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Saturday October 15 , 2005: FUND DRIVE and Songs DJS play too much

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OK on 28 Sep 2005, Larry Hoyt of WAER in Syracuses began this idea on the folk DJ listserv:
"I play the beer song from Full Frontal Folk too much...Anybody else wanna post an admission regarding a favorite song that you  may have come close to playing too much on air?"  I thought Id make a show out of the answers.

Format: DJ, Station, Artist,  Song, Cd,  Contact

Larry Hoyt : hosting "Common Threads", a folk and acoustic music program on WAER-FM, 88.3, Sundays, from 2 to 5 pm.

1. Full Frontal Folk's -  Hidden Track Beer song
Storming the Castle -

Paul Stamler of KDHX-St. Louis, , program "No Time to Tarry Here", 2-4
Sundays central time.  I've probably come close to the line with Molly Picon's wonderful song "Busy, Busy", one of the great recordings of the 20th century. So I gave it to Bill Hahn; he can play it for a while. Let *his* mother worry. I love the song because it paints a picture of a world of young working class New York Jewish life in the 1940s that's almost entirely vanished. It's the world my mother and stepmother lived in, so it's doubly close for me. And it's funny besides, Molly Picon being a brilliant comedienne. Peace, Paul

2. Busy, Busy by Molly Picon
Snail mailed, thanks Paul!

(A couple of calls asking about his cut came in, and a pledge of support for the song and the show)

Brenda Tacik - CJTR in Regina Saskatchewan Canada- I think it's important to mention that the audience of the shows reporting
to FOLK-DJ often listen very intently...these shows are a "take the phone off the hook, cancel all other appointments" kind of listening experience.
Therefore, it may take only one spin of one song to turn a listener on to a particular artist. The one time we played "Three Bills" from Annie
Gallup, we got three phone calls about that song, and I bet Annie sold a few more CDs that day. If an artist puts out a really good song, it may not rotate more than once in the station's CD player, but it may rotate in the listener's mind for a long time after.    Cheers, Brenda from Regina's Mighty Shore

3. Annie Gallup - Three Bills
Swerve - i 800 prime cd

Monica.--dreamboat radio mondays 8-10 am wruw fm 91.1 Cleveland - women in old-time, bluegrass and acoustic music - I'm loving this discussion, and I've had it in the past with several other DJ's at my station.  I have to be the first to admit that I am extremely guilty of overplaying stuff, but depending on how it's done, it can really work well.  There are particular artists and even songs I
feature heavily when they are new or when I first discover them and that I go back to periodically.  The obvious reason I do this is because I find them to be particularly good, and playing a few trusty old exceptional songs and artists on each show keeps the quality of the show strong each week.

In addition, I do feel that sometimes people need more than one listen for the song to stick with them, especially with a drivetime show
like mine, during which I sure hope for all motorits' sake that I'm not getting completely undivided attention.  Often, these become the most
requested songs.  I also sometimes use songs to set up other songs within a set, for example old, heavily played songs along brand new ones. I find
that a song can set a completely different mood, and the listener can have a very different experience with it depending on how it is set up within
the sequence of the playlist.  Hence the art of radio programming.  I sometimes refer to these "overplayed" songs as the backbone of my show, on
which I can build with new, fresh stuff to present what hopefully is a consistently strong and varied program.

Now, for the REAL overplaying, the theme song of my show is "Banjo Picking Girl" and boy do I overplay that.  Every time a new artist
records the song, I am playing it on my show, in ADDITION to the opening theme.  I have considered going "banjo picking girl" lite, but I
can't seem to bring myself to do it.  And of course, a traditional song heavy show like mine is by nature repetitive, but in a very, very good

4. Coon Creek  Girls - Banjo Picking Girl

5. Hazel Dickens - Banjo Picking Girl

Rich Warren - "The Midnight Special" and "Folkstage" WFMT Radio - 98.7 FM
syndicated and on XM Satellite Radio - In the past year, I have played The Wailin' Jennys "One Voice" three times and Kate McDonnell's "Mercy." That's a lot for me.

