The Flowing Waters of Lake Jefferson

Saturday August 27, 2005: Ottawa Introductions

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The following introductions for songs from Folk Music CDs were collected last weekend at the Ottawa Folk Festival on the edge of the Ottawa River in Ottawa Ontario, Canada. Introductions came from venue and festival managers and the artists themselves.

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Chopper McKinnon  - .13 (  Co-host of the evening performances, and DJ from Canadian Spaces on CKCU Radio Carleton 93.1 Carlteon University, Ottawa) "This is Chopper McKinnon at the Ottawa folk festival, and I'd like Ang to play, something, anything! from Love Sweet Love, by Lynn Miles"

Lynn Miles: .7 I'm Lynn Miles. You are listening to WJFF, an amazing radio station thats hydro powered.

1. Lynn Miles - 1000 Lovers 335
Love Sweet Love - True North

Karen Flanagan McCarthy - .37 Main Stage co-host and member of the CKCU Ottawa Folk Festival steering committee.
"Bonjour, WJFF, d'Ottawa, Ontario. Je m'appelle Karen Flanagan McCarthy. Je suis animatrice de la scène centrale du festival folk cette année. Un de mes groupes preférés qui joue ici cette année est Genticorum, un groupe fantastique de trois musiciens de Montréal qui joue une musique assez speciale, traditionnelle, ça vous donnerais un petit goût du Canada Français. Ici, Genticorum."

Alexandre De Grosbois-Garand: 1:13 "Bonjour, C'est Alexandre De Grosbois-Garand de Genticorum. You're listening to WJFF Radio Catskill. We are Genticorum and you are listening to Les Cousinages. It's a song about a pretty wierd first night of wedding, because the wife have an unexpected guest."
(Angela) "In French?"  (Alexandre) "Oui, en francais"   (Angela) "Well than after it I'd like you to explain what happened in case people didnt grab it"
(Alexandre) "After, ok, well it might be too explicit, the explanation. The song is not explicit, but the song might be too explicit for airplay"

2. Genticorum - Les Cousinages 350
Genticorum -

Melanie DeMore: .33 "Hi this is Melanie Demore of the Cultural Heritage Choir here at the Ottawa folk music festival where we are having a great time, surrounded by great music and wonderful people.  I'm gonna introduce one of our songs which you will be able to hear on this great radio station which I happen to love. I'm gonna introduce a song, lets see, I have so many favorites, how about "Aint nobody Gonna Drag Your Spirit down" with the cultural heritage choir, Wilson Pickett and Eric Bibb. Here goes"

3. Linda Tillory and the Cultural Heritage Choir - Don't You Ever Let Nobody Drag Yo' Spirit Down 448
Say Yo' Business - Earth Beat
Thanks to Taylor from Music for Little People who rushed this release to me.

Erin Benjamin : .28 "Hi my name is Erin Benjamin. I'm standing here in the parking lot with Angela Page at the Ottawa folk festival enjoying Linda Tillery right now off in the background. I think you are gonna hear something shortly from a fantastic Canadian band based in Alberta, Edmonton to be specific, a band called 'Old Reliable' and this is something off Pulse of Light and Darkness. They're an excellent band, check 'em out,

4. Old Reliable - Straight to Her Beauty 332
Pulse of Light and Darkness - Saved By Radio
Thanks for this rushed release also.

Ruth Moody: 1:00 "Hello WJFF listeners, this is Ruth Moody of the group the Wailin jenny's from Winnepeg, Manitoba Canada. I'm talking to Angela here and Ive been asked to introduce a song. I'll tell you a little bit about 'One Voice.' It's a peace song and I wrote it about specifically people coming together and singing together because that's what we do. I was at a folk festival in Ontario called Blue Skies and I was really struck by what a wonderful energy is created when people come together and sing together. But in a larger sense it's about people coming together and celebrating each other in all their simularities and differences. I don't think its that hard, it we really want to , to make a more peaceful world to live in for everybody. So that's what 'One Voice' is about."

5. Wailin' Jennys - One Voice 321
40 Days - Red House

Chris Frye: .17 "Ok, Ready? Hi this is Chris Frye of the Canadian folk group called 'The Bills' and you are gonna hear a tune called 'Lay Down' off our new album Let Em Run. So here it is, sort of a dark exploration of Victoria's underbelly on...whats the name of this programme? ...start me agian, I blew it,
.17  " Chris Frye, take two   Hi everybody, this is Chris Frye of the canadian folk root's project called 'The Bills' and you are gonna hear a tune of our album, the song is called 'Lay Down' and the albums called Let Em Run. I hope you enjoy the song 'Lay Down' here on Folk Plus with Angela Page on WJFF Community Radio, yeah!"

