The Flowing Waters of Lake Jefferson

Saturday June 18, 2005

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I have buckets where I assemble theme ideas.
I have shoe boxes where I have newly aquired, yet to be played, cds

Here is a show from the "newly aquired" shoeboxes

Girlyman - On the Air 310
Girlyman: Little Star -

Ian Robb - (Tawney) Oggie Man 402
Jiig- Fallen Angle Music

Tracy Grammer - Hey Ho 346
Flower of Avalon - Signature Sounds

Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer - Gentle Arms of Eden 305
Signature Sounds 10th Anniversary Collection - Signature Sounds

Elijah Wald speaks about Dave Van Ronk 1100

Dave Van Ronk - WC Fields Routine 136
Dave van Ronk - In Conditional Support of Beauty 400
Mayor of MacDougal St. Rarities 57-69 -
(Also a book of the same name, a memoir -

Annie Gallup - Thicker Than Water 408
Pearl Street: A Collection of Linked Narrative Songs - Fifty Fifty Music

Rod MacDonald - Ray and Ron 3:17
A Tale of Two Americas - Wind River

Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriquez - Oh Set a Light 344
Red Dog Tracks -

Ellis Paul - Kiss the Sun (For Pat Tilman) 4
American Jukebox Fables - Philo

Kat Eggleston -  Mercy 308
The Only word - Redwing

Joel Rafael Band - Two Good Men 407
WoodyBoye: Songs of Woody Guthrie (Tales worth Telling) Vol 2 - Appleseed

Sandy Cash - Madlibs Song 423
A Thing So Real -

Vent Du Nord - La Semaine Du Payson 442
Les Amants Du Saint-Laurent -Borealis

Judy Collins - (Cockburn) Pacing the Cage 402
Portrait of an American Girl - Wildflower Recrods

Utah Phillips - Telling Takes Me Home 141
Starlight on the Rails: A Songbook - Daemon Records

Cathie Ryan - Peata Beag do Mhathar 305
The Farthest Wave - Shanachie

Steve Robinson - How the Mighty Have Fallen 345
Away for the Day - Sunshine Drenchy Records

Ani DeFranco - Studying Stones 350
Knuckle down - Righteous Babe

Chris Vallillo - The Dance 454
The Dance -

Antje Duvekot - Opium 247
Boys, Flowers, Miles -

Eric Hansen - Lay This Thing to Rest 328
A Lover's Lullaby - Half Moon Full Star Recrods

Wishing Chair - 518
Underdog -
Ive seen that Sue Munday was  actually a slight boy, Jermone Clarke,
At age of 17, in 1861, Jerome Clarke, a slight boy, called Sue Mundy, joined Confederate Army. These lyrics however, call her Marcellus Clarke?

Tom Pacheco - Last Drop 340
Rebel Spring -

Kate MacLeod (and the pancakes) - Handsome Molly 340
Breakfast - Waterbug

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