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Saturday May 29, 2005

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Before I begin the compilation of songs for today's theme, I want to play two songs I've been playing over and over all week. I'm playing this for those listening who are currently feeling broken, or temporarily stuck and are waiting for an answer to come.

1. Cosy Sheridan - Broken Space 355
Saturns Return - Waterbug
"I'm going a little numb"

2. Eileen Weiss - Answer to Come 354
Obliviously - Gadfly
"Waiting for an answer to come"

Today's show will highlight the CDs reviewed in the Summer 2005 Sing Out! Folk Music Magazine. I will only be playing what I own. Following the Artist, Cut, CD and label are some comments from the Sing Out reviewer in quotes.

3. Kim and Reggie Harris & Jonathan Kligler -
B'Chol Dor Va'Dor (In Every Generation / I'm On My way 411
Let My People Go! - Appleseed

"Songs from both Jewish and African american traditions, and the common values of freedoma dn equality are celebrated."

4.  Magpie - Too Political 240
Raise Your Voice - Sliced Bread

"Artzner and Leonino sing easily together withthe love of the music and each other that has only grown over the years.  They keep their political edge with their responce to those who refuse to book them because of their activism 'Too Political' and follow this with the Phil Ochs/Bob Givson compostion 'One More Parade'

5. Carol Ponder and John Knowles - Dont Sit Under the Apple Tree/ When Johnny Comes Marching Home/ Freedom Bird/ Dear Little Boy of Mine 506
Going Across the Mountain: Songs of War and Separation - TrueSongs

"In the opening medly we visit WWII, Vietman, the American Civil War and back again to World war II, like an overture preparing you for a theatrical journey. Starting with the hit "Dont sit under the Apple Tree" they turn on the work march to slip into a beautiful instrumenal of Jonnn comes marching home. Dearl litte boy of mine sung my bponders father in her oyou emotionally closes the medley."

6. Kate McDonnell - Mercy 415
Where the Mangoes Are - Appleseed

"One of the best political songs to come out of the current state of the world and ithe presidency fo Geoge W. Bush. Mercy should be heard by every american as it packs a poetically powerful punch for peace"

7. Kate McDonnell - Railroad Bill  222
Where the Mangoes Are - Appleseed

"She has a lot of fun with the more or less traditional railroad Bill with the late Mindy Jostyn adding a playful harmonica"

8. Les Barker - Sex is Better Than Poetry 547
The War on Terrier - Mrs. Ackroyd

"A poetic onslaught of humor and thought by Mancurnian (person from Manchester, England) Les Barker.... controls our laughter by perfectly times silences and pucntiaion often waiting for (baiting) the audience to finish before he does"

9. Les Barker - The Civilised World 325
The War on Terrier - Mrs. Ackroyd

"There is little that is funny by the last track 'Civilised World.' This stinging sarcastic affront on Bush asks 'How goes the war on terror George?' He points to ignoring the U.N and attacking the wrong enemy."

10. Enoch Kent - Testimony of Patience Kershaw 338
For The Woman - Second Ave

"..puts into verse the 1842 testimony to a British government commission of a 17 year old girl working long hours in a coal mine"

11. Enoch Kent - Standing Alone 311
For The Woman - Second Ave

"A compelling collection of songs centering on women's lives.....Kent's own 'Standing Alone' a deeply felt love song written late in life to a life long love."

12. Rob Siegel - Social Intercourse 205
Voices From The Right Brain - Rurl Electrification

He claims he wants nothing but social intercourse with a woman to whom hes attracted.

