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Saturday May 7,2005

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Science Fiction, Science Fact, and celebration of the birthdays of Utah and Pete
and the WJFF May 7th Folk Celebration Tonight

Under the Theme music for Star Wars

"There is the whole genre of "filk" music, which combines science fiction and folk.
What is Filk:
A song specifically written with a science fiction theme, and songs about real happenings in space songs to honor astronauts and missions, or the space program also count.

What is Not Filk: Drug songs are NOT filk songs. The Moody Blues' Floating, the Byrds' Eight Miles High, and Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit are full of space or fantasy references, but these are references for people who need to take drugs to experience spaceflight or flights of fancy. The rest of us read science fiction.

Science Fiction & Fact

1. Suzanne McDermott - Roswell Incident 635
Ephemera -

2. Jody William Smith - The Grays 400
Travel -

3. Trevor Mills - Kid With the Comic Book 3

4. Rod McDonald - Alienns Came in Business Suites  404
White Buffalo - Gadfly

5. Rob Siegel - I Met Myself 524
Voices from teh Right Brain

6. Melissa Javors - My Brief History of Time 420
Craxy Wisdom -

7. Christine Lavin - If We Had no Moon  8
single - inspired by the documentary film of the same name by Martin Ives. -
If We Had No Moon is on the National space society folk-rock compilation album. See

8. Dana Lyons - Expanding Universe 216
At Night They Howl at the Moon -

9. Lisa McCormick - Asteroids 500
Right Now - Rising Records

10. Gordon Lightfoot - Pony Man 327
If You Could Read My Mind - Reprise

11.  Hugh Blumenfeld - Shoot the Moon4
Rocket Science - Prime CD

12. Moxy Fruvous - You will Go to the Moon 212
A New Frontier - Bottom Line Records

13. Elton John - Rocket Man 442
Greatest Hits -0Polydor

14. Lou and Peter Berryman - You Can't Eat Ooba All Night 303
House Concert - Cornbelt Records

15. Ellis Paul - Angel in Manhattan 637
Traslucent Soul - Philo

Ellis played a while back for a spring WJFF concert with Susan Werner. Tonight is the 2005 Spring concert with Magpie and Joe Crookston. Also this month is the WJFF auction.

16. Joe Crookston - Good Stuff is going fast
Fall Down as the Rain - Milagro records

17.  Magpie - Cry Carolina
Songs of Dissent Live

Birthdays: Utah Phillips Birthday Born May 11th - He will be 70

18. Utah Phillips - Daddy What's a Train?
Welcome to Cafe Lena - Biography (72)

Pete Seeger was born 5/3/1919 now 86

Pete put a tune to Woody Guthries work on sacco and vanzetti.

19. Magpie - Sacco's Letter to his Son
Seeds: Songs of Pete Segger, Vol 3 - Appleseed

Pete Seeger: from

20. Pete Seeger - Oh Sacred World
Seeds: Songs of Pete Segger, Vol 3 - Appleseed

21. Pete Seeger and Ani DiFranco and Steve Earle and Billy Bragg - Bring them Home (If you love your unlce sam)  Seeds: Songs of Pete Segger, Vol 3 - Appleseed

22. Utah Phillips - Job Action 335
The Moscow Hold and Other Stories - Red House

23. Magpie - (Humphries) Swimming to the Other Side
Seed on the Prarie - Long Tail Records

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