanci Griffith, Jonell Mosser, Jeff Black and Kim Richey.

Here, in Jory's words, is the introduction to this cut:
I read an article by a revisionist bible fellow who claimed that Noah, the Lord's choice to build the Ark wasn't as clean cut as we have been taught. He (the theorist) claims that Noah had his faults, in particular that he was a drunk. Imagine then, that the Lord, whilst seeking out someone to build his little boat for the animals didn't only ask Noah, but actually cast a wider net hoping that at least one person would listen to what he had to say and get what he wanted done. So here is a song about one of the many drunken dudes that got the call, built the boat, but in the end all the animals went over to Noah's boat, probably cuz he had high speed internet, or at the very least cable.

Jory Nash - Waiting For Animals To Come
Spaz Loves weezie-
"yearning voice, evocative writing and thoughtfl arrangements"

David Jacobs-Strain - (W. Johnson) Soul of a Man
Ocean or a Teardrop -
"Fleet-fingered blues guitarist" "kora djembe and oud added to the  mix:

Erik Balkey - Give Love, Amen
While the Paint Dries -
"pleasant tenor and solid acoustic guitar playing"

John Wesley Harding- Head Full of Something/Devil in Me
Happened One Nighty and It Never Happened at All - Appleseed
From live and recordings of the 80's.
"forceful guitar and emotional vocals"

Tim Grimm - (Carter) Lula Wells
Names -
Covers from Guthrie, Mellancamp, Prine, Welch, Waits....

Colleen Geraughty - Nikolay
Deep Ravine - Ceilluna
with Bar Scott, Artie Traum, Amy Fraidon, Jay Under, Reggie Harris, Cindy Mangsen....

And for those of you missing Jambalaya's country cajun hour, not aired on the first Saturday of the month, here's Liz Meyer with Bela Fleck and Sam Bush.

Liz Meyer - Keep Your Heart Away From Me
The Storm - Strictly Country Records
a deep rich voice..somewhere between Kathy Mattea and Kate MacKenzie"

Shannon Shannon - Hogs and Heifers
Sharon Shannon & Friends - Compass
"gifted accordionist and fiddler...with guest vocalists..."

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