The Flowing Waters of Lake Jefferson

Saturday September 17, 2005

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We will be rebuilding using Halibertan, we will stay there until the job gets done, stop the violence, get electricity running, stop the unrest and the poverty and help the homeless. Iraq? New Orleans? With so many homeless in our world today, my theme is having and not having a home

Bush: "There is no way to imagine America, without New Orleans, and this great city will rise again"

Sweet Honey in the Rock - In This Land 438
In This Land - Earthbeat
"it takes more than promises"

Artisan - Dream Home 221
Breathing space - Festival Records
"when you're homeless, you sleep where you fall"

Deborah Holland - (Jenkins) Panic is On  224
Panic Is On - Gadfly (the songs on this album are from the 30's)
"If luck don't change, there'll be some stealing done"

Globally:  It is estimated that one billion people in the world lack adequate housing, including 100 million who are completely homeless.

Nationally:  It is estimated that, on any one night, 750,000 Americans will be without shelter and that approximately 3.0 million Americans will be homeless at some time during the year.   (2000 According to Good Will   Homeless Services, Inc.)

Garnet Rogers -  Underpass 531
firefly - Snow Goose
"Wont you take me in before I freeze, I can't go home again"

Who are the homeless? Families with children, teh fastest growing segment, emplyed men and women, not reanig enough to pay rent women fleeing domestic violence, peole with aids facing finanacial difficulties, peopel with mental aillness, substand abuse problems, financial change in earnings due to sudden disability

5. Utah Philips - Room For the Poor 108, 212
Starlight on the rails: A Songbook - Daemon
"Ive travelled so far, Im weary and sore is there room for the poor?"

6. Paul Edward Sanchez - Where the Rich People Live 253
Long Story Short -

7. James Gordon - There is No Silent Night
Mining for Gold -
"Glad tidings for those of wealth and rank possessing... how can you rest ye merry gentlemen?"

8 Joan Baez - (Ochs) There But For Fortune 3:13
First 10 Years - Vangaurd

"It must be some kind of experiment or something to see how long people can survive without food, without shelter, without security"
Winter 1980 Homelss woman

9 Cheryl Wheeler- Invisible Lady  4:34
Homeless Project - Silverwolf

10 Ken Gaines - Noah Nelson  5:13
Homeless Project - Silverwolf

11 John Gorka - Gypsy Life 4:25
Homeless Project - Silverwolf
"People love you when they know you're leaving soon"

12 John McCutcheon  - Room Here for Another  5:24
Homeless Project - Silverwolf
"I know this aint the hilton, but the back seat here is're safe in here with me"

13. Greg Brown - Just a Bum
Homeless Project - Silverwolf

Quote from this mornings weekend edition. Chosing between being with the family and finding a home.

14 Mustard's Retreat - Gather the Family
Wind in the Crickets  -
"welcome, good stranger, come in"

15. Bill Morrisey - Picnic
Homeless Project - Silverwolf

16 Ims, Jon - William and Fred  3:31
Homeless Project - Silverwolf

17 Driftwood  4:26 Prasada-Rao, Tom
Homeless Project - Silverwolf
"all you tired and huddled masses"

18 Stewart, John - Justiceville  3:45
Homeless Project - Silverwolf
"all they wanted was a home"

19 Stark Raving Chandler~Guthrie, Woody~Stark, Amanda~Chandler, Chris -
We Ain't Got No Home  4:47
Homeless Project - Silverwolf
"the police make it hard, wherever you may go, i aint got no home in this world anymore"

20. Kim Palmer - The Dispossed
From a Porcelin trailer (Music about chemical sensitivity) -
About homeless people with chemical injury, who cannot process fragrances (pesticides) or car exhausts and live outside of society.

21 DiFranco, Ani - We're Comin' Up  2:29
Homeless Project - Silverwolf

22 James Keelaghan - Somewhere Ahead
Small Rebellions -

23 Campbell, Sarah Elizabeth - Geraldine & Ruthie May  5:26
Homeless Project - Silverwolf

24 Paxton, Tom - Hard Times are Here Again  3:13
Homeless Project - Silverwolf
"soon as daddy has a job, hes gonna send for you"

25 NightSun - Home
Home -
"They think it's freedom they want, but it's home"

26 Bob Martin - Goin' Home
River Turns the Wheel -http://
Coming home from the war. "Lost some brothers, lost some friends"

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Thanks to all well wishers with my curret battle with neurotoxic poisoning and chemical sensitivities  (
We should no longer accept the counsel of those who tell us that we must fill our world with poisonous chemicals, we should look around and see what other course is open to us."        Rachel Carson   Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.


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