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Saturday September 3, 2005

OTTAWA Introductions Part II  &  Live music around here in September
To see the Ottawa portion of today's setlist with photographs of perfomers from the event see
the pictures here. (

OTTAWA Introductions Part II

The following introductions for songs from Folk Music CDs were collected two weekends ago at the Ottawa Folk Festival on the edge of the Ottawa River in Ottawa Ontario, Canada. Introductions came from venue and festival managers and the artists themselves. This is part two of "Ottawa Introductions"

Surely you are aware by now, that since I believe Monday August 22nd,  the Canadian Brodcasting System has locked out the 5,500 members of the Canadian Media Guild, and all CBC locations outside Ottawa and Toronto are closed, with the exception of New Brunswick and Quebec.
The battle is over how much programming is produced by CBC staff employees versus short-term contract staff, or by contracting out programs and services.

The CBC says
"that in a changing technological environment and shifting media market, it needs considerably more flexibility to acquire and release talent and services. If a program is cancelled, for example, the CBC does not want to be bound to find other assignments for the staffers, a process that has led to newer, younger staffers being "bumped" by ones with more seniority. It also needs to shed unproductive staffers. "
The guild says
"the CBC's already free to use short-term contract employees and already contracts out all its drama, variety and comedy and is just trying to emasculate the union and have a disposable workforce without security and benefits. It points to times in the past when current affairs staff, for example, were jobless for the three or four months that programs like Marketplace or the fifth estate were off the air or in repeat cycle."  - Macleans, Aug 25 2005

Blogger Robin Rowland predicts that what he calls the CBC blog war "will go down as one major step in the changing media landscape".
As Stephen Baker of Business Week's Blogspotting blog writes, "a strike or a lockout is a different animal in a world where the workers can blog. It's got to be a struggle for unions to control the message, and to speak with one voice".
Workers for the CBC were handing out flyers at the entrance to August's Ottawa Folk Festival. They ureged contacting CBC management by emailing president and board chair Robert Rabinovitch at

Deux Saison: .53 Bonjour tout le monde, we are deux saison. And that is two season, cuz in Canada there is jonly two season, the regular season and the playoffs...YEAH! And what we are gonna do now is present a song to you. Its a song of ours called Ottawa and it's about our nations capital, contrary to popular belief its not Toronto, its Ottawa!

Their cd never came, so Im unable to air the cut. Perhaps another Folk Plus will have this.

Trevor Strong: .17 Hi I'm Trevor Strong of the Arrogant Worms and you're about to listent to the new anthem which we wrote to replace the old one cuz it wasn't  very good. The new Anthym is 'We are the Beaver'

1. Arrogant Worms - We Are the Beaver 403
Idiot Road -

Natalie MacMaster: .14 Hello there, it's Natalie Macmaster here at the Ottawa Folk Festival and I'd like to introduce the next peice you're going to hear. It's from my blueprints cd and its called "The Appropriate dipsitck" and it's written by Phil Cunningham

2. Natalie MacMaster - (Phil Cunningham) The Appropriate Dipstick 327
Blueprints -

Ian Robb: .32 This is Ian Robb. I'm at the ottawa folk festival. I'd like to introduce you to this song, which is a a Cyril Tawney song. Cyril died earlier this year and will be sorely missed. This is a song from his time in the royal navy called a 'Chicken on a Raft.'  A Chicken on a Raft is a fried egg on toast. This song really appears to be about breakfast, but its really not. It's about unrequited love. Here's Chicken on a Raft

3. Ian Robb - Chicken on a Raft 428
Jiig - Fallen Angle Music

If you enjoy Ian Robb, you will most likely be interested in the house concert tomorrow in Sparrowbush, more on that later.

Chuck Brodsky: 1:01 "Hi this is Chuck Brodsky and I wrote a song called "TheCome Heres and the Been Heres" after doing a show in a place called Cardinal Virginia which is on what they call the penninsula.  When I first got to town, people who lived there and were iinvolved with the concert series told me there were two types of people living in that area, the people born and raised around there who are refered to as 'been heres', and people who have moved there and starting the folk music venue and the community around it are referred to as 'come heres.' I was taken by those terms. Within a couple of months I moved down to Ashville North Carolina and found the very same situation. A bunch of newcomeers had moved into an area in the mountains that hadn't seen very many people moving in previously and had the same dynamics so i ended up writing this song back in 1995."

