The Flowing Waters of Lake Jefferson

Saturday July 23, 2005

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John Herald passed away on July 19th, 2005 in Woodstock, NY at the age of 65. He was a member of the Greenbriar Boys.

1. Greenbriar Boys (with John Herald) -  Stay All Night
Greenbriar Boys - Vanguard

Herald was born and raised in Greenwhich Village. I spent the late 70's and early 80's in the folk scene of Greenwhich Village.  The following playlist involves just some of the regulars of the scene as I knew it. In the late 70's the  main folk clubs in the area were Kenny's Castaways and Folk City. By the early 80's I was booking the acts seven days a week for the Speak Easy on Macdougal Street. Out of this space we'd process the Fast Folk Musical Magazine (the coop) readying it for sale.

2. David Buskin - Folksinger Earns Every Dime  421
Big Times in a Samll Town - Philo
David worked often with Robin Bateau, leading me to the next tune.

3. Lucy Kaplansky - (Bateau) Guinevere 417
The Tide - Red House
Singing harmony on this is Lucy's longtime friend Richard Shindell

4. Richard Shindell - Arrowhead 424
Blue Divide - Shanachie

5. Shawn Colvin - I Dont Know Why 345
Live 88 - Plump
Shawn worked with Lucy Kaplansky for a time, touring together.

6 Cliff Eberhardt - Your Face 332
Long Road - Windham Hill
Good friend of Shawn's

7. Janet Stecher & Susan Lewis -  One
Rebel Voices - Reveille Music
Janet moved out west to join Susan and create Rebel Voices, I remember buying her air conditioner and a chair.

8 Brian Rose - Paddy on the Handcar 328
Cornelia St. Cafe - Stash Records
Turned from photography to begin dabbling in folk music

9. Rod MacDonald - Sailor's Prayer
No Commercial Traffic - Solstice
Everyone knew this, and would join in the chorus in most performances

10 Ed McCurdy - When Soldiers Die on Battlefields/Last Night I had the Strangest Dream
Fast Folk Magazine February 1982
This was caught just before Ed moved to Nova Scotia to live out the last of his life.

11 Suzanne Vega - Queen and the Soldier
Suzanne Vega - A & M
Always liked her early stuff

12 Jack Hardy - Tailor 503
Mirror of My Madness -  self/ Prime CD
Trustee for Fast Folk Musical Magazine. This cut has the Roches on backup.

13 Roches - Ing 300
A Dove - MCA

14 Michelle Shocked - Blackberry Blossom live at steamboat springs 327
Arkansas Traveler -  Mistly Sound
Michelle helped stamping and stuffing the fast folks at the Speak Easy

15 Paul Siebel - Louise 341
Paul Siebel - Philo
A regular at Kenny's Castaways

16 Christine Lavin - Mysterious Woman 431
Good Thing He Can't Read My Mind -  Philo

17 Song Project: (Tom Intondi) - House of Water
Song Project - Folk Studio
A group with several variations, this one included: Lucy Kaplansky, Martha P,. Hogan, Frank Christian and Tom Intondi

18 Frank Christian - Three Flights Up
From My Hands - Palmetto
There were at least three flights up to Franks place.

19 Dave Van Ronk - Jersey State Stomp
February '82, Fast Folk Magazine
Dave served on the cooperatives stearing committee

20 John Gorka - I Know 234
I Know - Red House
Left the Bethlehem Pa. area to come to join the scene

21 Nancy Lee Baxter & (Hugh Prestwood) - Touch and Go
Touch and Go- Harvest Moon
Not writing together at the time, but have since.

22 David Roth - Rising in Love 248
Rising in Love - Folk Era
David put out an LP one side with his tunes, and the other with Josh Joffin. I left it home but would have played Josh's "Crazy Horse"

23 Ilene Weiss - Woman of a Calm Heart 420
Outside and Curious - Gadfly
Ilene spent time baby sitting for Lucy Roche, allowing Suzzy to sing, but when she was on stage herself was often funny.

24 Hugh Blumenfeld - The Mountain 344
Mozarts Money - Prime CD
Hugh was in and out, working on his doctorate

25 Eric Frandsen - Dandy Pat Moynihan
Antiques:New & Used
Living right across the street from Speak Easy, and sharing a corridor with Rod, Eric could be counted on as a funny MC and a flashy guitar player.
He was fond of saying "welcom music lovers."

26 David Massengill - Great American Dream
The Return - Plump Records
Most knew any of the verses of David's classic "Great American dream" and would join him on stage taking a verse.

27 Julie Gold - Goodnight New York 537
Dream Loud -  Gadfly
Thanks for listening. A fitting end.

Many - many are missing. This is not a complete list. More on the speakeasy at:

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