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Saturday October 22, 2005

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Religious references in contemporary folk

Hour One:

Kieran kane & Kevin Welch - A Prayer Like Any Other 347
You Can't save everybody - Compass

Holy Near - I Ain't Afraid 441
And still We Sing:The Outspoken Collection -
..of your god, just what you might do in the name of your god

John McCutcheon - All The children of Abraham 344
Greatest Story Never Told - Red House
" and  he said we are but one"

Joan Baez, Bob Dylan - With God on our Side 637
Live at Newport - Vanguard

Jennifer Noxon -  Devil's Breath 300
Watch as You walk -
"someone took a flames burned out church down"

Hugh Blumenfeld - Raphael 348
Mozart's Money- 1 800 Prime Cd

Katherine Wheatley - She Stares At Jesus 423
Habits and heroes - Hoot Music
"Oh my god I'm heartily sorry"

Kate Campbell - Lord, Help the Poor and Needy 240
Blues and lamentations -

Debra Cowan - Star in the East 150
Dad's Dinner pail - falling Mountian Music

Artisan - Time My People were Free 225
Rocking at the End of Time -

Priscilla Herdman - Mathew Mark Luke and John 243
Star Dreamer - Alacazam

David Massengill - Down Derry Down 537
Twilight the taj majal - Plump records
"Are you bored, with the lord?"

Nancy White - Jesus at Tim's 258
Stickers on Fruit - Borealis
based on a religious experience in cape breton, Nova Scotia

Hour Two:

Nancy White - Shabbas Goy, cest moi
Stickers on Fruit - Borealis
based on a religious experience in cape breton, Nova Scotia

Rick Fielding - If Jesus was a Picker 416
Lifeline - Folk Legacy Records Inc.

Richard Shindell - Ballad of Mary Magdalen 448
Courier - Signature Sounds

Lisa McCormick - Sacred 545
Seven Solos - Ruthie's Noise Produtions

Pierce Pettis - Absalom
Making Light of it - Compass

Burns Sisters - God Made Woman 349
Out of the Blue - Philo

Fisk Jubilee Singers - Hold On 233
In Bright Mansions - Curb Records

Modern Man - Im God 548
Wide  Album - Inverted Turtle

Artisan - Put Me Through to Heaven 418
Breathing Space - festival records

Tom Payne - 30 Pieces of Silver 441
Lucky Pennies - Waterbug

Jack Hardy - Potters Field 304
Retrospective - Brambus Records

Antje Duvekot - Judas 457
Boys Flowers Miles -

Dick Gaughin - Stand Up for Judas 454
Different Kind of Love Song - Appleseed

Lori McKenna - Bible Song 348
Bittertown - Signature Sounds
"when the choir sang hallelujah..I ran as fast as I could"

Faith Hill has recorded three of Lori McKenna's songs, " If You Ask," "Stealing Kisses," and "Fireflies." by mid sept it has sold nearly 700,000 copies. The two were on Oprah recently. Many thought Lori was star struck, of Oprah and/or Fath. Scott Alarick of the Boston Globe story syas...."My distinct impression was that if either of them is starstruck, it's Faith. She absolutely adores Lori and her music. Having known Lori for 10 years, and having been the first music writer to sing her praises in print, let me suggest she is not "starstruck," but simply humble and grateful.

Warners has signed McKenna, and on September 27, rereleases her last CD, "Bittertown," originally put out on the small local label Signature
Sounds. She's also taped a segment with Hill for her NBC Thanksgiving Eve special.
Hill says, "I don't remember ever being impacted by a songwriter the way I was with her. There's no formula to the writing, and yet it's
masterful, with a pureness that is completely unaffected. Her songs are such a great combination of that depth and realness that goes into folk
music, but not so far away from what my fans will appreciate."

Lori Mckenna is now  37, a mom of five. and been playing coal coffeehouses for a decade. Family comes first, career second.

Boston Globe September 26. By Scott Alarik
"Matt Smith is the manager of Club Passim, the legendary Harvard Square coffeehouse that has helped launch local folk stars from Joan Baez to Patty Larkin to Dar Williams. He says he was immediately struck by how unguarded and yet "achingly beautiful" McKenna's songs were. She quickly became one of the most popular headliners in the small but thriving Boston folk scene.
    "Her fast rise didn't surprise me, so much as make me feel good about the process," Smith says. "This wasn't happening to someone who was
a better marketer, or a better hustler. She's not sitting there  calculating, 'How am I going to create the right effect, how am I going to
reach people?' The songs are just who she is, without any flashy bells and whistles - and that's why they reach people."
     McKenna says, "I'm sort of obsessed with the way motherhood is supposed to be your biggest joy, and it is for most moms. But it's
difficult, too; it isn't what you expect....So many of us get stuck thinking we're just passengers."

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