The Flowing Waters of Lake Jefferson

Saturday April 23, 2005

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At   you can read about our upcoming folk evening at the Western Hotel in Callicoon New York.
Two weeks from tonight we will be presenting Joe Crookston and Magpie: Greg Artzner and Terry Leonino
Today's Folk Plus focuses on the work of the May 7th performers and songs that remind me of theirs

Opening the show will be Joe Crookston. ---SING OUT! Magazine-- Fall 2004 says....."His melodies are varied and the harmonies perfectly complimentary. With all the performers out there, an artist has to go beyond good...and Joe does. There isn't a weak cut on this recording."

Positive visiting after death:

Joe Crookston - Fall Down as the Rain 500
Fall Down as the Rain - Milagro Records

Dave Carter Tracy Grammer - When I go 414
When I Go - Signature Sounds

Johnsmith - That's My Dad 354
Four Directions -


Joe Crookston - The Good stuff 425
Fall Down as the Rain - Milagro Records

Cheryl Wheeler - Estate Sale 339
Circles and Arrows - Philo

Loving before it's too late:

Joe Crookston - Don't Bring Me Flowers 214
Fall Down as the Rain - Milagro Records

Garnet Rogers - Frankie and Johnny 823
Summer Lightning - Snow Goose Songs

Not defining "it":

Joe Crookston -  The Sylvan Song 421
Fall Down as the Rain - Milagro Records

Rob Siegel - In the Song 400
Voices from the Right Brain -

Flavor of his traditional

Joe Crookston - Little Pink 317
Fall Down as the Rain - Milagro Records

From their cd cover "We started looking back and remembering...our meeting in a bar in Ohio in the spring of '73 when Terry tried to steal my gig by audtioning during my breaks..our first night singing together in Terry's dorm room at KSU that fall, when we fell in love and knew it was for keeps..."

Magpie -  Safe Harbor 645
Give Light - Sliced Bread

Caretakers of the Earth

Blackfeet Cheif  "land is more valuable than your money. It will last forever...As long as the su hsines and the waters flow, this land will be here to give life to men and animals...we cannot sell it because it doesn't belong to us"
Chief Joseph - Nez perce "the earth and myself are of one mind. The meeasure of the land and the measure of our bodies are the same..understnad me fully with reference to y affection for the land. I neve said thae land was mine to do with as I chose. The one who has the right to dispose of it is the one who created it"

Magpie -  We Belong to the Earth 450
Seed on the Prairie - Long Tail Records

Jay Makita - Living Planet 228
Jay Mankita -

Tom Chapin, Judy Collins - (Chapin, Forster) This Living Planet 208
This Living Planet - Sony

Injustice to a people:

Magpie -  Yellow Metal  4
Seed on the Prairie - Long Tail Records

Robin and Linda Williams - Adam Rude 503
Robin and Linda Williams - Flashlight Records

Rachel Carson:

Magpie -  Rachel   358
Seed on the Prairie - Long Tail Records

Emma's Revolution -  Silent Spring  338
One x 1,000,000 = change - Big W

Appreciation and protection of nature:

Magpie -  The Eagle and the Hawk 505
Seed on the Prairie - Long Tail Records

Denver - (Taylor) Eagle and the Hawk 210
Aerie - RCA

Journey through history

Terry and Greg have researched and travelled to understand more about the life and death of John Brown.
On October 16, 1859, he led 21 men on a raid of the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia. His plan to arm slaves with the weapons he and his men seized from the arsenal was thwarted, however, by local farmers, militiamen, and Marines led by Robert E. Lee. Within 36 hours of the attack, most of Brown's men had been killed or captured. Said Henry David Thoreau in an address to the citizens of Concord, Massachusetts. "No man in America has ever stood up so persistently and effectively for the dignity of human nature. . . ." John Brown was hanged on December 2, 1859.

Magpie - Goodbye To Old Ohio 335
John Brown Sword of Truth - Sliced Bread

Joe Crookston - If I Say Yes 245
Fall Down as the Rain - Milagro Records

One of the two men to survive the raid at Harpers Ferry wrote "A Voice From Harper's Ferry" and this song is in his voice.  Dangerfields wife and children were sold to a slave dealer in Louisiana when Dangerfield failed to come and free them. Dangerfield died with the letter from his wife Harriet, begging him to come before their financailly strapped owner would sell them off.

Magpie - Dangerfield 333
John Brown Sword of Truth - Sliced Bread

"Nov. 1 1859 - Dear affectionate husband of mine"
"none could be more blessed than we, who  are an instrument in god's hands"

Magpie - (Eyres) Mary Brown, Abolitionist 354
John Brown Sword of Truth - Sliced Bread

Hanged December 16, 1859, this letter is from Copeland's last letter to his parents "Pray remember this was a holy cause, many men have died better than me. Remember that I died for others freedom. Remember there are many more to suffer"

Magpie -John Copeland 358
John Brown Sword of Truth - Sliced Bread .

Partly truth, part fiction, here are Brown's answers while wounded yet being interegated by Govenor Wise and Senator Mason who asked why he was called Captain.

Magpie -Captain 349
John Brown Sword of Truth - Sliced Bread

Back full circle going out with the rain.
Peter Paul and Mary - (Lightfoot) Early Morning Rain
Background for announcement to write Mary at while she copes with her bone marrow transplant. She loves jokes.

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should look around and see what other course is open to us."        Rachel Carson

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