The Flowing Waters of Lake Jefferson

Saturday December 3, 2005:
Hour One: Cold Hour Two: Varied

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starting with 'cold'songs and moving on

1. Trout Fishing in America - Alberta Postcard
Closer to the Truth - Trout Music
Two men fron the south encounter 30 below

2. James Keelaghan - Get To You 358
Recent Future - Green Linnet
Stuck in a donut shop in bad weather

3. Garnet Rogers - Woh Me 350
Garent Rogers - Snow Goose Songs
Keeping a loved one warm

4. Christine Lavin - Tacobel Canon 144
Runaway christmas Tree - Appleseed
Wait! I know that tune

5. David Francey - Skating Rink 242
Skating Rink - Laker Music
Canadian winter realities

6. Tamarack - (James Gordon) Frobisher Bay
Frobisher Bay - Folk Era
One more whale, or getting safely out and not get caught in the frozen ice.

7. Marie-Lynn Hammond - Snow
Pegasus  -Vignettes Media
Inuk have 32 words for snow: "quanniqtaq" - recently fallen, "quisuquoq"- melted and begun to freeze again

8. Berrymans - Christmas Letter 309
Some Days - Cornbelt Records
Don't may of us work on, or get ones just like this?

9. Willie Ninninger - On A Winter's Night 308
Chrisitne Lavin Presents, On a Winter's Night: Winter Love Songs - Philo

10. Hugh Blumenfeld - Let Me Fall In Love Before the spring Comes 402
Strong in Spirit - 1 800 Prime CD

11. David Wilcox - Frozen in the Snow
Chrisitine Lavin Presents, On a Winter's Night: Winter Love Songs - Philo
Death in the snow

12. Herdman, Hills and Mangsen - The Frozen Logger / Proper Cup of Coffee
Voices of Winter -  Gadfly
Some fun

13. Eileen McGann - Turn it Around 509
Turn it Around -  Dragon Wing
Cold night in December

14. James Mee - Snowy Night 209
Songs From A Vermont Life -
Dreaming on a snowy night...

Hour Two... varied... picking up on dreaming mention of last hour

15. Artisan - Hold On To Your Dreams 243
Our Back Yard - Boing
"clear a path other dreamers can tread, to the dreams that you hold in your head"

16. Tom Russell - Where the Dream Begins 440
Borderland - Hightone
"searching for the palce where the dream begins"

17. Kiernan Kane and Kevin Welch - You Can't Save Everybody 312
You Can't Save Everybody - Compass
I need to keep playing this for myself this month.

18. Kiernan Kane and Kevin Welch - Everybody's Working for the Man
You can't Save Everybody - Compass
Love this release

19 Lynn Miles - Night Drive 450
Love Sweet Love - True North
Been in my cd player all month.

20 Lynn Miles - 8 Hour Drive
Love Sweet Love - True North
Love this release too

21 Girlyman - On the Air 310
Little Star - Daemon
young sound, great harmonies, great group

22 Girlyman - Commander
Little Star - Daemon
started as roommates, then they realized that they could sing

23 Kat Eggleston - Brian 237
Outside Eden - Waterbug
aiming for closure on a dead friend

24  Finest Kind - John D. Huston - Ignorance and Want
Feasts & Spirits - Fallen Angle Music
beware of these: ignorance and want

25. Finest Kind - Homeless Wassail 358
Feasts & Spirits - Fallen Angle Music
a song of those whose wants are needs

26. John Forster - All Purpose Carol 313
Official Bootleg Album - Limousine Records
promo for out holiday show coming up december 17th, djs sing, cookies served, all faiths welcomed

27 Eric Erickson - Shadow of the Moon
Shadow fo the Mood - Ardith recrodings
beatiful singing

28 Dave Van Ronk - New Orleans Hop Scotch Blues 202
Mayor of MacDougal St - Lyrichord discs
1957 Van Ronk

29 Aengus Finnan - North Wind
North Wind - Borealis
"this night is clear and so full of wonder... all of my dreams they're going under"

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