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Saturday October 29, 2005 : People
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Rosa Parks died this week.  It was 50 years ago this December that she refused to relinquish her seat to a white man aboard a city bus in Montgomery, Alabama. Her act of resistance led to a 13-month boycott of the Montgomery bus system that would spark the civil rights movement.
She lived from 1913-2005: She was 92. Representative John Conyers of Michigan worked with Parks for over a decade, and said, "She Earned the Title as Mother of the Civil Rights Movement." Congress voted yesterday to have her lie in state. Conyers has mentioned the possibility of a Rosa Parks day.

1956  Parks on KPFA - taped from Democracy Now: 1956 Interview With Parks During the Montgomery Bus Boycott

1. David Roth - Rosa and the Three K's 254
Think Twice - Wind River

JOAN OF ARC was born in 1412 - Died in 1431 Led the armies of France and eventually was tried in England.
"You say you are the Church. What is the Church? If you say it is yourself, I will not submit to your judgment, because you are my deadly enemy."

2. John Wesley Harding, Kelly Hogan, Brian Lohmann, Nora O'Connor -
Joan of Arc (Ballad of La Pucelle) 345 - Love Hall Tyst - Appleseed

January 15, 1929 - Apr. 4, 1968. King organized the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), which gave him a base to pursue further civil-rights activities, first in the South and later nationwide. In 1959, Dr. King and his wife, Coretta Scott King, visited India and studied Mahatma Gandhi's methods of nonviolent protest. King's leadership in the civil-rights movement was challenged in the mid-1960s as others grew more militant. His interests, however, widened from civil rights to include criticism of the Vietnam War and a deeper concern over poverty. His plans for a Poor People's March to Washington were interrupted (1968) for a trip to Memphis, Tenn., in support of striking sanitation workers. On Apr. 4, 1968, he was shot and killed as he stood on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel (since 1991 a civil-rights museum).

3. Dr. King on violence
Seeds: Volume 3 - Appleseed
"biolence only begats violence"

Pete Seeger - Take it from Dr. King
Seeds: Volume 3 - Appleseed

A white ballplayer in an all-black league. Eddie Klepp pitched for the Cleveland Buckeyes in 1946.

4. Chuck Brodsky - Ballad of Eddie Klepp  343
Baseball Ballads -

Arnold Schwarzenegger was sworn in as the 38th Governor of California on November 17, 2003. His landslide election as the state’s chief executive follows a distinguished career in business and entertainment. Governor Schwarzenegger’s top priority is fulfilling his mandate from Californians to bring jobs back to the state and restore its prosperity. Upon taking office, he inherited an unprecedented fiscal crisis. He averted bankruptcy with measures that refinanced old debt and required the state to live within its means without raising taxes.

5. Rod MacDonald -  The Governator 304
Tale of Two Americas - Wind River

Mildred Wirt Benson was the author who helped to break the mold of action heroes being only male. She wrote 23 of the original 30 mysteries, about the famous teenage detective Nancy Drew.  Benson wrote under the pseudonym Carolyn Keene, first published in 1930. Nancy's writer died in May of 2002, aged 96.

6. Kathy Johnson - Nancy Drew 257
Small Town Firl - Singing Bridge Music

Rachel Carson warned the world about environmental toxins. She began being an early voice for what we are realizing is a definate link between environmental pollutants and cancers

7 Pat Humphries & Sandy O. - Silent srping 338
One x 1,000,000 = change -  Big W Productions

Missing women from Chile: Michelle Pena Herrera,Nalvia Rosa Mena Alvarado,Cecilia Castro Salvadores,Ida Amelia Almarza, Clare Elena Cantero
Elisa Del Carmen Escobar, Eliana Maria Espinosa, Rosa Elena Morales

8. Holly Near - Hay Una Mujer
And Still We Sing - Calico Tracks

Two leaders having tea

9. Deborah Holland - Pinochet and Margaret Thatcher 202
Book of Survival - gadfly

Maggie Thompson went for decades to the police dep't in Lucan, Ontario, to ask what was being done to solve the murders of the Donnelly family. Thompson was in love with one of the Donnelly boys.

