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Saturday April 30, 2005

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I've been told by some that when they tune in Folk Plus while doing weekend chores,they are afraid to start to vacuum for fear of miising how the next song will handle the theme.  So I am not going to do a theme today, but that these are great tunes adn you should still hold off vacuuming til later. I asked listeners about themes. Some called in to say they keep sewing or quilting or projects for 11am on saturdays.

I was loaned a book this week called the Power of Intention. The theory was that any act of kindness raise serotonin levels higher than any prescription medicine. Not only that, the give and the reciever as well as any onlooker will benefit from this serotonin level rize.

1. Andrew McKnight - Good Things Matter 319
Beyond Borders -
"the final score is more than runs across the plate"
"it all comes back some day"

2. Danu - O Dheara, Sheanduine 327
When all Is said and Done - Shanachie

You will hear about "Phosadh" prounounced "Foe sah" in this song, which  is marrying. This song is about a priest's recommendation that a young girl marry a rich old man, her responce is that she'd prefer to be dead than marry for money - "a couple of Sundays will put you under the sod"  "Is cupla domhnach a chuirfidh fen bhod thu""

3. The Bills - Bamfield's John Vanden 237
Let Em Run -Red House records

4. Anais Mitchell - 1984 255
Hyms for the Exiled - Waterbug

5. All She Wrote - Survivor 318
All she wrote -

6. We're About Nine - Love songs 237
Live wherever You Are -

OK, broke down, made a mini theme:
a couple of songs on decisions:

7. Suzanne Buirgy - Lullaby 521
View From Here - Atune Records.

8.  Billy Jonas - Joy 344
Get real -

9.  Joe Crookston - Mostly 452
Fall Down as the Rain -

10.  Nancy White - Jesus at Tim's 3-
Stickers On Fruit - Borealis
Based on a religious miracle in cape Breton, Nova Scotia

11. Joe Jencks - What Kind of Brother 409
What Kind of brotehr - Turtle Bear Music

2 songs, 2 sides

12. Small Potatoes - Waltz of the Wallflowers 423
Waltz of the Wallflowers -

13. Magpie - Kent 611
Give Light - Sliced Bread

14. J P Jones - Crawlin out of Wakefield 523
Thugs and Lovers -

15. Lori McKenna - Bible Song 348
Bittertown - signature Sounds

16. Michael Troy - The Thief
Romancing the Moon - 4

17.  Lucy Kaplansky - The Thief 346
Flesh and Bone -  Red House

In the words of jesse james

18. David Olney - Robert Ford and Jesse james 347
Illegal Cargo - Strictly Music

19.  Carol McComb - Bad Girl, sad Girl 337
Little Bit of Heaven -

20. Terry Tufts - Marylou in Burgundy 429
Live @ rasputin's - Nutshell Music

21. Peter Paul and Mary - Dont Laugh at Me 306
Dont Laugh at Me - School Program

Should have been in my flood set three weeks ago:

22. Peggy Seeger - Love Call Me Home 4
Love Call me Home - Appleweed

23. Kiernan Kane and Kevin Welch - Just Like That 327
You can't save Everybody - Compass

24. At the Night Eagle tonight:
Sloan Wainwright - Song Inside 332
The Song Inside - Farkie Music

In Cooperstown today and Highland tomorrow night - check his site:
25. Michael McNevin - Jersey Jail 442
Secondhand story -

25. Magpie - Dangerfield
John Brown - Sliced Bread

for information on the Folk Celebration MAY 7 2005
Western Hotel's Harmonie Hall
On the Delaware River - Large Fireplace, High Tin cielings and Guiness on tap

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