The Flowing Waters of Lake Jefferson

Saturday April 9, 2005

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Water and Floods. We are HYDRO POWERED radio and
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Last week our movie night was cancelled - That wasn't all that was cancelled.

The creek in the village here, jumped it's banks and a third of main street was submurged. The Delaware peeked at over 4 feet higher than it did last fall for hurricane Ivan. Picnic Tables and Campers were taken down river and placed randomly on banks. The Roscoe Library had two feet high water mark on the outside of the building. The Brisco lake damn is gone, waters rose over the bridge to the livingston manor school. Holdiay mtn ski shop 200,000 damage to the ski shop alone. The rest of the areas go carts, arcade,  snow making machines,etc, totally over 2 million in damages. Damage estimates reach 80 million in our region according to the TImes Herald Record, with Sullivan county at over 19 million estimated currently.

Local firemen have spent a week working with floods not fires. Congressman Hinchey and Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther and Bonasac all have asked Pataki to declare the region a national emergency. SULLIVAN County contains a portion of 4 watersheds: East Branch Delaware, Middle Delaware-Mongaup-Brodhead, Rondout, Upper Delaware.

Todays Folk Plus involves water and floods. I subbed for Maris last Thursday night and ran a "dry run" of this show. So here again, floods and water songs.
Thanks to dj recommendations, especially KDHX's Paul Stamler in St. Louis, Missouri who sent MP3s, and locally to John Bachman, John Webber, John Sincok and Jonathon Mernit for loaning or sending songs.

1.Kallett, Cicone, Epstein - Ready for the Storm (MacLean) 300
Angels in Daring - Overall Music

2 Richard Shindell -  Waiting for the Storm  331
Somewhere Near Paterson - Siganture Sounds

3 James Keelaghan - Red River Rising334
Small Rebellions -

4 Michael & Gloria Bauermeister: - When the Water Goes Down - Mp3

5 Doc Watson - Deep River Blues 250
Doc Watson on Stage - Vanguard

6 James Gordon - She is Fickle 200
Song the River Sings - Pipe Street Records

7 Lui Collins - Step Into the water 500
Stone By Stone - Molly Gamblin Music

8 Johnny Cash's - Five Feet High and Risin 145
Songs of our Soil - Sony reissue

9 Chuck Pyle - Here Comes the Water 418
Step By Step - Bee n Flower

10 Annie Gallup's - The Flood 537
Courage My Flood -

11 Mike Quick - Great Flood 456
Down Bullfrog Road -

12. Michael & Gloria Bauermeister: - Getting it Back -Mp3

13 Cheryl Wheeler - Act of Nature 319
Driving Home - Philo

14 Flatt & Scruggs - Down in the Flood
Changing Times LP

15 We're About Nine (Shindell) - Money for Floods 336
Engine -

16 Waifs - The River 320
Shelter Me - Compass

17 Stanly Brothers - Story of the Flood 313
Stanley Bros and Klinch Mtn Boys 53-59 - Bear Family

18 Eastmountainsouth - Rain Come Down 405
Eastmountainsouth -

19 Tom Rush - Galveston Flood

20 Hugh Blumenfeld - The Raven  354
Big Red - Brambus Records

21 Garnet Rogers  (Bob Franke)  - The Great Storm is Over 245
Speaking Softly in the Dark -

22 Jamie Anderson - Hurricane219
A Promise of Light -

23 Everly Brothers - Crying in the Rain 200
Best of the Everly Brothers - Warner Bros.

24 BJ Thomas - Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head 249
The 60s -Dominion

25Debi Smith  - Water is Wide 450
Cupid -

26 Memphis Minnie and Kansas Joe - When the Levee Breaks 313
Routes of Rock - Yazoo

27 Maia Sharp - Flood 230
Fine Upstanding Citizen - Koch Records

28 Joe Crookston - Fall Down As the Rain 500
Fall Down as the Rain - Milagrito records

Seguing from water to publicizing the WJFF Spring Folk Gathering.
Joe Crookston and Magpie May 7th Callicoon's Western Hotel

29 Joe Crookston - Satisfied (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
Fall Down as the Rain - Milagrito records

30 Magpie - Mary Brown, Abolitionist
Give Light - Sliced Bread

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