10. Maria Dunn - Maggie Thompson
For A Song -

Christopher J. "Alexander Supertramp" McCandless (February 12, 1968 - August, 1992) After graduating from college in 1990, Chris took off on a road trip around the country. He donated the $25,000 USD in his savings account to Oxfam and hit the road. He severed contact with most friends and family back home and tried to live alone in the Alaska wilderness sleeping in an old abandoned bus. He lived off the land, bringing with him only a small amount of rice and a hunting rifle, which he used to hunt game. He also subsisted on lingonberries and ther things he found while foraging. In all, he survived a total of 113 days in the bush before dying.

11 Ellis Paul - Chris McCandless 501
Speed of Trees - Philo

Headline: Portland service for Marine killed in Iraq -Travis Bradach-Nall, 21, killed while clearing land mines

12. Kate Power & Steve Einhorn - Travis John 320
Pearls -

Harrison Ford (born July 13, 1942) is an American actor who, between 1977 and 1983, appeared in what were then the top ten highest-grossing movies of all time. He is most well-known for his performances as the tough, wisecracking space pilot Han Solo in the Star Wars films, and the droll but tenacious archaeologist/action hero Indiana Jones of Raiders of the Lost Ark and its sequels. The U.S. box office grosses of all of Ford's films combined totals about $3.18 billion, with worldwide grosses at approximately $5.65 billion. No other actor in history has box-office grosses as large.

13 Christine Lavin - Harrison Ford 544
Getting in Touch with My Inner Bitch -

Tutankhamun (alternate transcription Tutankhamen), named Tutankhaten early in his life, was Pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt (ruled 1334 BC/1333 BC – 1323 BC, lived ca. 1341 BC – 1323 BC),  Tutankhamun began his reign at age 9.

14. Hot Soup - Dead Egyptian Blues 409
Hot Soup -

James Chaney, a 21-year-old black man from Meridian, Mississippi, Andrew Goodman, a 20-year-old anthropology student from New York, and Michael Schwerner, a 24-year-old social worker also from New York, were the victims of the political assassinations. The murders of the three men occurred in Philadelphia, Mississippi, on June 21, 1964, following a campaign by the men to register blacks to vote. Local racists ordered the men to leave by sundown or they would be shot.  Wikipedia

15. Kim and Reggie Harris & Magpie - Those Three are on my Mind 336
Spoken in Love - Long Tail Records

Geronimo Jipaga, Geronimo was a frame-up, part of a top-level government conspiracy to destroy the Black Panther Party. As one FBI memo put it, the "purpose of counterintelligence action is to disrupt the BPP and it is immaterial whether facts exist to substantiate the charge." The former Black Panther Party Minister of Defense has been jailed for the last 27 years after being set up on murder charges by the LAPD and FBI
Sundiata Acoli, On May 2, 1973, state troopers closed in on a carload of Black revolutionaries driving south on the New Jersey turnpike. A shootout erupted. One of the revolutionaries and a uniformed cop died. Many believe Sundiata Acoli and Assata Shakur were captured, framed and subjected to years of brutality by the state. Sundiata Acoli has been locked up since that day, and is one of the longest held political prisoners in the U.S. Now over 60, he remains an unbroken revolutionary,
Leonard Pelletier was convicted for killing two FBI agents in an armed raid on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota. The evidence supporting his conviction has been proved to be false. He has spent more than twenty-seven years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Amnesty International considers him a "political prisoner" who should be "immediately and unconditionally released."

16. Rebel Voices - If You Can See Me 421
Piece of the Wall -

Crazy Horse (Lakota: Tasunka witko, pronounced tashúnka uitko), (c. 1838 – September 5, 1877) was a respected member of the Oglala Sioux Native American tribe and is noted for his courage in battle. Crazy Horse was recognized among his own people as a visionary leader committed to preserving the traditions and values of the Lakota way of life and leading his people into a war against the take-over of their lands by the White Man.

17 Josh Joffen - Crazy Horse
Josh Joffen/David Roth - Six of Oen, Half a Dozen of the otehr productions

In 1724, Margaret (Maggie) Dickson of Edinburgh was hung for having an illegitimate child and concealing her pregancy. She said "what man would pass a law like that?"  She was pronounced dead but when people heard noises from the burial cart, they opened the coffin and discovered Maggie wasn’t dead. This was judged to be judged divine intervention and she was allowed to live. She gained the name Half Hangit (half-hanged) Maggie.