6. The Bills - Lay Down 308
Let Em Run - Borealis

Carly: I like dance on the Earth, its  one of my favoritie ones. I love that one, Its so georgous. Its the first one I always put on when Im listening to the album. I don't know if you'd be interested in this for your show, but the reason that I most recently picked that as my favorite is because I just came into possession of all of her books. She was a huge Margaret Lawrence fan which is what spawned the writing of that song. So I've started to read all her books and gained a new appreciation for the song. Its become a new thing for me, enjoying it on another level."
Angela: "They just gave an award to a 16 year old in the name of your mom. What was that awesome quote (of her moms) about not being defined by your illness or disability?"
Carly : "That's something she always said in interviews. She didn't want it to be about her sickness at all, just about herself. She was always angry when a headline would come out focusing on that part of her.

7. Beth Ferguson - Dance on the Earth 430
Dance on the Earth -

Anis Mitchell: 1:09 Ok, well I'm Anis Mitchell and I'm standing here in the food court of the Ottawa Folk Festival and Natalie MacMaster is on stage. Shes like several months pregnant, she's dancing away up there. I'm supposed to say something about my songs. This song that you are about to hear is called 'Before the eyes of storytelling girls', and I wrote this tune in Egypt, I was studying abroad in college in Cairo, I was learning a lot about Egypt and that region. The early 60s let 50s was a time of a lot of progressive movements, there was a feminist movement and a lot of art and architecture and genral positive feelings in the Arab world and the women whose point of vies this song is from is an egyption women who grew up in this time of a lot of optomism and hope and lived to see the unravelling of that spirit, so it's her story. Its called 'Before the Eyes of Storytelling girls"

8. Anias Mitchell -  Before the Eyes of Storytelling Girls 307
Hymns for the Exciled - Waterbug

Cary Cooper: 1:10  "Hi WJFF listeners, this is Cary Cooper and I'm going to introduce a song called "Worthy" but before I do, I would like to share a quote with you. It was written by Marianne Williamson and is as quoted by Nelson mandela in his 1994 inagural address and this is how it goes:
"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually who are you not to be? You are a child of God.Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. You were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within you. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we're liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."
So here is worthy.

9. Cary Cooper - Worthy 402
Introducing the dreamsicles -

Sarah Lee Guthrie: 1:47 Alright, I'm gonna intro a song I wrote called Holdin' Back. Its a song I wrote for the record. I found myself in a hotel room with a bunch of other kids of... AJ Croce was there, Sally Taylor was there, Ozzy Osbourne's kid was there, Phil Everly's kid was there. There was a whole bunch, probably about ten of us.  We all decided to take a taxi down to Greenwich Village and get some dinner. After a couple of bottles of wine, we all hashed out our experiences growing up in this crazy world. What I really noticied was that I was pretty well alone as far as being an optomist about it. Everybody had all these horrible things to say, like 'My dad told me never to get into the industry; and 'My dad said that people are gonna hate you' and all these negative things were coming out of these kids' mouth. All  I could say was that I thought it was great and my dad said taht everybody is gonna love me and I was so, I don't know, wide-eyed but I actually realized that I would like to remain so and that about being an optomist about it all is really encouraging. I didn't want to really want to turn that down, so instead of doing that I wrote this song called Holding back kind of to them as a little bit of a helping hand maybe, or also, to myself sometimes when Im feeling down. So, this is holding back.

10 Sarah Lee and Johnny Irion - Holdin' Back 310
Exploration - New West Records

Anne Lindsay: .26 "Hi my name is Anne Lindsay and I'm a fiddler violinist from Toronto, Ontario and I'm here at the Ottawa Folk Festival getting ready to go on stage for a workshop. I would like to hear a track from my debut cd Evesdropping played, and its track number 7, called "Rita."  Its a little bit of a twisty waltzy tuen in odd meters but with a lovely melody that carries through the whole thing.

11 Anne Lindsay - Rita 2:39
Evesdropping -

Hour Two:

I spoke with Alex Sinclair about a gig Tamarack had where they took a barge down the Rideau Canal, docking and playing concerts right off the boat.

Alex Sinclair: .40 "Billy Boy is from that Rideau Canal show about a boat that blows up. I like it cuz I think its a really nice song. Jeff Byrd is playing bass on this, he's now with the ccowboy junkies, but it has an absolutely geogeous part hat he plays. I cant' remember what james ...I think James (Gordon) plays penny whistle. I think the band did a really good job on this one. Its a tear jerking song about a kid who gets blown up."

12 Tamarack - Billy Boy 330
Between the Rideau and the St. Lawrence -  rare, contact Alex at pmsinc at

Dave Clarke: .33 "I'm sitting here at the Ottawa folk festival with Angela page and she has graciously asked me to intorudce a tune of mine. This is a tune called Flow Like  river and its an insturmental peice inspired by the river that flows by my hoetown of montreal. Ive lived ed there for 50 years and im about to move away, but it will always be my home town."

13 Dave Clarke - Flows Like A River 349
Guitar Songs -

Penny Lang: .27 "Hi this is Penny Lang at the Ottawa folkfest. I'm going to introduce a song called "Carry on Children" that I recorded some years ago. I had been living in the country at the time and I came into the big city and witnessed a few things that struck some chords so the song carry on children was written."