6. The Wailin' Jennys  - One Voice
40 days - Red House

7. Kate McDonnell' - Mercy
Where the Mangoes Are - Appleseed

Kevin Vance - A Patchwork Quilt (folk music) Saturdays 5pm-6:30pm (pacific) 91.7 KALW
San Francisco, CA Early Morning Music (world music)
Thursdays 5am-6am (pacific) KPFA 94.1, KPFB 89.3 Berkeley, KFCF 88.1
Fresno, KZFR 90.1 Chico

I have about 4 versions of "Waist Deep In The Big Muddy" I've had in rotation for a few weeks.  I'm
sorry it's still relevant.  No one's complained though... Peace, Kevin

8. Pete Seeger - Waist Deep In the Big Muddy
Pete Seeger's Greatest hits - Columbia

Arthur Elliott - Sidestream - Radio 99.7FM - Brisbane, Australia.

For me, the following two songs seem to keep popping into my programme:
Greg Brown - Just You And Me, Babe (on "Covenant") [didnt own]
and Eliza Gilkyson - Hiway 9 Thanks - should be a top programme!

9. Eliza Gilkyson - Hiway 9
Land of Milk and Honey - Red House

Dan Alloway, "Folk Fury"  KTEP-FM El Paso, Tx.
The cut I overplay is a remake of an old Carter Family tune.
CASEY NEILL TRIO: Storms are on the Ocean-Portland West (Appleseed)

10. Maybelle Carter, Tracy Schwartz, John Cohen -  Storms are on the Ocean
Old Time Music at newport  1963

Mike Kelsey-  wfhb community radio bloomington, Indiana - Ed Tricket's version of "No Man's Land" on one of the Bok, Muir and Tricket CDs....
I may be pushing the limit with Ed Tricket's version of "No Man's Land" on one of the Bok, Muir and Tricket CDs from Folk-Legacy
(can't remember which one). If we'd just stop fighting wars, maybe I could stop playing it.

11. Ed Tricket   -  No Man's land
First 15 years - Folk Legacy

Gene Endres - The Hobo's Lullaby- WICB, Ithaca NY -  I've probably played Iris Dement's "My Town" way too much and I can't seem to get away from Arlo Guthrie doing "City of New Orleans" [I am what is known as a "train nut"], though I have also played it by Steve Goodman himself and even by John
Denver (God help me). I've long followed your postings and sympathize with your allergy difficulties -- a friend in New Orleans says his house is now
beset with mold growing up from the basement. Keep on doing -- hydro-powered.

12. Arlo Guthrie - City of New Orleans
Best of Arlo Guthrie - Warner Brothers
(see note below***)

And then we talked about the following comments:

Steve Jerrett -  KOPN's Sunday Morning Coffeehouse - I think I've aired Eliza Gilkyson's "Man of God" quite frequently.
Since the thread has drifted to theme music as well...For most of the show's history the opening theme music has been Michael
Hedges' "Rickover's Dream" and the closing theme has been "Aereal Boundaries". Steve Jerrett

Bob Weiser, producer and host  The Old Songs' Home - Monday 930am-1230pm WOMR 92.1 FM Provincetown MA USA
stream live at - Finally, my contribution to the songs played often (too often, not often enough, etc) is a set of songs that in my opinion can't be played often enough-  i'd love to see your whole final list, and will look forward to seeing the playlist for todays show. thanks

Emma's Revolution (Pat Humphries and Sandy O) / Bound for Freedom / One / 2004 / self /
Rod MacDonald / For the Good of America / Recognition / 2003 / Wind River (Folk Era) /
Eliza Gilkyson / Tender Mercies / Land of Milk and Honey / 2004 / Red House /
Kate McDonnell / Mercy / Where the Mangoes Are / 2005 / Appleseed /
Eliza Gilkyson / When You Walk On / Paradise Hotel / 2005 / Red House /

John Kalb/Just Folks - Public Radio Delmarva - WSCL & WSDL - Perhaps it's because I have had three hours a week for nearly 14 years, but I could go on and on with favorites that I can come back to again and again, and then find the track next to that favorite that I also MUST play for my listeners. I play lots of new music when I can, but I hope everything I play is something worth listening to more than once.  Or maybe they are just the songs you'd like to hear again and again:

