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Saturday April 2, 2005

Todays' Folk Plus, Rape and Violence Issues in Contemporary Folk
For Jessica Lunsford and all of the millions worldwide who are victims of violent sexual crimes, though we don't know all their names.

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During Folk Plus today 156 women will be raped  in America. Thats just America. Women who are most often raped are between 16 and 24 years of age. Thanks to Geri Gribis site above for many of the ideas and notations used in today's show. To see links for information on organizations helping women around the world see:

The 24 hour rape hotline for our area is 791-9595
A national 24 hr hotline for domestic violence and child abuse is 1 800 799 7233
Safe Passage hotline in our area 292 5700

Jackie Tice,  Once Like You 400
Blue Coyote, Saja Maka Music 1997 Listen Online
A song about child molestation in which a mother, remembering her own lost innocence, as she watches her child.

Erin Benjamin,  Long Hard Fall   525
Erin Benjamin BabyHugh Productions
 Childhood sexual abuse.

Tamarack - Hockey Town 351
Thirteen - Folk Era
No one will blame a sports star and believe a girl over the Hockey Players fame

Lisa McCormick, - Holy Water 402
Right Now Rising Records 1997 (Rock/Pop)
Nor will they blame clergy and believe a child over the cloth.

Joan Baez, Crack in the Mirror (Betty Elders)548
Gone From   Danger, EMD/Angel
A child is sexually abused by a "hired hand" from the time she is a baby. Not only does no one help her...they don't believe her.

Burns Sisters  No More Silence  214
In This World - Philo
"Shout it out, no more silence"

Cosy Sheridan, Bad Cliche 417
Grand Design, Wind River
A victim of her uncle "I have tried to love the sinner- and only hate the sin
But whoever wrote that never got caught - in a dark corner with him."

Devonsquare   Far Side of Love 524
 Bye Bye Route 66
Incest and sexual abuse of the past produce the inability to know true love.

Diane Ziegler -Sting of the Honeybee 332
Sting of the Honeybee, Philo 1995 (Folk)
A reflection on when romance turns to violence

Terri Allard,  La La Rosie Goes
Loose Change and Spare Parts, Reckless Abandon Music 313
     Terri says, " This is a song about a woman who has stayed in an abusive relationship 30 years too long. She  doesn't have the strength to leave this man physically so she checks out mentally."

Bird Sisters  - Am I 423
She and She and She
Another wamn loses it

Peggy Seeger  Emily 643
dd Collection Rounder Records 1996
One of Peggy's "radio ballads" based upon the true story of a woman she met at the Forest Hill Refuge for battered women.

 Kat Eggleston - Fury 256
Second Nature Waterbug 1994
 A man is two men, a dozen roses, and then fists. written for Kat's friend Jill, "who has great courage"

Sarah Mclachlan  Good Enough 501
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy BMG/Arista 1994
A daughter tries to convince her mother that she deserves a better life than one of abuse.

Darcie Deaville  Icy Barrel of a Loaded Gun 258
Tornado In Slo Mo Redwing Music 1999
     This specific song is about Darcie's personal experience of having been molested by her grandfather, and her resolve that "Nobody's ever gonna hurt me now, it's something that I will not allow."The entire CD is a survivor's journey. Read a review.

Kristina Olsen,  Keeping This Life of Mine (Song for Battered Women) 341
Love, Kristina - Philo 1993
Kristina says, "I wrote it about a friend of mine who was in an abusive relationship. She ended up in the hospital     and at that time realized she had to get away from this very abusive man, but she had no self esteem left. She  finally said, "I'm keeping this life of mine" and walked away. I was so impressed with the courage it took her to do that that I wrote this song from her point of view. The nice tag to her story is that she's doing great now."

Sally Fingerette -She Won't Be Walking 444
Ghost Town Girl - Green Fingers Music
This song was inspired by an incident several years back. Governor Celeste of Ohio pardoned several women  who were imprisoned for killing abusive husbands, on the grounds that they suffered from Battered Wife Syndrome when they committed their crimes. The ending of the song in purposely confusing. Sally writes, "I love the debate that incurs....Did she kill him. Did she shoot the gun? Did he shoot her, and she died and flew  away? I won't answer that, I'll let the mystery be!"

Dixie Chicks, Goodbye Earl 420
Fly Sony/Monument 1999

Warren Brothers - Between the River and Me 346
Well Deserved Obscurity -
Another story where a kid deals with violence

Chuck Brodsky,  "Until You Can Forgive 400
Letters in the Dirt Red House 1996
Chuck told me, "The song is written from a man to his partner who was sexually abused as a child. It's compassionate, and the forgiveness I wrote about is the woman forgiving herself, not the perpetrator of the abuse."

Andrew Lorand Eight Short Minutes 422
Location, Loction, Location
Rape is actually committed more like every minute and a bit

Rod MacDonald - When Angel Gets Blue316
Recognition. Wind River 2003 (folk) Listen/Order at Amazon
"It's about what causes someone to become emotionally and physically abuse, and the emotional effects experienced by the other spouse. The song is presented from the viewpoint of a wife who still loves her husband and believes her spouse is underneath it all, a gentle and loving man."

According to the World Health Organization,

Gerri Gribi,  Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here 234
Womansong Collection -
Based on true stories of women who survived both domestic abuse AND the welfare system,
Gerri wrote this for the award-winning documentary "Poverty Shock."

Jody Kessler - Walk Without Fear 408
Leap of Faith, In the Moment Productions
This song was written at the request of a rape crisis center that wanted a song that could be used in their  educational programs with young people. It has an empowering message and dispels some of the myths  surrounding rape and sexual assault. This song is also featured on the MP3 compilation CD "The Best of   Independent American Music", produced by

Susan Werner - Cant Let You In344
Time Between Trains -
She knows he will find her weaknesses, she can't let him in.

Catie Curtis - (The) Wolf 317
Truth From Lies EMB/Capitol
"The wolf" in this song is a mother's abusive, live-in boyfriend.

Cosy Sheridan - Bikini on a Billboard 237
Anthymn - Wind River
Of course adverising has nothing to do with it.
Sex and violence are everywhere, those who promote it should be made to fund healing those who need to control both.

The Wyrd Sisters - (Kim Baryluk) Warrior226
Inside the Dreaming 1994
"I can and will fight, I can and will a warrior be, It is my nature and my duty, It is the sisterhood in me"

Burns Sisters  No More Silence  214
In This World - Philo
"Shout it out, no more silence"

Resurfacing  Purchasing this compilation will benefit the Woman's Shelter of Ottawa Canada.
Dedicated to the women who struggle for freedom and a place to call home. The shelter lost it's funding and musicians are trying to help provide funding to reopen.

Respond - by Various Artists, 1998    Signature Sounds 800 694 5354
Respond is a compilation to benefit Respond Incorporated, a non-profit organization that has provided confidential, free services for battered women and their children in the Boston area since 1974. The compilation was a grassroots effort intiated by Boston-area songwriters and sponsored by WBOS. Many local musicians donated their time, performances and energy to the project, including Catie Curtis and Patty Larkin.

The 24 hour rape hotline for our area is 791-9595
A national 24 hr hotline for domestic violence and child abuse is 1 800 799 7233
Safe Passage hotline in our area 292 5700

Women For Women International

Passages, Inc. - Sexual Violence Fact Sheet
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan

This site includes information on acid burns, dowry deaths, honro killigs, trafficking

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should look around and see what other course is open to us."        Rachel Carson
My battles with MCS brought on by mycotoxin exposure in a wet school library.

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