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Saturday Novemeber 26, 2005: Sing Out! Winter 2006- News & CD Reviews
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First, some performers & performances in the news:

The big news!? The record for the greatest number of people to play accordions simultaneously was broken on Aug 6, in St Johns Newfoundland with this tune.

Mark Haines  & Tom Leighton : Accordion Polkas: Mussels In The Corner/A Kerry Polka (trad) 2:00 - Hand To Hand: Borealis

Faith Petric celebrated her 90th birthday on September 17th. Utah Phillips hosted the event at the San Francisco Bay Areas

Faith Petric - (Paull/Tilsen) Grandma's Battle Cry 515  - Faith's Favorites -

Michael is undergoing treatment for recurrent non-Hodgkins lymphoma since early May. Ausust 2nd he underwent a bone marrow transplant. Hes planned on festivals for 2006. well wishes to

Michael Troy - Roller Coaster 321 - Romancing the Moon -

Eddie From Ohio - Great Day 449 - Quick - Virgin Soul Records
Julie Murphy Wells, vocalist of Eddie from Ohio, was diagnosed with breast cancer in Spetmer. Julie had surgery sept 15. well sihes can be sent to

Danny Weiss - Think it Over One Time 410 - Silk City - Sliced Bread
Danny is recovering after a brutal attack August 1. A week before his planned nutuals, Danny was stabbed in the neck, severing a trachea when leaving his library director job.

Two comments on thanksgiving

Carol Elliott - Sequoyah 340 - People I Meet - Heartstrong Records
Chief of Cherokee Indians was amazed by the white man's "talking leaves" - paper which made law... "Oh poor white man, ou dont understand, words on paper don't make you own this land"

Lou & Peter Berryman - Uncle Dave's Grace 357 - Cornbelt Records
Through the year grimly, tra lah.... comments on the origions of the food most of us have eaten this week.

Thanksgiving in our area brought much wind, icy roads and snow most of the day. Sure feels like winter.

Cd Review Highlights from Sing Out's Winter 2005 Issue:

Christine Lavin - Winter in Manhattan 334 - FolkZinger - Appleseed
"will almost certainly bring smiles to your face"

Robin and Linda Williams - Shotgun Shells on a Christmas Tree 333 - First Christmas Gift - Red House
"christmas  straight from the mountains"

We're About Nine - Live With This 413 -  I Stopped Listening -
"nice mix of acoustic and electric guitars and a lovely blend of harmony"

Rod MacDonald - Terror 355 -   Tale of Two Americas - Wind River
"Its real andf current and an outstanding collection of 17 new originals.. political satire and thought abound"

Eric Anderson- (Dylan) John Brown 406 - Great American Song series Vol 2 - Appleseed
"a dozen songs drawn from the songwriting explosion of the 1960s, plus a new original"

Happy Traum - Sporting Life Blues 446 - I Walk the Road Again - Roaring Stream Records
Happy honors several of his musical influences here, the above learned from "the playing and singing of Brownie McGhee from whom Happy took guitar lessons in the 1950's"

Utah Phillips - Songbook Introduction 323, Intro to cut 124, Green Rolling Hills of West Virginia 215
Starlight on the rails: A Songbook - Damean Records
"a musical documentary of his life spanning decades more rich than any american history text"

Eliza Gilkyson - Borderline 242 -   Paradise Hotel - Red House
"its almost scary how good her writing and performances ahve gotten"

Bob Franke -  For Real 455 -  The Other Evening in Chicago - Waterbug
"Franke excells at serious inspirational tunes that carry a strong message"

Wishing Chair - One Real Song 338  -  Underdog - Terrakin
"Wishing Chair just keeps getting better" songs about civil war, their wedding, rigors of the road... and some "great guitar picking by Heartwood and banjo by Davidson"

Tracy Grammer - Laughlin Boy 423 - Flower of Avalon - Signature Sounds
"a sensitive interpreter"

Tim Harrison - We Believed 424   -  Grey County - Second Avenue
"effectively using sinmple arrangements of banjo, acoustic guitar, mandolin..."

Danny Bakan - 84,000 Ways 327 -  And Truth is Spectacular - Sun Dog
"as long as love is involved there is no right way or right couple to raise a child"

Annie Gallup - I Think About Richard 443 - Pearl Street - Fifty Fifty
Pearl Street is a narrative song cylce  and Gallup is a "master stroyteller witha  poet's grace"

Sons of the Never Wrong - If I Knew Then 520 - Nuthatch Suite - Gadfly
"they take chances, inventing their own genre as they go" a self produced cd, from band member Roper's living room

The Dreamsicles - What we Know Now 324 - Luv Songs for Grownups - Breakfast in Bed
"pop folk funk duo... by two people who love each other"

The Malvinas - St. Anthony 355 - Love Hope and Transportation - 3 Legged Dog
"organic and self contained"

Antje Duvekot - Dublin Boys 359 - Boys, Flowers, Miles - Antje Duvekot
"one of the more talented and exciting younger singer-songwriters...sophisticated, interesting songs"

Kate Campbell - Freedom Trail  316 - Blues and Lamentations - Large River
"combines strains of country, folk, gospel and dixieland jazz, all with an underpinning of the blues" "one of the finest and most literate of Southern singer-songwriters"

Terence Martin - Empty Pockets 352 -  Lost Hills - Good Dog
"excells at twisting words and coming up with novel metaphors and images"

Pat Wictor - Shake These Blues 326 - Waiting for the Water - RiskyDisc
a fine mix of folk blues

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