Bruce Cockburn's "Pacing the Cage" & "Wondering Where the Lions Are"
Susan Werner's "St. Mary's of Regret" & "Still Believe"
Eliza Gilkyson's "Hiway 9"
Greg Brown's "Who Woulda Thunk It," "Laughing River" & "Canned Goods"
(live version) Pete Morton's "Hunting the Heart" Sally Rogers's "Jubilee"
Lyle Lovett's "If I Had a Boat" & "Walk Through the Bottomland" Nanci
Griffith's "Love at the Five and Dime" Maura O'Connell's (versions of)
"Summerfly" & "Crazy Dreams" Cheryl Wheeler's "One Love" & "Driving Home"
John Prine's "Paradise" & "Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore"

Tom Bingham  WCVF-FM - I don't suppose this counts, because I've never played it on "General Eclectic" and it's not folk. But on my previous show, "Scratchy Old Vinyl," I just couldn't stop playing Joe Dolce's "Shaddup You Face". Dolce has relatives family in the area, and there are a lot of Italian-Americans in town who got a big kick out of it, so there it was, every couple months for 7-1/2 years. Heck, even my Polish-German mother would request it. I guess it's one of those songs you just have to sing along with, OK,  everybody, "Uno, Duo, Tre, Quatro - What's a-matter you, (HEY), Gotta no
respect (HEY)". Oh heck, now I'll be singing it all day . . .

Larry Hoyt again: As I've mentioned before, Common Threads does have a theme song that I play every week: Kiernan Kane's "48 & Goal" - a 48 second instrumental.Also, when I'm getting ready to go to the NPR news at one minute past the hour, I often will back-announce over one of my two favorite instrumentals : the acoustic version of "Pinball Wizard" from "Pickin' on the Who", or Jay Unger and Molly Mason's excellent medley of "Hoedown/Bonapart's Retreat" from "Harvest Home".   Not every week, but often.   Happy trails - Larry

Jay Ungar, Molly Mason -   Hoedown/Bonapart's Retreat - Harvest Home

Announced this after playing City fo New Orleans.

We here at Rising Son Records would like you  to be aware of this upcoming venture Arlo is in the process of putting  together.
Bringing Back the Music - Benefiting Victims of  Katrina

(Sebastian, Fla.) Arlo Guthrie and friends will travel from  Chicago, IL to New Orleans, LA on Amtrakâ??s â??The City of New  Orleans,â??
performing at train stations and venues along the way to  benefit the small venues destroyed by Katrina. They plan to depart  Chicago on Dec. 5
and arrive in or near New Orleans on Dec.  17.

Focusing on small clubs and venues, Arlo and friends will collect  and deliver pro music related gear (sound boards, cables,  lighting, staging,
etc.) to the City of New Orleans and throughout the  disaster areas from Hurricane Katrina, to help them get up and  operating as quickly as
possible. So far everyone in the music  community and elsewhere that has heard about it has been very  supportive. Artists and locations for
benefit shows along the track  will be announced early October.

Note From  Arlo:

When I think of New Orleans, I think of music. The City of  New Orleans is America's first music city. New Orleans is the city  that truly
began America's contribution to the history of music  world-wide. Without it, there'd be no popular music as we know it  today.

When I wonder what they might need in New Orleans to get back  on their feet, the stuff that gets ruined under water, I think of all  the
sound boards, the cables, the lighting, the microphones,  the instruments; I think of the stuff you need in the hundreds of  little clubs and bars
that bring the music to the street - the street  that brings the people to the city. And I think of the many thousands  of people who depend on those
people for their livelihoods.
I am  determined to help restore all of those little places and bring the music back as soon as possible. I am contacting Amtrak to help us take
the train "The City of New Orleans" from Chicago all the way down to  New Orleans. We'll take two weeks beginning in early December and stop  along
the way at depots or high schools or performance centers of all  shapes and sizes. And we'll contact the manufacturers of the very stuff  we're
talking about and arrange to bring a Christmas present to all the  small venues within the city - we'll purchase the gear as close to cost  as we
can, many will undoubtedly make  substantial contributions.

Will you help me bring the music  back? Working together with our friends in manufacturing, retail,  transportation, the venues, the
promoters, the press, the agents and  managers and the artists - we can help deliver the stuff that helps  make New Orleans sing its own uniquely
American song. I'm going ...  join us on the train, at the depot, from your office or home, but join  us.  For info contact my office: Rising Son Records, 10741 US Highway  1, Sebastian, FL  32958 at
Love as always, Arlo Guthrie Rising Son Records, 10741 US  Highway 1, Sebastian, FL  32958

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