4. Chuck Brodsky - Come Heres & the Been Heres 441
Radio - Red house

Johnny Irion: 1:00 "The next song you're gonna hear off of the new Sarah Lee and Johnny record is the title track, its called "Exploration." It's a song that was written fairly quickly on the piano one night  after a drive in the car one day listening to npr or some great local community based radio station. They were interviewing some kids from a local school. they went around some local kids asking what they thought about the hubub going on about mars at the time. They finally got to the alst kid, I guess they asked 8 or 9 little kiddles. The last kid said, 'well, I dunno, but its gonna make somebody a nice vacation.'  This is called Exploration.

5. Sarah Lee and Johnny Irion - Exploration 254
Exploration -  New West Records

Last week I aired a choice of Beth Furgosons daughter.
Today Terry Eagan, who hosted the stage for which I was the mcee (American Women stage with Anais Mitchell, Sarah Lee Guthrie and Cary Cooper) chose his favorite. It was a song Beth wrote for her Carly; a poignant song reasuring a daughter that when cancer takes her mother, it will be alright.

Terry Eagan: 15 One of my favorite albums from Inside Talking album would be "working on a miracle" which is a nice song, and another that harkens Carly to mind and that would be "It will be alright"

6. Beth Ferguson - It'll Be Alright 415
Inside Talking - North Track Records

Chris Smither : .14 "This is called Train Home. I wrote this after I had a conversation with Peter Mulvey about whether there was any time between beign alive and being dead.  By the way  09/15/2005 Thurs. Chris Smither  8:00pm at teh turning point in peirmont.

7. Chris Smither - Train Home 414
Train Home - Hightone

Ken Whitely: .47 "This is Ken Whitely and welcome to all you WJFF listeners. I'm going to suggest that Angela play a song called "Sing with Me" cuz one of the things I like to do best is sing with people and thats what the songs all about. I recorded this at a live series of gospel workshops, because one of my favorite things to do in life besides sing with people, more specifically, is  to sing with them at folk festival gospel workshops. I don't get enough just doing it in the summer so I staged a series and decided that thats how I would make my next record, by recording the whole series. I had special guests that I got to pick to do the workshop with me and thats how we did this.

8. Ken Whitely - Sing With Me 546
Ken Whitely - Borealis

Chris MacLean:  1:08 "Hello, I'm Chris MacLean and I play with a band called Galitcha and we play north Indian folk music with a smattering of jazz and north American folk and a little bit of influence from China and North Africa. There is a song on our album called Balum Di Chidthi. Its a song I had a hard time recording because I don't speak the language, I learn it phonetically. I spent three hours in the studio on one particular word. It was teh sound chidthi and midthi whihc i sounded like to me, it meant sometnhing entirley different. I could be saying that recieving this letter is as sweet ...and rather than saying sugar, I was saying as dirt. So you wouldnt wnat to say that. There are a lot of words in cunjabi and urdu like atht for an english  speaking person, but i rather like singing this song, Angelas kind enough to play it.

9. Galitcha - Balum Di Chidthi 448
Satrang -

Tom Prasada-Rao:  1:38 The song I'd like to introduce is a song off my solo CD and it's called "When Angels Sing." A couple of years ago I went to India with my grandfather to celebrate his 96th birthday. We took a walk through the town that he was born in. All the way  hrough the town, people who knew him when he was a child 90 odd years ago came up and greeeted him; all these old people who he thought had long passed. Then at the end of the town he turned around and said to me and my cousins, he says, 'I want to tell you something. I wanna tell you how much  the world has changed' he says. 'When I was a child I wouldn't have been able to walk on the streets that we just walked on.'  We were confused, and asked why. 'Because I was an untouchable and the people who live on these streets, they were brahmans, the highest caste in india.'  He was saying all this with a smile. 'Now you see how the world has changed?  Not only is it permissable for me to walk on these streets, but they come up and touch me and greet me and invite me into their homes.'
I thought to myself, if this was me, I would have been very upset. I would have figured out who to be angry at, and find a way to tell them I was angry. but my grandfather said all this with a smile as if to say theres a lot of things wrong in this world that you may wanna change. Sometimes all you can do is outsmile 'em, out walk 'em,  or out live 'em. This is 'When Angels Sing.'"

