The Flowing Waters of Lake Jefferson

Saturday July 9 , 2005

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Good and Bad songs on FolkPlus today

Cliff Eberhardt - Is it Wrong to Feel so Good 327
Mona Lisa Cafe - Shanachie

Susan Werner - Its Ok To Feel Good 355
New Non Fiction -

Sons of the Never Wrong - Three Good Reasons 522
Three Good Reasons - Waterbug

McKrells - No Good Reason 430
Cosmic Hayride - Thorntree Music

Northern Lights - (Gershwin) Lady Be Good 304
New Moon - Fifty Fifty Music

David Francey - Badlands 327
The waking Hour - Red House

Cosy Sheridan - Bad Cliche 417
Grand Design -  BWE Music

Ellis Paul - Bad Bad Blood 438
American Jukebox Fable - Philo

Andrew McKnight - Good Things Matter 319
Beyond Borders - Falling Mountain Music

Brooks Williams - The Good and the Bad 416
Hundred Year Shadow - Signature Sounds

Vicky Harris - A Good Run  355
Touch- Locust St. Music

Leon Rosselson - Bad Driver 338
Harry's Gone Fishing - Gadfly

Night Sun - (Guthrie) Going Down the Road Feeling Bad 255
Drive - Borealis

Trout Fishing In America - These are Good Times 311
Who Are THese People - Trout Music

Lyle Lovett - She Makes Me Feel Good 333
Joshua Judges Ruth - MCA

Cliff Eberhardt - Good Example 434
12 Songs Of Good and Evil - Red House

Carol McComb - Bad Girl Sad Girl 337
Little Bit of Heaven - Hazelwood Records

Northern Lights - (Gershwin) Lady Be Good 304
New Moon - Fifty Fifty Music

Fred Eaglesmith - Pretty Good Guy
Ralph's Last Show -  Signature Sounds

Beach Boys - Good Vibrations 348
Concert: Live in London - Capitol

Andrew McKnight - My Good Name 503
Beyond Borders - Falling Mountain Music

The Dreamsicles - Really Good at Loving You 228
Love Songs for Grown Ups - Hudson Harding Music

Eddie From Ohio -  Good at That 301
Looking Out of the Fish Bowl

Holly Near and Ronnie Gilbert. - (King) Two Good Arms 457
Lifeline Extended -  Appleseed

Cosy Sheridan -  My Good Companion 249
Saturn Return - Waterbug

Mary C. Reynolds - (Shroeder/Bold) Good Luck Charm 307
Puppy - Pingleblobber

Lucinda Williams - I Just Wanted to See You So Bad 225
Lucinda Williams  - Rough Trade

Townes Van Zandt - Don't Take it Too Bad  249
Townes Van Zandt- Tomato

Jim Photoglo -  Baby Looks Good 256
Sparks in the Radio - Grifftone Records

Martyn Joseph - The Good In Me Is Dead 422
Whoever It Was That Brought Me Here Will Have To Take Me Home - Appleseed

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