18. Enoch Kent - Edinburgh Maggie 746
Love Lust and Loathing - 2nd Ave Records

George Bessolo Reeves (born George Keefer Brewer to Don Brewer and Helen Lescher) (January 6, 1914 – June 16, 1959) was an American actor, best known for playing the role of Superman primarily on television in the 1950s.

19. Erik Frandsen - George Reeves 309
Antiques: New & used -

20 Playing with some famous names....
Chenille Sisters - Namedropping
True to Life - Red House

21 Collected from Darth Vader
Mrs Akroyd Band - Ben Kanobi
Yelp! -

In 1964, Romaine Tenney watched bulldozers and heavy trucks carving out the path of an interstate highway. Mountains were blasted; valleys were bridged. Tenney, 64, who farmed with horses, hayed with a pitchfork and refused to drive a car, had tried first to ignore and then to fight off the bulldozers.  Ascutney farm was where Tenney had been born and lived since 1892, a sheriff showed up with a court order to empty the house and sheds. A crew of five did. After they quit for the night, Tenney burned himself and his home down.

22 Dev Singh - Ballad of Romaine Tenney 241
Balboa - Rampur Records

On Utah's first political action, in fighting capital punishment. Jessie Corrido was 16 and placed on death row.
Just this boy's name, but many boys stories.

23 Utah Phillips -  Notes 213
Utah Phillips - Jessie Corrido  244
Starlight on the Rails - Daemon Records

Fannie Sellins, a widow, helped to organize thousands of steel and iron workers in western Pennsylvania's Alle-Kiski Valley. She was murdered just before the strike began.

24 Anne Feeney - Fannie Sellins 232
Union Maid -

Mother Jones: The "Miners' Angel"  born in Cork, Ireland, on May 1, 1830, and grew up in Toronto, Ontario, and moved to Michigan to teach children. She relocated in Chicgo preferring to sew over bossing children she said. After marrying and having four of her own children, she lost them and her husband to yellow fever in 1867. Then four years later she lost all she owned in the Chicago fire in 1871. Thats when she bacame a union worker, agitator, hell raiser. She was denounced in the U.S. Senate as the grandmother of all agitators. Mother Jones was proud of that title and said she hoped to live to be the great grandmother of agitators.

25. Si Kahn - Mother Jones' Farewell to Ireland 243
We're Still Here  - Stricly Coutnry Music

Galileo Galilei (Pisa, February 15, 1564 – Arcetri, January 8, 1642), was an astronomer, philosopher, and physicist who is closely associated with the scientific revolution. His achievements include improvements to the telescope, a variety of astronomical observations, the first law of motion, and effective support for Copernicanism. He has been referred to as the "father of modern astronomy," as the "father of modern physics," and as "father of science."

26. Indigo Girls - Galileo 414
Rites of Passage - Epic

J. Robert Oppenheimer  1904 - 1967  whose name has become almost synonymous with the atomic bomb, and also with scientists juggling interests of the nation and their own consciences.

27. Suzanne McDermott - Robert Oppenheimer 549
Souvenir -

Guinevere was the Queen consort of King Arthur. Guinevere may be an epithet - the Welsh form Gwenhwyfar can be translated The White Fay or "white shadow" (see also Ishara) that falls over the knights of the Round Table and leads to Arthur's ruin.  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

28. Lucy Kaplansky - Guinevere 417
The Tide - Red House

Heads up in two weeks at Kutshers, you can catch the following people. Locals are invited to attend these evening Formal Showcases, in what otherwise is a closed conference. Tickets are $10.00

7:00 to 7:15 PM Dennis Stroughmatt and Creole Stomp
7:20 to 7:35 PM David Jacobs-Strain
7:40 to 7:55 PM Deidre McCalla
8:00 to 8:15 PM Terry Tufts
8:15 to 8:30 PM Intermission
8:35 to 8:50 PM Duane Andrews
8:55 to 9:10 PM Pat Wictor
9:15 to 9:30 PM David Massengill
7:00 to 7:15 PM Red Molly
7:20 to 7:35 PM Jay Mankita
7:40 to 7:55 PM Karen Mal
8:00 to 8:15 PM Paul and Storm
8:15 to 8:30 PM Intermission
8:35 to 8:50 PM Shtreiml
8:55 to 9:10 PM The Laws
9:15 to 9:30 PM Michael Smith

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