10. Tom Prasada-Rao - When Angels Sing727
Out of the blue - Ahimsa Acoustics

Cary Cooper - .13 "Hi I'm Cary Cooper and you are listening to Folk Plus on WJFF. This is a little song that I wrote about my baby and it's called "Im Really Good at Loving You"

11 Cary Cooper & Tom Prasada-Rao (The Dreamsicles) I'm Really Good at Loving You 228
Love Songs for Grown Ups -

Joe Grass: .11 "My name is Joe Grass and you are about to hear my song bones which is inspired by the cliffs in Cape Breton

12 Joe Grass - Bones 353
Joe Grass -

Lynn Miles: .7 I'm Lynn Miles. You are listening to WJFF, an amazing radio station thats hydro powered. Here is a song I wrote when driving around Pennsylvania and Western Kentucky mining towns.

13 Lynn Miles - Black Flowers 318
Unravel - Okra

Chris White: .39 (Artistic Director of the festival and a performer.) "Hi this is Chris White and I'm the artistic director of the Ottawa Folk Festival. Wow has it ever been a fantastic weekend, and it's not over yet. I thought I could introduce one of my own tunes. You know, Lynn Miles, who is a fabulous singer songwriter as the listeners will know, told me once that its really easy to perform funny songs. Yuo just go for the punch line. Her songs are not funny. Far from it.  I recently released a cd of non-funny songs. This particular one is probably one fo the saddest songs on teh cd, called House for Sale

14 Chris White - House for Sale 325
Inner Voice -

Gene Swimmer: .49  "Hi I'm director of the Ottawa folk festival here in Canada. I'm originally from NYC and I spent lots of summers in the catskills working right in the area of your radio staiton. Of course in those days  there wasn't fm radio or npr or anything like that the big deal then was being able to lsiten to top 40 radio and Cousin Brucie. I guess the thing that sticks in my mind about folk music was that it absolutely blew my mind when there was Bob Dylin by cousing bruicie morrow in the top 10 on wabc "Like a rolling stone"

15 Bob Dylan - Like a Rolling Stone  6:09
The Essential Bob Dylan - Columbia

Live music around here in September

Tomorrow, Sunday September 4th, 2005. 845 858-7890

(playing Keith Kendrick -  Polkas: Furts and flowers...under the introduction to Keiths local appearance )
Keith Kendrick is from the Derbyshire region of England and performs traditional music with voice and concertina.  Keith has been performing in England and elsewhere since the 1960s with British traditional music groups including The Druids, Ramís Bottom Band, Tup, Muckram Wakes, Three Sheets to the Wind, and The Anchor Men. He will appear tomorrow, Sunday, September 4 at a house concert in Sparrowbush with spectacular views of the Delaware River. Seating is limited.  For more information or tickets, please e-mail or call us at (845) 858-7890. Keith will be hosting a workshop at 5:00 PM. and the concert will start at 7:30 PM. Workshop participants are invited to a complimentary barbecue.

16 Keith Kendrick -  (Robb- played eariler) They're Taking It Away  4:14
Home Ground -

Next Weekend: September 10 & 11, 2005 in downtown Norwich, New York, on route 12, north of Binghampton.

While introducing Colorscape... music under...
17 The McKrells -  Cosmic Hayride Cosmic Hayride -

Performers include:  Fred Eaglesmith & the Flying Squirrels, The McKrells, Dady Brothers, SONiA with Disappear Fear, Brooks Williams, Full Frontal Folk, The Sloan Wainwright Band, Mustard's Retreat, David Jacob-Strain, Fetish Lane, Gandalph Murphy & the Slambovian Circus of Dreams, Nathan Brown's World Music Percussion Workshops, TUMI - There will aslo be over 75 juried artists, a kids tent and stage with crafts. The stately court house steps supply the support for the built-out stage.

18 Fred Eaglesmith & the Flying Squirrels - Freight Train 244
Ralph's Last Show - Signture Sounds

19 SONiA - Sugarcane 218
No Bomb is Smart - Disappear Records

20 Brooks Williams - Happy All the Time 308
Dead Sea Cafe -

21 Full Frontal Folk - (Carter) Cat Eyed Willie 4:30
Sweet Mystery of Life -

22 The Sloan Wainwright Band - I Stand Up 311
Song Inside -

23 Mustard's Retreat - The Road Back Home to You 331
A Resolution of Something -


TURNING POINT - Piermont NY - 845-359-1089
09/15/2005 Thurs. Chris Smither  8:00pm - played earlier

TURNING POINT - Piermont NY - 845-359-1089
09/17/2005 Sat. Early Show w/ The Kennedys  7:00pm

