The Flowing Waters of Lake Jefferson

Saturday August 13, 2005

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Today's Theme: TIME

Pete Seeger - Turn Turn Turn 311
Just the Motion -

Finest Kind - (Dylan) The Times are a Changin'  248
Silks and Spices -

Penny Lang - Take Your Time 315
Carry On Children - Silverwolf Records

Silk City - (J Cadly) Time 342
Time - Sliced Bread

Too Much Time - Cosy Sheridan 246
Quietly Led - Waterbug

Lui Collins - Things To Do 323
Leaving Fort Knox -

Andrew Lawrence - We ought to get together some time 322
 Some Windows -

Night Sun - Lost Seconds 217
One Moment of Grace - Borealis

Artisan - One Minute Song 100
Rocking at the end of Time - Festival Records

Berrymans - An Hour Away 304
House Concert - Cornbelt records

Kate MacLeod - (Dylan) Time Passes Slowly 346
Breakfast - Waterbug

Doris Day - Till the End of Time 300
Blue Velvet - Prism Leisure

Beth Nielsen Chapman - Time Won't Tell 405
Look - Compass

Mike Agranoff - (E.C.Ball) Give MeJust A Little More Time 310
Or Would You Rather Get A Job?

Sweet Honey in the Rock - Time 224
Still the Same Me -

John Gorka - Like My Watch 131
I Know - Red House

Tamarack - Til the Stopwatch is Gone 430
Leaving Inverarden -

Arlon Bennett - Watch Man 451
The Watch Man -Red Sea records

Laurie McCalin - (wolf) These Times We're Living In 425
Trumpet Vine: tribute to Kate Wolf -

Kennedy's - Time Ain't Long 307
Half a Million Miles - Appleseed

Mark Rust - All the Time in the World 301
Live at the Ithaca Festival - Castkill Mountain records

J. Zweiman (Lavin) - Biological Time Bomb 224
Big League Babe - Prime CD

Susan Werner - Long Time Between Trains 349
Time Between Trains - Bottom Line

Janet Bates - TIme to Go 313
Colours will Come Back -

Lui Collins - I'll Know the Time 328
Made in new England - Green Linnet

Hot Soup - Time Waltzes On 337
Hot Soup - Souper Music

Irene Kelly - Dancin' Shoes 425
Simple Path - Irk Records

Hands of Time - Joyce Woodson
Landscapes -

Tiller's Folly - A Ripple in Time 443
A Ripple in Time - Raincoast Records

Ashley Gang - Take a Little Time 504
East bound Train

Betty and the Baby Boomers - Grandfather's Clock 546
Tumbling Through the Stream of days -

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