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Saturday September 17, 2005

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Some highlights of the Fall 2005 Sing Out! Magazine on Folk Plus today.
Folk Plus is a SING OUT! magazine Radio Partner (

Cathie Ryan - What's Closest to the Heart 325
The Farthest Wave - Shanachie
Her voice is geogeous...perfect antidote to the breathy little girl voice so ubiquitous..."

Danu  - O Dheara, Sheanduine 327
When All Is Said and Done - Shanachie
"its not hard to fathom why they're ranked among the Celtic music elite"

Genticorum - La Belle en Vous Aimant 211
Malins Plaisire - Rous et Archets
"for a three piece, Genticorum makes a very full and golorious noise"

Le Vent Du Nord - C'est Une Jeune Mariee 243
Les Amants du Saint-Laurent - Borealis

Ellis Paul - She Was  350
American Jukebox Fables - Philo
"Paul affirms his ability to successfully use electronic hooks, without loosing his touch for drep-dead intimacy"

The Kennedys - Half a Million Miles 345
Half a Million Miles - Appleseed
"Terrific songwriting and cover choices played with verve and delight make this a wonderful album"

Kate MacLeaod and the Pancakes - Potter's Wheel 440
Breakfast - Waterbug
"about determining whats truly important in life"

Kat Eggleston - Impact (Impact Chicago teaches women self defence) 324
The Only Word - Redwing
"she can play guitar with the best of them""oh my@ what a magnificent cd"

David Olney - My Lovely Assistant 319
Migration - Loud House
"anyone interested in the true art of songwriting has an incomplete view without awareness of david Olney's work"

Andrew McKnight - Hard Times in the Heartland 423
Beyond Borders - Falling Mountain

Scott Ainslie - Rice Grows again in Vietnam 452
Ferral Crow - Cattail
he evokes an Asian sound of guitar while singing of the recovery and resurge ce of Vietnam, with references to our misgueded war there. the song interweaves a spoken translation by Duyen Tran."

Girlyman - Young James Dean 325
Little Star - Daemon
"If you would run down your own mama for rich, airtight vocal harmonies, you'll love this album. Lucvious, creative vocal interplay"

Gordon Bok - Old Figurehead Carver 423
Apples in the Basket - Timberhead
" a beautiful tribute to a craftsmen whose work decorated the marco Polo, the legendary tall ship from St. John, New Brunswick."

Judy Collins - I Can't Cry Hard Enough 319
Portrait of an american Girl - Wildflower
"Judy's gorgeous voice sounds as glorious as ever, utterly unaffected by time."

Jamie Anderson - A Little Chocolate 213
Promise of Light - Tsunami
"for those who need to ingest substances to imporve their spirits.....without calories"

Claudia Russell - Just Like You
Ready to Receive - Radio Rhythm
"It's a relief when a vocalist gets to shine without being buried by the production...a professional a voice  superior to most in the crowded field of singer-songwriters"

Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez - Must be the Whiskey 400
Red Dog Tracks - Back Porch
"very subtle seduction"

Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez - Keey Your Hat on Jenny 326
Red Dog Tracks - Back Porch

Al Stewart - Somewhere in England 1915 657
Beach Full of Shells - Appleseed
"on the brink of WW1" "terrific...takes its place aong Al Stewart's very best albums"

The Bills - Baumfield's John Vanden 257
Let Em Run - Red House
"respectfully rampage over multiple musical syles from calssical to Cajun to bluegrass to Easter European"

Jim Photoglo - This Train keeps Rollin' 432
Sparks in the Radio - Grifftone
"offered in memory of Rick Danko and Richard manual"

Peggy Seeger - Who Killed Cock Robin 500
Love Call Me Home - Appleseed
"the second of a three-album trilogy that seeger is releaseing of traditional folk songs and trad-based originals"

A few selections from the compilation that comes with the Sing Out Fall 2005 magazine

David Francey - Morning Train 225
Waking Hour - Red House

Eliza Gilkyson - Man of God 427
Paradise Hotel - Red House

Janis Ian - My Autobiography 248
Rude Girl Publishing
From the compilation that comes with the Sing Out Fall 2005 magazine

Folk Plus is a SING OUT! magazine Radio Partner (

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