14 Penny Lang - Carry On Children 504
Carry on Children -

Mike Regenstrief of CKUT Montreal .35
"Hi WJFF listeners to Angela's great radio programme Folk Plus. I'm Mike Regenstrief, host of Folk Roots, Folk Branches on CKUT radio up in Montreal. The song that I've picked is actually not a song, it's a poem by Tom Russell about the late dave Van Ronk who was a friend of mine. In this poem Tom talks about a night Dave's apartment, which I had the pleasure of experiencing many times, so I felt like I was there when I heard Tom Russell do his poem, Van Ronk."

15 Tom Russell - Van Ronk 705
Hotwalker - Hightone

Dan Marcus: .33 "This is Dan Marcus from the band Cresecent and Frost. Right now we're in Ottawa and we played at the Folk Festival and it was a blast. Its a pleasure to meet Angela Page and we are exctied to be on the radio show. Im picking a song from our new cd, Open Doors called "The carpenter's boat" becaue I heard that WJFF is powered by water and I think thats a fitting song. Hope you enjoy it."

16 Crescent and Frost - Carpenter's Boat 251
Open Doors -

Dean Verger : 1:17 (His mother was Helen Verger for whom they give an award yearly.) "I'm Dean Verger. I own Rasputins folk cafe, it's been running for 25 years here in Ottawa. We are at the Ottawa Folk Festival. In the background you can hear some of the music thats being played this weekend. I've been asked to introduce a song. Well, before I actually introduce the song I will tell you this is the only song I've ever seen turned into amural. At the old Ottawa Folklore center on the side wall of the building they hired a sign painter to come in and  paint the sheet music of Ian Tamblyn's Woodsmoke and Oranges on the wall so that people driving upand down the street would see and be able to learn, hopefully over a period of months, the song. It's become a classic for all who love to canoe camp out in the wilderness. It's that freshness of song that in teh middle of winter on the coldest day I can ehar that song and say, hey, I dont care how cold it is now, pretty soon I'm back on the lakes and the rivers, throwing my canoe down the blue water. Ian tamblyn's "Woodsmoke and Oranges"

17. Ian Tamblyn - Woodsmoke and Oranges 356
Through the eyars - North Track

Eliza Gilkyson: 1:04 "Hi - this is Eliza Gilkyson and whoa, theres lots of people in this room. We're at the ottawa folk festival here and you're listening to WJFF and Folk Plus. We're gonna listen to a song of mine, this is called "Man of God". I wrote this right after W got elected and I was feeling like -  helpless.  I just wanted to write something that reflected some of my issues around being told who i can worship and who im not supposed to worship nd i just resented that in our country right now we are bing forced into kind of a fundamentalist point of view on religion. I resent that. Right now a lot of us are down there trying to hold the line. man of god is written, not to convert anyone to my wasy of thinking but more to kind of inspire the troops to hold the line for the things they believe in and the freedoms we hold dear. This is man of God.

18 Eliza Gilkyson - Man of God 427
Paradise Hotel - Red House

Harmonie Trowbridge - .48  "Hi there, my name is Harmonie Trowbridge and you're about to hear no photographs off my debut cd amoraphobe. I worte no photographs as a way to acknowleding a shift in my life from unrquited love to requited love. No P was written by a definately an unrequited love. In the song Im discussing the fact that when its unrquited love you don't have documentation to prove you are indeed in love with this person, no photographsl, ove letters and things like that. This song is lamenting the lack of concrete proof of the love that I was experiencing in a very real way at the time. So this is "No  Photographs"

19 Harmonie Trowbridge - No Photographs 405
Amoraphobe -

Ana Egge: .34  Hello, Hi. I'm Ana Egge. I played today at teh Ottawa folk festival. My friedns and I had some food. Yeah, lets see,maybe you should play straight to my head,  I was inspired by a poem about making wine, and I kinda went from there. It's got a great chorus and came out great on the record with trumpets and everything. "Straight to my head."

20 Ana Egge - Straight to My Head 328
Out Past the Lights -

While Natalie MacMaster was onstage, I was leaving the area, and there was  a huge cry from the first 20 rows of the audience who lept to thier feet. Kalan Porter! AHHHH. He popped out as a surprise when Natalie's set was warming up. He is the 18 year old who won Canadian Idol. He wasn't expected until that evening show.

21 Kalan Porter - Praeludium and Allegro .30
219 Days - BMG Canada

22 Kalan Porter - How Many Roads 331
219 Days - BMG Canada

Next week's part two will include intros and cuts from:
Chuck Brodsky, Lynn Miles, Beth Furguson, Chris White, Galitcha, Tom Prasada-Roa, Chris Smither, Ken Whiteley, Ian Robb, Matalie MacMaster, Chuck Brodsky, Joe Grass, The Arrogant worms and Deux Saison (if they ever get me a cd)

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