24 The Kennedys - Namaste 327
Half a Million Miles - Appleseed

TOWN CRIER: Pawling NY 845 855 - 1300
Saturday, 9/10 Modern Man also Buskin & Batteau

25. Modern Man - FBI 233
Modern Immaturity - Inverted Turtle Records

TURNING POINT - Piermont NY - 845-359-1089
09/18/2005 Sun. Tret Fure  4:00

26. Tret Fure - Bigger Than I 400
Tret Fure -

TURNING POINT - Piermont NY - 845-359-1089
09/25/2005 Sun. Jill Sobule  4:00pm

27 Jill Sobule - Restistance Song 257
I never Learned to Swim - Beyond Music

TOWN CRIER: Pawling NY 845 855 - 1300
Sunday 9/4 Ellis Paul with  Ray Bonneville - mention
Sunday, 9/11 Greg Brown - mention

Sunday, 9/18 Eliza Gilkyson & Kenny White

28. Eliza Gilkyson - Requiem 352
Paradise Hotel - Red House

*****   from Steve Jerrett KOPN Music Director in  Columbia, MO

Here is a list so far:
 From Smithfield Fair: "At this point, all of Smithfield Fair are
alright and getting by. As you must know by now, Baton Rouge and
surrounding areas were pretty well prepared for the approach of
Hurricane Katrina, but New Orleans and especially the Mississippi Gulf
coast area were not and took the brunt of a brutal storm."

 From Lee Quick: "I am ok, but shaky.  I'm in Lake Charles at my
mother's house...all I brought was my laptop, a guitar, and a few
clothes. I do hear my house may be ok, and I'm hoping to go back
sometime to collect some things. Planning to make a trip up to Nashville
next week, so whoever has a couch/bed to offer, I may take them up on it.
Cell phone doesn't work much, but my number is 504-250-7201. I hope
everyone who receives this is okay.  Please think good thoughts about
everyone from New Orleans."

 From myshkin:
love and strength to you all. trying to help with the safe / missing
lists various friends are compiling. please let me know if you have
any info on folks on the missing list and i will forward it....

from kathleen and helena, and mike and katie, a list of folks that
were fine as of 8/30:

Mike West and Katie Euliss and kids
Kathleen Kraus
Helena Shoh
Pat Cronin
Gina (my neighbor)
Denise  Bonis
Dana Cross (Otis)
Jeri Cain
Jessica Radccliffe
John Calhoun
Julie Piere (Pieri?)
Tom (drummer in Whiskeybutt)
Sean Connor
Greg Schatz
Cassandra (and compound)
Neti and Bart
MAXX Sizler and Bea
Ryan Donahou
Monica and Kenneth
Mathew Rosenbeck
Benjamin Lyons
Courtney  and David
Wink & Stacy
Ried Mitchel
alex Mcmurray
Mike and Sinead
Bedonna Wakeman
Sneaky Pete Orr
Pistol Pete
Gina Forsyth
Pat Flory & Donna
Ricki Castrillo
Mike & Sinead
Nellie & Warner
Dwight & Ingrid & Ava (Marshall/Lucia)
Ken Swartz
Andi Hoffman & Eveline & Kids
Burke Ingraffia
Marc Stone
Reid Mitchell
Jeff & Vida
Greg Schatz
Brian (Country Fried)
Glenn Masters
Banjo Grayson, Roberto, & Washboard Lisa - they're OK,but still in
town on tuesday
Finally: "Pat and Rosie (Maloney) made it out of New Orleans to the
panhandle of Florida where they're staying with a friend until they can
get back. Pat's been working atdeveloping a music room in a pub since
about 6 months ago.They left New Orleans about noon, headed north and it
took about 18 hrs to negotiate a trip that normally takes 4 hrs. But
they're safe and dry and ready to get back to it."
Fats Domino


patsy story
audrey elizabeth
john lutz and roseanna
matt perrine and debbie davis
chris trapani
jamal morelli
andrea garland
paul edmunds
Tom Marron
Grayson Capps & Family
Scott Barratini
Jim Smith
Matt Swiler
Dave Stover
Lynn Drury
Trevor Brooks
jeremy lyons and family
Paul Hayes
Doris & Crowd from Kerry Irish Pub
Luizza's by the Track crowd
Carrollton Station Crowd
too many to mention but anyone and everyone else at all.

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