13. Rob Siegel - Look at all the Funny People 407
Voices From The Right Brain - Rurl Electrification

"Siegel's songs are clever and obviously labored upon....he is uniquely entertaining and thoughtful"

14. Tom Russell - Old America 402
Hotwalker - HighTone

Tom Russell has established a reputation for taking chances, and hotwaker represents his boldest leap. This is no ordinary CD not even for Tom needs to be heard in tis entirity to make sense" "Hotwalker is a poletarian opear, theatre of the absurd a modern day take on the classic radio ballads oce done by ewan macDoll and a homage to dave van ERok, Charles Bukowski, woody Guthrie and Edward Abbey"
" you have to laud Russell for aiming at art rather than just another dozen-song CD"

15. Tom Russell - Hot Walker 408
Hotwalker - HighTone

"a retired circus midget, who provides much of the crude narration "
"Piece of History" says Ramblin' Jack Elliott

16. Vance Gilbert - The Front Porch Song 423
Unfamiliar Moon - Disismye Music

The Front Porch stands out as a career-defining achievement.

17  Vance Gilbert - Unfamiliar Moon 345
Unfamiliar Moon - Disismye Music

"Gilbert has a voice with remarkable power and range"

18. Julie Gold - When He walks with me 348
Girl I Found - Gadfly

"When He walks with Me' is suitable for religious services and easily destined for anthem status."

19. Julie Gold -  Home 358
Girl I Found - Gadfly

On Home "Though the comfort of childhood blankets and mother's embraces are metniond, no doubt this is Gold's affirmation of finding what you love and going for it"

20. Chelsea Richardson & Freddy Bradburn - Grace 428
Shining Alone - Kira

A collection of childhood situations...."Lyrics are well crafted and with Chelsea's vocals allow the scenes to come to life almost toucghable. Chelsea delivers this effect easily because she was barely a teenager when this was recorded. Theres soemthing riveting about a kids view sung by a kid. No quality is lost becasue of her youth, in fact, she is stunningly engaging."

21. JP Jones - Nothing Like
Thugs and Lovers - Vision Company

"JP's blues-based guitar work and craggy vocals shine in gritty reality with direct lyrics that often read like good peotry... a guitar playing Tom Waits with more blues "

22.  Debi Smith - Nothin' 224
Cupid - Degen

"Love from various perspectives in a pleasing pop folk setting."
Should have listened to this for my "nothing theme" two weeks ago!

23.David Francey - Tonight in My Dreams 211
The Waking Hour - Red House

 "Francey trades "long time guitar accompanist Dave Clarke for the hot trio of Kevin Welch, Kieran Kane and Fats Kaplan. "Francey includes a pair of love songs for his wife, most enjoyably the perky 'Tonight in My Dreams"

24. Jimmy LaFave - Revival 423
Blue Nighfall - Red House

"A Jimmy LaFave album is always a very emotional piece of work due both to his passionate singing and his songs, which are in turns wistful and incisive. Blue Nightfall , his debut for red House, is a worthy addition to this tradition."

25. Solas - The Coconut Dog / Morning Dew  350
Waiting for an Eco - Shanachie

"Of course, one expects frist-rate musicanship adn solas delivers. Seamus Egan provides jaw-dropping guitar and bouzouki work on 'The Coconut Dog"

26. Grada - Cathain 216
Endeavour - Compass

About Anne Marie O'Malley..."to say her vocals dance hardly does justice to the way hre tones and cadences, dip, glide and soar. her cover of the tongue twisitng cahtain and her ability to match Doherty note for note and slide for slide is a thing at which to marvel."

27. Karan Casey - When Will We All Be Free 322
Chasing the Sun - Shanachie

Casey's repertoire is no longer stricly Celtic; seven of this album's 13 tracks are penned by Casey .." "there are few singers who so captivate as to make two a capplella songs the album's highlights"

28. Two of a Kind - When I Say Stop 238
So Many ways to be Smart - Magilacutty

Kids and family music. David and Jenny Heitler-Klevens..."are helping raise thinking citizens concerned with speaking up for freedoms, rights and fairness."

29. Cantrells - Falling Forever
Heart Wants what it Wants - Sombrero

"Close to bluegrass but a tad less abandoned...sweet listening"

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